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May 4 2012 at 9:14 PM
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Response to Hate to take the bait...but should be fun

Zimmerman should not be a national symbol of reconciliation from 50 years ago.
To live your life trying to correct the mistakes of the past is insane.
I was not living 50 years ago and yes I am very aware of the issues, but that was 50 years ago and I don't see how having a very unfair and biased media is going to correct mistakes from a half of a century ago.

I post the videos on for the simple reason of providing evidence that the media providing fabricated and biased opinions can cause the not so intelligent to behave like untamed animals.

Your a fool for saying things like...oh the poor white guy.
If you believe everyone is equal under the law, then how on earth can you have that attitude?

He might have committed second degree murder and he might have rightly defended himself and we don't know the full story yet and that is my problem.
The liberal media attacked this guy, a racist hate group place a bounty on his head, idiot celebrities went as far as tweeting an address where they believed he lived placing others in danger and the more facts come out about this case, the less it seems that the first wave of information was filled with guess work and flat out fabrications.

As for the Marine...
He should have been booted.
I don't care if you like Obama or not, if you are in the military he is your boss and you have to respect that.
I have friends that served under Bush and Clinton and they hated both of them, but never would go on record of saying that.

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