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May 26 2012 at 7:40 AM
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The Malthusians have been wrong for the past 200 years. Why should we think that they're right now?

1 -- The best way to stem population growth is through economic prosperity. Educated, professional women tend to have fewer children. And the best way to promote prosperity is through economic freedom. No government coercion necessary.

2 -- Increased population can be a good thing. More creative energy and human productivity. It goes against progressive opinion to say this, but people are generally better off when populations are larger.

3 -- Skepticism of anthropogenic climate change: bad. Skepticism of catastrophic anthropogenic climate change: good. The warming trend stopped over 10 years ago, and the climate models cannot account for this. The actual warming due to greenhouse gases over the past 3+ decades is much lower than the models would predict.

4 -- My four kids are all well on their way to becoming productive, tax paying members of society. (Future generations will pay off the national debt, by the way.) I don't think I should feel the least bit guilty about their "carbon footprints". We'll need plenty of people and a healthy economy to solve society's ills.

5 -- This video came out just yesterday. Perfect for this thread.

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