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April 30 2012 at 6:32 AM
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A linebacker that brings some nastiness to the field.
A guy that can play football and give that offense a tad bit of "oh sh!t" where is he feeling.

The Ravens get guys like this and the Steelers have created a linebacker factory by getting guys likes this.
The Bengals, always found that nice guy good athlete backer but never found that good athlete, good backer with a screw missing type of player.

As for his maturity, only time will tell.
I believe it is a great move by the Bengals.
If he understands how to play within the system and understands how to conduct himself on and off the field, then you are looking at a nasty linebacker that can anchor your defense.

I would tap Howard..

This is the best team on paper the Bengals have had since 89'.

Can Marvin do the job?

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