March 28 2012 at 6:31 PM
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.."I absolutely believe that Martin would have been lawful to swing if he had reasonable believe that he was in danger of physical harm. I tried to make that clear, but perhaps I didn't."

No you did but i didn't read the whole post before replying. My point is that if Martin did "attack," I would assume he was at least provoked given what we know Zimmerman did before the shot. Self defense to a crime is just that, a defense. Zimmerman would have to likely take the stand to assert that, unless a reliable eyewitness saw the whole thing. He would have "lots of splainin to do." The prosecution does not have to disprove self defense, they would have to overcome the defense after the defense put on evidence for self defense. Given the facts from 911 call that we know, it certainly appears Zimmerman was on somewhat of a rampage, without what police would need as probable cause. He may have a tough sell on self defense.

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