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April 30 2012 at 3:28 PM
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Who are the NFL experts?
Mel Kyper?

I don't give a sh!t if Decastro becomes the single gratest fuching linemen in NFL history and scientist clone children to become the next Decastro...
It simple does not matter.
The Bengals picked a guy that they believed was a great fit for them b/c the guy can play several spots instead of just 1 and got an additional pick out of it, that resulted in another Bengal fans dream, another fuching D-tackle.
So what exactly is the fuching problem here?

You have no fuching clue if Decastro or Zietler is going to pan out.
NONE, not a single shred of evidence to suggest either one of them will make it.
So why do you have your panties in a bunch over some fuching late 1st round guard.

Your experts are doing nothing but taking an educated guess.
Jerry Jones was one of the many very credible sources for years.
He was a fuching Pharmacist from Cincinnati.

Enjoy the moment of the Bengals doing something right.

Fuch you Trooper.
Your a fuching azz clown stuck in the 70-80's.
Your football knowledge is on par with a 3rd graders.

I said a fuching wide out would be a great pick..I have to be the only person on this planet that might have been wrong about a college kid coming into the NFL.
I am not even sure he is a bust, it has been 2 years and the guy has played with no qb talent at all.

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