C-Section Nightmares

May 9 2012 at 9:21 PM
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My wife had a C-Section.

The ADVICE the doctor had was "Whatever you do--DO NOT LOOK OVER THE CURTAIN"

Well, OldSchooler did. My mouth hung open. I know what my wife's pancreas looks like!!!!! And her stomach, intestines, etc.

Jesus. It was like dissection classes back in 7th grade!!!

Weird, but it was cool--but if you don't have a strong stomach, I don't recommend it.

"Ohhhh, Honey--I know what your spleen looks like....lay off the fatty foods....."

Nice. I'm such a nice prick.

Oh yeah--and when your son comes out--it's nothing what you thought. Excitement--then confusion. Then more excitement. Then the crying starts--and it hasn't ended almost 6 years later. LOL

Bronco, I know we haven't seen eye-to-eye--but man--seriously--CONGRATULATIONS, DUDE. Being a dad--is like being a superhero. You will never get enough of it.

It's awesome.

"So he got fired? Big deal. It's happened to the best of us. So he got kicked out of his house by his 400 lb'ed wife?!?!? That's probably better for him anyways."-OldSchooler on ChrisMBHater's absence

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