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April 23 2012 at 1:39 PM
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Murf is so slaughtered on the Philadelphia story that it's beyond debate. Yes, Murf, if the KKK set up outside a polling place with poll watching credentials and carrying bats, that would be unsettling. But, in Philadelphia, it would have been lawful.

But I'm intrigued by this allegation of a bounty from Sanford, Florida (at least I'm assuming it's from the Trayvon case).

Was this in fact a true bounty to bring in someone dead, with a reward offered? Or is this someone's phony enhancement of what was really going on?

I can see a bounty meaning different things to different people. If it was an out and out bounty to shoot, kill or hurt Zimmerman, and not something like providing evidence to convict Zimmerman, I have to question:

Where are the local authorities?
Where are the state authorities?
Who are the specific authors of the bounty?

If this was a pure "bring him in dead" challenge to BP followers, I agree, there's some criminal behaviors. I don't know the specifics of Florida State Law, but I doubt if it's written much differently than Ohio's Revised Code.

So Murf, can I see some links that spell out the particulars to this bounty in a genuine way. I'm sure the actual bounty notice must exist online somewhere. Note, that doesn't mean I want one of your puppetmasters' interpretation of the bounty.

Or is it just possible that this story is as disingenious as the Pennsylvania judge who supposedly pronounced Sharia Law (a lie) to set an admitted Muslim assaulter (another lie)free by dismissing assault charges.

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