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April 22 2012 at 10:03 AM
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Murf, you're trying to recite nursery rhymes again. Facts and rants are two separate entities.

Police investigated the Philadelphia event. That's a fact. The investigating policeman concluded no crime was being committed. That's a fact. Not a single victim came forward to say they were a victim. That's a fact.

I don't like the idea of people hanging around in fromt of public gatherings with weapons brandished and looking crazy. But in America, you can lawfully hang out in many public gatherings and look crazy with a variety of different weapons. Heck, in Arizona, you can brandish firearms.

I have to accept that racist crackers can sport a variety of weapons in a variety of venues. Just because they look crazy or even just because they look like they have criminal intent, until they break a law, they're protected.

It applies to whites, blacks, hispanics or asians. You don't like it? Leave America.

But that's where xenophobia sets in. You're so caught up in your victim wannabe fantasy world that you and your puppetmasters conjure up some sort of complex world order which is coming to get you. It's a life purpose for a victim wannabe.

Do law enforcement agencies every make mistakes? Sure. But is the DOJ in cahoots with "The Media" and social anarchists to disenfranchise the good Americans? That's the drooling, foaming at the mouth mantra of the doltish morons that fill the ranks of your brotherhood.

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