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July 23 2012 at 4:07 PM
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We will just have to disagree then. I don't think football was the catalyst for the abuse. I don't think football had anything to do with it except circumstantially. I think people acting in their own self interest are responsible, and should be held responsible. Not football or a university, but people.

And yes I am aware there will be civil repercussions. I'd like to see Pres Spanier prosecuted personally, but at the least those found culpable in the Freeh report or otherwise should be taken for everything they've got.
So if the courts will be involved, why is the NCAA getting involved? Is a collegiate athletic body better equipped to hand down a ruling on this then our court system? I hope not, the NCAA has a pretty terrible record of being fair or objective.

As for the math example, if a mathematician's research was bringing in lots of $ For a university i could absolutely see a similar thing playing out. But again I disagree w you. Shutting down a math department would make no sense to me at all. Math wouldn't be the problem, greed would. Just like football wasn't the problem at Penn State, greed was.

Maybe Penn State was too enthralled with their football program, but seems like a hypocritical stance for NCAA to take. They are, after all, the ones encouraging such reverie, and I doubt PSU was anymore in awe of its program than dozens of other schools across the country.

I say punish the greedy bastards that did this or allowed it to happen. I hope the families take Joe Pa and Spanier and anyone else involved for all they're worth, and jail time where possible. The university will likely be sued too. Again, who the hell is the NCAA to administer fines and punishment in a criminal and civil case? This isn't about football, it's about Sandusky and the people that enabled him and the victims.

"We do do, and we do it at a very, very high level," Lewis said.

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