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April 4 2012 at 3:58 PM
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Bronco, I'm inclined to believe your interpretation of events as well. The only thing I could add is: it looks like Zimmerman did get his azz kicked already. That's most likely why he reached for his gun like a b1tch. I hope this crime can be resolved factually.

And Murf, I understand that you suffer when multisyllable words are used, but you're completely redefining doltishness if you think you've posted "proof" of anything.

You throw out a couple of anectodal stories that you claim you saw on TV, and you call that proof? That's comical.

For one, you didn't, and couldn't, summarize all media coverage. And for two, given your longstanding record of making stuff up, no one could take your claims seriously anyway.

The broad picture remains intact: Neocon puppets like you screach that the media is out to get Zimmerman (and by extension nincompoops like you and the other dittoheads). Martin's supporters complain that the media is too pro Zimmerman.

I give Martin's family a touch of understanding because of the personal nature of their grief. But your complaints? That's just pure, ranting victim wannabe pouting.

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