Re: Do Deficits Matter?

May 26 2012 at 9:24 AM
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It will always balance out.
To even believe for a second that this world is in danger in the next few hundred years is a waste of time.

The climate terrorist have mental issues.
The puppet masters like Gore and Pelosi feed off of the stupidity of the earth freaks.

It all comes down to complete control.
If they can control:
Health (Mickey Care was the first step)
Food (Bans on salt and sugar/bake sales/soda--fat tax--fast food tax)
Air (Cap and trade)
Money (the socialist dream)
Education (slowly destroying an already sad system)
Speech (can't say certain words or you are deemed evil)
Thought (Political Correctness)
Actions ( smoking ban/Check points/seat belts/helmets ect.)

The land of the FREE?
We are not free anymore and if we sit back and allow this liberal agenda to continue, then even some liberals will be standing around wondering what happend.
To tell people that pay the majority of the bill that they have to pay more and more and more to support the masses is a down right anti-american way of thinking and it is a corruption that can never be repaired if we allow it.
When the people rely on the government to eat/drink/think/work and live, they have won.

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