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April 3 2012 at 2:16 AM
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Totally with Bronco on the Police bungling the original investigation. Blood spatter analysis is a vital element of crime scene management. That Zimmerman's shirt wasn't taken into evidence is astonishing.

That said, this general narrative about media and politicians persecuting Zimmerman is garbage. Once upon a time, the label of phony victims was perhaps mostly owned by some of the civil rights crowd. That mantle is now totally owned by the right wing zealots.

I'm not saying that some victim wannabes still don't show up on the left. But their voices are drowned out by right.

If Zimmerman is guilty, he got a break from some shoddy police work. If he's not innocent of murder, it's going to require some sophisticated evidence to convict him (such as voice analysis of the screams). A jury of his peers isn't going to convict Zimmerman of murder with what we know from media coverage of the few witnesses.

As mentioned earlier, I'm totally with the narrative that Zimmerman was a zealot that couldn't back off when the dispatcher advised him to back off. The Stand Your Ground Law as it's apparently written in Florida didn't merely give Zimmerman the right for self defense (another phony narrative, because we all have that right anyway) but it did give him legal wiggle room to stupidly and recklessly initiate a contact and not be responsible for some extreme outcomes.

There's a lot to process in this tragic story. And it's an important story. But processing it doesn't make Zimmerman (and through him or by extension of him right wing America) a victim of media bias.

It remains to be seen if he's indicted or even convicted by a jury of his peers. But if he goes into the hot seat, he has one to blame but himself. His idiocy brought him the scrutiny.

By the way, Homey, I'm struggling to respond to your question about racial profiling on traffic stops. I couldn't and won't speak for anyone but myself, but I have to admit that I over-analyze on probable cause before I initiate a traffic stop on someone that I know to be a minority. I don't even want a whisper of controversy.

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