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April 4 2012 at 5:01 AM
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Murf, I give you credit for always being rather funny but you shouldn't humiliate yourself further by latching on to the word fact. Your prolific history of rants have always featured your lack of facts.

I've been pretty consistent here that I'm not ready to believe (or not believe) that Zimmerman is guilty of murder. The reason that I've been that consistent is that I've simply been watching a lot of media coverage.

Just yesterday, I watched detailed photo enhanced commentary from the salleyport videos that seemed to show Zimmerman did have a substantial wound. That video and analysis came from the media.

Just about a week ago, I heard Martin's dad complaining that the media was slanting its coverage in defense of Zimmerman. I'm a touch reluctant to classify a grieving father as the same kind of victim as a ranting neocon. But there's an uncomfortable and ironic overlap.

We now have pro and anti Zimmerman voices complaining that the media is unfairly attacking or defending. On balance, that's about as illustrative as anything that they are doing their job and that you are, once again, a factless, ranting victim.

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