Mikey's brilliance...

April 27 2012 at 6:33 AM
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...what a great job last nite. WOW. Why draft the consensus best guard in the draft, best guard in the last 5 years type of player, a perenial probowler, when you can drop down and get an average joe guard and the 92nd pick in the draft? I mean with the last pick in the 3rd you can get a good backup wide receiver like Andre Caldwell.

If you draft the probowl guard, after 4 years you would have to pay him big bucks and you will lose him. Now, with Average Joe, you can keep him around for years, like Bobbie Williams. So, instead of a 4 year probowler who will bolt for more money, you get an average guard for 8 years and a 5 year back up wideout. Easy choice.

The real reason they drafted Zeitler, Paul Alexander said this:

"If you went fishing and you're sitting on the lake all day, some guys after a half-hour you want to throw them in the water," Alexander said. "This guy, you could sit out there with him all day."

Perfect Cincy player, after all there is golf to be played and fishing to be done!

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