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April 20 2012 at 3:36 PM
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I understand that, but when the DOJ ignored this case and then behaves like they have behaved in the Zimmerman case, it hurts that integrity of the office.

The voter intimidation case speaks volumes.
Yes, you are correct, it was only 2 people that did not touch anyone, but by brandishing a weapon, calling out white people and asking white people how it is going to feel to be under a black man, that is 100% intimidation.
You know what will happen if a neo-nazi group did the same thing.

I am just asking for a fair and balanced and unbiased Department of Justice to protect the citizens of this land.
I don't care what took place 60 years ago, I was not alive and had nothing to do with anything that took place.
I don't care that it was just 2 people, they represented a group that has now shown a blatant disregard for the rules and nobody in power seems to care.
Add that to the slap in the face to the white christian soldiers that are being profiled after volunteering to go to a war zone and the instant knee jerk reaction from the President and Holder over this Zimmerman case and you start to get a very uncomfortable feeling about the integrity of the people in charge.

Sorry, but Holder should have to answer to this and resign and if he does not, the President should be a leader of this country and fire him for neglect of duty and incompetence
He should have resigned after the Fast and Furious issue or the voter intimidation case but this one tops them all.

How can you as a lawyer have faith in a system that is performing below standards?

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