May 4 2012 at 3:36 AM
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Response to JB=murf=fatmire=homey=republican idealogue

That's my only complaint syn. Not liberal/radical enough. (Obama) I love watching these greedy bastards squirm and force their insincere endorsements. Michele Bachman and Newt Gingrich support "Obama-not", not Romney. Tepid and transparent power plays, and ultimately useless.
No sitting president has ever lost with decreasing unemployment numbers over the last 2 years of a presidency. Obama leads Romney by 7 points in VIRGINIA. This is over before its begun.

Squirm away my conservative friends. I hope Obama leaves liberal scars all over your conservative souls, like Bush did to any person of reason or intelligence.
Murf and the ilk do not possess the intellect to grasp this. They also lack the ability to offend me or any other REASONABLE person, for nobody really cares about their gyrations anymore. They can blame Obama for everything (and they do), but they are paying the price for electing Bush. His legacy is that conservatism is not just dead, its an modern political albatross. Simply not a viable worldview. Obvious to everyone but them. Trying to explain to them, how mired in delusion they are, is like trying to explain the ocean to a fish.

Mikey is cleverer than you think.

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