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May 25 2012 at 10:10 AM
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Homey,since you asked if i'd support measures like china's want to be clear that no I absolutely would not. That being said I would support taking a serious look at bringing down the birth rate. Our economies are built on growth as opposed to sustainability. In my opinion we exceeded our carrying capacity a long time ago, but have been able to continue as a species because of our uncanny ability to create alternative means to capitalize on the resources available.Me personally, I would change tax code and benefit strategies that encourage large families. I think that having children is part of a pursuit of happiness, but that taxes should go up once you hit 3 kids. I also think that having a vasectomy or getting tubes tied should be free, or even rewarded financially. Birth control should not only be paid for by all insurance it should be actively promoted.I get that many people would feel that this is left wing crazy, but it is where I would start. mY reasons for being environmentally concious are tied to the fact that I want my kids to grow up in a nice world where there is space away from people. I agree with whoever said that humans will most likely go extinct in their own time, but for me it is about quality of life.

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