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April 22 2012 at 8:18 AM
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Of course you can't understand his point....


Are the modern day Klan a vicious collection of insane crackers?
A very racist comment.

The paranoia, fed by right-wing media, is that white America is under attack from minorities and that some sort of colloboration of "The Media" and social anarchists is enabling the attack. It's unsettling to ponder that such xenophobic victimizing was a feature that enabled Nazi Germany to grow in the 1930s.

Only in YOUR mind is any of the above comment true.
I don't know if your that mentally challenged or you are just as pathetic as Ed Shultz with the fantasy world you live in.
But I am glad that you displayed your ignorance for everyone to get a full understanding of just how fuched up in the head you are.

Let us break down real life vs your insanity for everyone to see.

#1 You call it Paranoia if someone questions the incompetence and lack of leadership of a government office.
I don't think anyone with a brain level above a 5 year old is worried about minorities in general, let alone paranoid of any group attacking anyone.
Questioning obvious failures is the job of all TAX PAYING AMERICANS.
Fact ... BP intimidated voters, violating a Federal Law and the DOJ did nothing about it.
Fact....BP violated the civil rights of Zimmerman and committed another felony and the DOJ did nothing about it.
Fact.... By ignoring the obvious violations, the integrity of the DOJ has been damaged.
(you can deny/spin/twist everything but the facts remain)

#2 The liberal media feeds off of racial issues and when you have blatant evidence of the liberal media lying and twisting the facts to create a racial issue, people like you who have a hard time in general separating the real world from fantasy land, get confused.
Watch MSNBC for five minutes and you will see exactly what I am talking.
Fact...NBC edited transcripts to make a citizen seem racist.
Fact...MSNBC showed a blurry distant video of Zimmerman for hours during 2 days of broadcasting, knowing they were not showing the truth.

#3 This subject is not about black vs white, or the black crime rate in America, it is about the most important office in the land showing a blatant disregard for doing their job in a fair and balanced and unbiased manner.

#4 The second part about this subject is about the liberal media feeding mentally challenged people like yourself misinformation and directly lying to people to create a buzz and that buzz is starting to create a violent atmosphere.

You will not see the truth because you are part of the problem and you behave just like the pathetic liberal media.
You take bits of a conversation, twist it around to fit your agenda and then with blatant arrogance, flat out make sh!t up.
You claim the other side makes things up but when asked for evidence of this claim, the subject matter then gets twisted into something else to avoid reality.

You are a dime a dozen.

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