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April 24 2012 at 1:24 PM
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No, Murf. Much like the little child who never quite understands what the adults are saying around him, you're not telling the truth when you say that I see nothing wrong with the actions of the Black Panther members in Philadelphia or Florida.

I flat out think it's unsettling, crazy and even despiscable. Just like I think Ted Nugent's comments were unsettling....and even incitefully in concert with treasonous rhetoric.

But we are a country of laws. You can look crazy. You can dress crazy. You can carry an assortment of weapons in a wide variety of venues. I might not like it. You might not like it. But you can do and say a lot of crazy stuff, including making a lot of violent,but carefully-worded inferences, and still not be against the law.

If that Philadelphia officer would have heard the lawfully-present BP poll worker say something like: I'll bash the heads of anyone voting republican or who I think might consider voting republican, I'm confident that an arrest would have been made. Of course I can't prove it, because it didn't happen.

If Ted Nugent would have absolutely said: If Obama gets elected president again, I'll die or be arrested trying to kill him, I'm confident that Nugent would have been arrested. Of course I can't prove it, because it didn't happen.

Those BP's and Nugent acted like morons. And they certainly imply a lot of violent intent. But neither got arrested or prosecuted for much the same reason.

But a victim wannabe will not, or perhaps can not, see the big picture.

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