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April 24 2012 at 7:21 AM
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Trooper, you are too stupid to insult.
You talk in circles so much that you can't even win argument with yourself.

You wanted the law...I provided the actual text of the law that clearly spells out that is ILLEGAL to INTIMIDATE voters.
You wanted the law...I provided the actual text of the law that clearly defines the criminal nature of a bounty.
You wanted the wording from the people that authored the bounty...I provided the actual text of the loud mouth moron word for word that clearly spells out an intent (of course, you question if it is real or not b/c it does not fit your agenda)
You wanted evidence of is all over youtube..

So you come back on here and you still, try to claim there is nothing to either of these very racial issues.
Everyone understands that there was a lack of action on the part of the authorities...that is the entire complaint!!!!!
Nobody disputes the right to wear some k-mart military gear.
Nobody disputes the freedom of speech even if it is hate speech.
But there is a law to prohibits intimidation of voters.
I don't know how in the world anyone on this planet can't see how the Panthers actions outside of a polling center brandishing a weapon and making racist comments can't be deemed INTIMIDATION.
Of course nobody came forward, THEY WERE INTIMIDATED...

The Bounty case is beyond alarming.
How anyone can dismiss this as something petty is beyond insane.

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