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April 30 2012 at 6:39 PM
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Really Murf, DeCastro can't play center?

DeCastro practiced as a center at Stanford. That just further proves you have no idea what you are talking about.

As far as there being "no shred of evidence" that either guy will pan out, what the hell are you talking about? Their entire college careers are the evidence Sherlock. It's no guarantee of anything, but yes how a guy plays the game in a competitive situation for years is pretty solid evidence of how well he plays the game. And guess what? All the evidence points to DeCastro being better AND more durable.

I noticed no one wants to talk about Zeitler's injury history, but a guy with injuries to the same ankle 3 times in college is a red flag. Even if they graded out the same, the fact that all signs point to DeCastro being better built for an NFL season is by itself enough to justify him going at least six picks higher. If a guy misses an entire year, or even an end of the season playoff run, it has a huge effect on the value they provide to your team.

Why anyone would argue this I simply cannot fathom. Trading down to avoid DeCastro was a pure, classic brownHole move. It has his finger prints all over it.

"We do do, and we do it at a very, very high level," Lewis said.

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