You're a little thin-skinned

August 8 2012 at 8:59 PM
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"I found the anorexa avatar - you guys did a good job on me - the timing/coincidence got to me since it was so close to the death of my brother in law and brought back memories of my sister's bout with that."

....but that's okay. At least you're f*cking staying. I mean that. So what if we don't see eye to eye? Big f*cking deal. The more numbers this website has the stronger we are. Even if we are divided politically and religiously.

And I'm glad you brought that thread up. I think it's time I change the ole avatar again since someone just went all melodramatic on me about it. wink.gif

Maybe Walken? Since it is a metaphor on what Mikey's been giving us for the past 22 years. A hunk of sh*t wrist watch that's been up his azz for years on end.

I wonder how that smells anyway. LOL

"So he got fired? Big deal. It's happened to the best of us. So he got kicked out of his house by his 400 lb'ed wife?!?!? That's probably better for him anyways."-OldSchooler on ChrisMBHater's absence

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