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June 20 2012 at 5:17 PM
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Response to The MURF Signal

I am not shocked at the sorry azz attempt at a response given by a guilty white guy.
Instead of playing the typical liberal game of calling anyone that questions the insanity some type of angry nut job, why not dispute the facts given.

We all know why you will not dispute the facts, but it would be fun to watch you give it a good ol college try.

Once again...who said anything about all muslims being guilty of slaughtering innocent people to promote their religion?
I certainly did not say that, but I did call out the MUSLIMS that are killing people and the muslim preachers who never seem to denounce the murderous actions of their own people.
Why on earth would you not call them out?

The most annoying part about the pansie liberal type, is that they get off by stereotyping.
I mentioned the Catholic Church and the child raping priest.
Very few in number, but the perception is it was wide spread.
I walked away from the church, not because a few useless humans took advantage of children and destroyed their lives, but at the lack of concern or response by the church leaders.
I lost all respect for that religion because of the leaders.

I will even point out the sorry azz Klan.
If I claimed to belong to this group, the liberal type will scream racist and even some of the normal people would slowly walk away b/c the perception is that the group supports hate and has blood on their hands.

So what is different with the muslim religion?
Do they not have blood on their hands?
Do you ever hear of the so called leaders denouncing murder/rape/torture/civil rights violations/human rights violations/slavery?
Some will denounce a coward attack, but you seldom ever hear about them denouncing the rest of the problems.

I don't understand the obsession with you liberal types to circle the wagons around a religious group that has some serious issues and an agenda.

Read the Koran/Quran however you want to spell it or say it.( I have read a large portion of it)

I have worked with many muslims and I have had a pretty good relationship with most of them.

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