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A Bellicose Bellowing of "Bell-Cow" for Belko

March 26 2010 at 5:45 PM
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No fan is an island, entire of itself.
Each is part of the main, a piece of the rock.

If by the sea the clods be washed away, or the bluff crag,
or thine friends home, or thine friends themselves,
Bengaldom is more the less.

Each loss burdens me, as I am involved in hob spin.
And so, ask not for whom the bell-cow lows.
It lows for thee. Moooooooo!

~Geoff Hobs-Dunne

What could possibly be more tedious than waiting for yet another NFL draft? Football-wise, it's by far the most excruciating time of the year. Might as well seize the opportunity to honor one of our very own MBS members. To be prepared especially for you, Belko -- an exhaustive catalog of Geoff Hobson bell-cow-isms. Periodically updated into perpetuity.

A current search on Bengals.com brings up 70 instances of the term. Rather than making one long post, I thought I would break things up into multiple entries. That way, I can add a dozen or two at a time, and return later when circumstances permit. The plan is to number each quotation for future reference. First set of entries to follow shortly.

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March 26 2010, 6:56 PM 

Psychostats, is that you in the avatar pic you're using?

I do like this kind of insanely ordered, OCD-type thinking. I bet you number your paper clips, sticky notes, stuff like that.

I understand today, on a deeper level, the nickname.

Do you ever play Madden franchise mode? I totally vaporlock on to those ratings pages. Very soothing in an almost-autistic sort of way.

Maybe its just me...

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Instances 1-12

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March 26 2010, 8:12 PM 

Bell-cow quarterbacks are like queen bees. Only one can take you to the land of milk and honey.

~ what Mike Brown should have said

INSTANCE 1 --- Coslet up close (posted Apr 27, 2000)

C: Take the worst case. What if both Corey and Ki-Jana are gone? Who's the next best guy? If it turns out he's a situational guy, then you bring them in and out and play them to their strengths. I did that in New York with Freeman McNeil, Johnny Hector and Brad Baxter, and we were pretty damn good. We went to the playoffs in '92. I don't know how that will come out.


INSTANCE 2 --- On the Ball: A conversation (posted Jun 10, 2000)
HOBSON: All running backs want to be the bell cow. You ended up not running the ball much.

BALL: I was looking at my stats not long ago and one year I carried something like 10 times (in 1991) and 16 the next year.


INSTANCE 3 --- One back will emerge (posted Jun 14, 2000)
The last time the Bengals went into a season with no clear-cut bell cow in the backfield was probably back in 1984, when Anderson was a NFL rookie himself. In Anderson's first year on the staff, Cincinnati traded Pete Johnson to San Diego for James Brooks and while Brooks would go on to become the club's all-time leading rusher, he needed time to learn the playbook.


INSTANCES 4 and 5 --- A conversation: Coslet on the eve (posted Jul 20, 2000)
HOBSON: (Running backs coach) Jim Anderson says he wants one guy to emerge. He wants a bell cow instead of back-by-committee.

COSLET: I would agree with that. I did it that way in New York because I was forced to.

- snip -

HOBSON: With the drafting of receivers Peter Warrick and Ron Dugans and maybe no experienced bell cow running back, do you feel pressure to spread the field with more three-receiver sets?

COSLET: Not at all because I like to do that. I did it in New York because I had the receivers. If these guys show they can carry the load, I have no problem in doing that. My offense can be converted to that easily.


INSTANCE 6 --- Gus-sing up a start (posted Aug 15, 2002)
Brown admits the club still has no "established bell cow quarterback." But he doesn't rule out any of the three evolving into one even though Kitna and Frerotte have banged around the league.

"Favre didn't do it in Atlanta and Warner didn't do it in Green Bay and sometimes that's the way it goes," Brown said. "I don't know how it's going to turn out, but I feel better about that position."


INSTANCE 7 --- Deal opens draft (posted Apr 9, 2004)
With O'Neal filling a hole at corner, the Bengals taking an offensive player in the first round for the fifth time in six years looms possible. It is a draft deep in big, long-ball wide receivers and contains some running backs (the Jones Boys Kevin and Greg?) that may be too tempting for a team that doesn't have a happy bell cow signed past 2004.


INSTANCE 8 --- "Unknown Title" (posted Apr 22, 2004)
There are some interesting bread-and-butter, bell-cow guys that they could get earlier, but Florida State's Greg Jones and Michigan's Chris Perry don't figure to be there when the Bengals take their first pick in the second round at No. 49.


INSTANCE 9 --- Bengals favor Perry (posted Apr 24, 2004)
But the Bengals have never been shy about having enough big, bell-cow running backs. After Ickey Woods finished off his Rookie of the Year season in 1988, the Bengals took UCLA running back Eric Ball with their first pick in the '89 draft and Harold Green of South Carolina in the second round of 1990. Two years after the Bengals took Penn State's Ki-Jana Carter with the No. 1 overall pick in 1995, the Bengals took Dillon in the second round


INSTANCE 10 --- Bengals tap Big (10) back (posted Apr 24, 2004)
[Repeat of quotation in Instance 9.]


INSTANCE 11 --- Eye of beholder (posted Apr 27, 2004)
What's the problem? Their needs before the weekend were a nickel cornerback, a backup bell-cow running back, and a lot of help on defense. What didn't they do? OK, they couldn't get a center, but we like most of the other choices.


INSTANCE 12 --- New look backfield (posted Jul 7, 2004)
The 5-11, 218-pound Watson and the 6-foot, 230-pound Hicks both have the size and track record of a bell cow in case they need somebody to spell Johnson for anything more than a game. They also may get a chance to return some kickoffs in the preseason as one of the possible tiebreakers, where Watson also has an edge. He returned seven of his 30 career returns last year for the Bengals (a long of 27), and Hicks has just one NFL return.


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Re: Hm.

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March 26 2010, 9:34 PM 

TOBB -- I'm guessing you know it already, but that's the author of A Fan's Notes, Frederick Exley. He was an intense NY Giants fan who suffered from a "cacophony of chemical imbalances", as one reviewer quaintly put it. Give the book a look-see if you haven't yet, it's a great read.

My screen name is actually a play on "psychological statistics". I'm warped in my own way, but not with anything in the direction of OCD or OCPD. As a matter of fact, I drive the anal people crazy at work, but not nearly as crazy as they drive me. (And as I've noted before, I'm guessing that Mike Brown leans very heavily toward the anal side of the spectrum.)

I had a manager once who didn't like tables with percentages that failed to add up to 100. I'm talking about exactly 100.0. Nope, 99.9 or 100.1 just didn't cut it. This was a PhD who understood all about rounding errors, but still didn't like them. Had a self-professed history of obsessing over the numbers and carefully making "fixes". No joke.

While I tend to be absent-minded and laid back, I'll zone in on various activities. And be perfectionistic. I agree, zoning in on stats and ratings can be very stress reducing, depending on what the topic is. Never played Madden, though.

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Re: Instances 1-12

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March 27 2010, 8:41 AM 


In Memory of Dunn4QB
[linked image]

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Re: Instances 1-12

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March 27 2010, 11:58 AM 

You know you watched a lot of wrestling in your life when this thread just makes you think of this:


Of course, it probably just makes more pop culture aficionados think of this:


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Re: Instances 1-12

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March 27 2010, 12:29 PM 

I never grow tired of the cowbell sketch, which I have to admit I first heard about here, at MBS.

The wrestling match seems strangely appropriate for this thread, BMN. Hadn't seen one in years, decades actually. But, you know, the announcers missed so many punning opportunities, it's a humdinger of a crime. Where's the Johnny B. Good reference -- a variation on "playing the guitar like a-ringing a bell"? Or "rings on their fingers and bells on their toes" ?

But at least there was the unintentional, "Now there's bells all over the ring!"

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Instances 13-24

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March 27 2010, 12:45 PM 

Belko, August 12, 2007

"So, I've been noticing that whenever Slobsin writes Rudy Johnson down, he also writes the words...'Bell Cow'... Now he has started doing it with Kenny Watson... as in Bell Cow of the Preseason...lol...

"Should we keep track of how often he says it... maybe take a virtual shot every time he says it."


Belated answer: Yes!

INSTANCE 13 --- Hopeful Rudi on the clock (posted Mar 11, 2005)
With about $1 million to spend, indications heading into the weekend are the Bengals aren't looking to bring on a major salary via a trade or free agency as they try to wrap up Johnson, their bell-cow running back, and the only other signings they seem ready to make are a tweak instead of an overhaul.


INSTANCE 14 --- Rudi on brink of 'Corey'-like deal (posted Mar 15, 2005)
If you simply go by the fact that the two sides were still working on a multi-year deal deep into Tuesday night, they should have beat the blackout deadline of 4 p.m. Wednesday. The hours spent negotiating certainly pointed to something big as the Bengals worked overtime to lock up their bell cow back. ESPN.com reported the deal at $26 million, much in the neighborhood of what Dillon signed on May 11, 2001 after two Pro Bowl seasons and four 1,000-yard years.


INSTANCE 15 --- C.P.: Initial run with C.D., J.B., Rudi J. (posted Aug 11, 2005)
The addition of Perry marks more than a passing element in the transition away from the Dillon years. Except for his first and last years in Cincinnati, Dillon carried at least 262 times. The bell-cow theory stayed last year in the first post-Dillon season when Johnson lugged the biggest percentage of his team's carries in the NFL with a club-record 361 attempts.


INSTANCE 16 --- Even more Rudi, Rudi, Rudi (posted Dec 13, 2005)
But with Rudi so comfortable as the bell cow, the Bengals are looking for a guy to give them only five or six carries at the most. It's just that they got spoiled with Perry's 5.1 yards per carry.


INSTANCE 17 --- Notes: Taking care of business (posted Jun 15, 2006)
On a day Corey Dillon fumed in Foxboro about being disrespected and glowered at questions about possibly backing up a rookie, Rudi Johnson showed up quietly Thursday to punch the clock on his third straight season as the Bengals' Bell Cow back.


INSTANCE 18 --- Notes: Perry unlikely for opener (posted Aug 20, 2006)
The Bengals are right back where they started before they drafted Chris Perry in 2004. They've got very few bell-cow carries behind Rudi Johnson at running back for what could be the first half of the season.


INSTANCE 19 --- Notes: Bengals defend Geathers (posted Sep 11, 2006)
"He's much healthier, a lot quicker, faster, top-end speed is faster," said Palmer of his bell cow who is no longer hampered by torn knee cartilage. "So he's going to be a lot better than last year this year, which is hard to imagine."


INSTANCE 20 --- Rudi looks to legs (posted Jun 6, 2007)
Johnson turns 28 on Oct. 1 and if you think he's ready to step aside and split the carries with rookie Kenny Irons, well, he's not that old. Johnson takes pride in the title, "Bell Cow." The man who averaged 345 carries the last three seasons without missing a game still expects to get the bulk of the carries as the No. 1 back.


INSTANCE 21 --- Backup in backfield (posted Jun 12, 2007)
RB Rudi Johnson, 5-10, 215, seventh season: The bell cow who takes pride in exactly that. No one has carried the ball more in the NFL since he became The Cow in 2004 and only three men have more yards.


INSTANCE 22 --- Hobson's Choice: Signing deals and names (posted Jul 23, 2007)
Given that Perry racked up 4.6 yards per carry, there was a certain buzz that he should have had some more carries. It remains to be seen how well Irons plays, but he's certainly not the receiver that Perry is. That gave the Bengals 51 other occasions to get Perry the ball. If they can't do that for Irons, will they give him more chances to run with it? Maybe, but not enough to change Johnson's role of bell cow. Plus, remember, Perry was in his second season and not a rookie.


INSTANCE 23 --- Irons shelved for season (posted Aug 10, 2007)
The Bengals are in a precarious position with depth behind starter Rudi Johnson. They are left with Kenny Watson, primarily a third-down back who has carried the ball an average of 25.5 times during his last three full seasons in Cincinnati and who is a solid receiver. Quincy Wilson is a clone of Johnson and while he has just two NFL carries he's probably a leading option at the moment if the team felt like it needed a bell cow for a game or two.


INSTANCE 24 --- Five observations (posted Aug 10, 2007)
Remember, the thinking last Cutdown Day had been if you needed a bell cow to replace Rudi Johnson for a game or two or more, you had to do it with the bigger, more durable Quincy Wilson instead of the 195-pound Dorsey?


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Re: Instances 13-24

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March 27 2010, 2:05 PM 

Well, I think they were hoping the characters would last a little longer so that they could get all the puns and cliches in. That short shelf-life deprived us of years of word-play!


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Instances 25-37 (Baker's Dozen)

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March 27 2010, 8:55 PM 

Guess what?! I got a fever, and the only prescription... is more bell-cow!

~ The Geoff Hobson on December 11, 2007?

INSTANCES 25, 26, and 27 --- Notes: Time right for Wilson? (posted Aug 11, 2007)
GEORGETOWN, Ky. - Quincy Wilson has been the Bengals bell cow running back the two previous preseasons on 70 carries and all he's had to show for it is two real carries in three real games.

- snip -

Offensive coordinator Bob Bratkowski realizes that he has lost that dimension of perimeter speed the Bengals lacked until they drafted Irons in the second round. But he also says if there are going to be any changes, "They will be very minor," and he disputes the notion the Bengals don't have a change-of-pace back for the inside game of bell cow Rudi Johnson. Although Watson has carried just 51 times in his two full seasons as a Bengal, Bratkowski considers him a counter to Johnson. The newest Bengal, rookie free agent Curtis Brown out of BYU, scored a touchdown on his first carry Thursday night, but it was wiped away by a holding call.

- snip -

Conventional wisdom holds that with Irons out, the Bengals now have to keep a bigger bell cow-type back to replace Johnson if needed in the Wilson mold, a guy that is in the Rudi mold.


INSTANCE 28 --- Rudi gearing up again (posted Aug 13, 2007)
Johnson shrugs at this knock-on-wood durability. Since the Corey Dillon trade before the 2004 season, Johnson hasn't missed a snap as the Bengals bell cow back.


INSTANCE 29 --- Bengals, Pats eye pros (posted Sep 29, 2007)
Following a career at Penn State where he played receiver to help the team, the Redskins cut him after a rookie season he logged two 100-yard games in place of Stephen Davis. When Washington opted for people like Trung Canidate and Ladell Betts, Watson came to a club that would give its bell cow job to Johnson, who turned into the NFL's most durable running back.


INSTANCE 30 --- Notes: T.J. cools off (posted Dec 5, 2007)
As every Cincy school kid knows, the Bengals had the 24th pick in the 2004 draft and traded two slots down to St. Louis at No. 26 for a fourth-round pick. The Rams, with an aging Marshall Faulk, had their eye on Jackson. The Bengals, with Corey Dillon dealt to New England and Rudi Johnson never a full-time bell cow, had their eye on Perry.


INSTANCE 31 --- DeDelightful (posted Dec 9, 2007)
Then came the last drive, those lead-protecting snaps that Johnson thrives, and he responded with eight yards per pop on the six carries to set up Graham's clinching 46-yard field goal with 2:22 left. If you didn't know how much pride Johnson has taken in being this team's bell cow as the NFL leader in carries the previous three seasons to go with 4.1 yards per carry, you know now.


INSTANCES 32 through 37 --- Hobson's Choice: Rudi still bell cow (posted Dec 11, 2007)
Tough call given that they've only kept three tailbacks and one fullback. That means two have to go, right? Of the five, only one of them is a proven 20-carry, 16-game bell cow and that's Rudi.

- snip -

And, frankly, the other four backs are solid, even spectacular, but you don't know if any of them are NFL bell cows.

OK, so if you don't have Rudi, who is the bell cow?

-snip -

Once upon a time they thought Perry could do it and he's big enough, but how could you write him in as a bell cow now after missing three of his first four seasons with injuries? Dorsey (196 pounds) and Irons (202) are as exciting as hell. But for 20 carries a pop at their size? And I love both guys, but you can only have so many complementary pieces. And, maybe Irons will end up being one, but you don't know.

If the answer is you no longer have a bell cow, then you'd have to go back-by-committee. A 1-2 punch is good, even chic nowadays, and 1-2-3 sure looked good on Sunday. But one of those guys has to be a pounder so you know you're going to get the tough yards and kill the clock.


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March 28 2010, 7:28 AM 

As usual I am going to nitpick. But honestly, this entire thread just BEGS for nitpicking, indeed is born of nitpicking.

Here's my bone: Belated

I don't think there's a way to express this conundrum in temporal terms that everybody here will easily understand. Therefore, I will simply say that I would have preferred something in the vein of "posthumous" here, rather than "belated".

"Belated answer: Yes!"

I am complaining about a "vein". Psycho this is the highest praise possible for this post.

Mikey is cleverer than you think.

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Re: Ugh

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March 28 2010, 10:31 AM 

Posthumous? Hmm. Last I looked, I was still alive.

But no, you said you were talking about a vein of posthumous-ity running through the discussion, perhaps in the sense of "beating a dead cow", to alter the idiom ever-so-slightly. I do have something of a beef with that, as this is a living breathing (and mooing) thread. As long as we have Geoff Hobson, there will be bell-cow references. And as long as there are new bell-cow references, this thread will have something more to chew on.

Or is there an other-worldly connotation I'm missing?

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Instances 38-50 (Another Baker's Dozen)

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March 28 2010, 10:49 AM 

Run, moo, run, moo, Christmas bell-cows are rushing

~ Carrying, Carrying

INSTANCE 38 --- Hobson's Choice: Status quo? (Posted Dec 29, 2007)
I'm with you on the tight end, but you've got to have priorities. Anything on defense is more of a pressing problem than the tight end and so, arguably, is finding a bell cow running back if they think Rudi Johnson can't do it any more.


INSTANCE 39 --- Oh for '07 (Posted Jan 1, 2008)
BIGGEST OFFSEASON QUESTION, Offense: How patient are the Bengals with running back Rudi Johnson and do they get another bell cow?


INSTANCE 40 --- Hobson's Choice: Wheel and deal (Posted Jan 24, 2008)
By the time you re-sign Andrews, deal with insurance for the bell cow running back situation in case Rudi Johnson isn't 100 percent, and grapple with a receiving tight end (all things they need at some point, right?), they have to make sure they don't short the defense.


INSTANCE 41 --- Up front about needs (Posted Feb 14, 2008)
Irons, the second-round pick last year, tore his anterior cruciate ligament in his knee in preseason and may not be ready right away. Perry didn't play at all last year coming off a dislocated ankle so Lewis indicated the Bengals are looking for some stable depth to go along with Kenny Watson in the effort to find a healthy bell cow back.


INSTANCE 42 --- State of combine (Posted Feb 22, 2008)
But Lewis said the club wants to see how Johnson responds physically before deciding for sure if it needs to find insurance for his bell cow spot, reiterating he thinks the enormously-proud Johnson will return as hungry as the guy that won the job in 2004.


INSTANCES 43 through 47 --- Backed up at combine (Posted Feb 23, 2008)
Throw in more physical questions to the bell cow Rudi Johnson and even head coach Herman Edwards of the back-rich Chiefs says, "The Bengals need to get one. We've got to get one, too. I've got two hurt running backs. I don't know what's going to happen."

- snip -

Which brings you back to the question if the Bengals need insurance for Johnson at bell cow.

- snip -

"You always have to have three because you know one is going to get hurt," Edwards said. "Then you're going to be down to two guys and if he ain't the bell cow, you've got to have a guy that can rotate (in) the system to be a player." [This one doesn't count. Hobson is quoting someone else.]

It's hard to believe after the carnage since '04 that the Bengals would spend a pick on a back before the fourth round, where they plucked Johnson in 2001. And with complementary guys like Watson, Perry, Irons and DeDe Dorsey stacking the roster, the move would have to be for a bell cow.

- snip -

The consensus is the bell cows are going to start going in the middle of the first round to the middle of the second. With one caveat.

- snip -

Smith has bell-cow size at 6-1, 210 pounds, which guys like Michigan's Mike Hart (5-9), West Virginia's Steve Slaton (195 pounds), and Rutgers' Ray Rice (5-9 and 195) don't have. Rang says that's why they may drop and it's why the Bengals probably would pass, too.


INSTANCE 48 --- Clock watchers (Posted Feb 24, 2008)
But there is a history of recent late-round picks and free agent becoming bell cows. Head coach Tom Coughlin of the Super Bowl champion Giants, who got a big postseason from seventh-rounder Ahmad Bradshaw, says reasons for that are college production and the play of the offensive line.


INSTANCE 49 --- Mock of ages (Posted Mar 6, 2008)
The 6-foot, 200-pound Jones could solve a lot of ills in the kick return game, where he had two touchdowns, and he runs with power and was durable enough to rush for 1,162 yards. The 5-11, 232-pound Stewart has bell-cow size and though he won't run away from defenders he's a good enough contact runner to have had a 1,722-yard junior year. The 5-11, 210-pound Mendenhall has 4.48 speed, good size, and displayed a nice nose in the red zone in 2007 with 19 touchdowns.


INSTANCE 50 --- Mock Madness (Posted Mar 19, 2008)
Hard to believe that a 6-2, 210-pound fast and powerful prolific bell cow like Arkansas running back Darren McFadden would be there, so it's a 99.9 percent chance that he won't be. There are very few that believe McFadden is getting past the Jets, and The Newark Star-Ledger reported McFadden met with club officials Tuesday.


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I haven't laughed at a post this much in a while...

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March 28 2010, 1:02 PM 

OK I was admittedly picking a fight where there wasn't one. But I wasn't referencing you as dead, nor the bell-cow metaphor-bashing as dead, nor this post as dead, but merely the post which was referenced within this post. It's not something that was pre-set, like an anniversary or birthday, nor was the referenced thread recurring. So while I'll surrender "posthumous" as a stronger vein than "belated", I certainly think that there is something which represents a more consistent literary theme with missing it once rather than in an premeditated and informed or willful way.

Mikey is cleverer than you think.

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Re: I haven't laughed at a post this much in a while...

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March 28 2010, 2:26 PM 

"It's not something that was pre-set, like an anniversary or birthday, nor was the referenced thread recurring. ...I certainly think that there is something which represents a more consistent literary theme with missing it once rather than in an premeditated and informed or willful way. "

Well, let me think it over for three days, and then maybe the answer will arise. Should be uplifting when it happens.

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Synonymous Bengal
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Re: Instances 38-50 (Another Baker's Dozen)

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March 28 2010, 5:51 PM 

Tired hung over and having fun on the Oregon Coast... riding my bell cow vodka all the way to the milk and honey... If thread is still alive after vacation I'll piece together some sort of comment..although i'm clearly outclassed in both witticism and bengal knowledge here on the board..still by far my favorite place on the world wide web..cheers gentlemen.

"Well, it ain't braggin' if it's true
Yes sir, yes sir
It ain't braggin' if it's true
Muhammad Ali said that
Back when he was a young man
Back when he was Cassius Clay
Before he fought too many fights
And left his brain inside the ring"

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Instances 51-62

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March 29 2010, 4:54 PM 

If you have the bell cow quarterback, it works. You have to have the key guy. If you don't have the key guy, it doesn't matter.

~ a real quote from Mike Brown, December 1997

INSTANCE 51 --- Draft Q and A (Posted Apr 14, 2008)
If the Bengals think that Johnson can get back to where he was in 2004 and 2005 and that he's healthy, then, OK, they don't have to go out and get a big bell cow back. The biggest ones (which often translate to the best three-down backs) are gone before they pick at No. 46.


INSTANCES 52 and 53--- Offense to be taken (Posted Apr 23, 2008)
The problem is that while receiver is the hottest priority, the club believes the kind of big, bell cow back isn't around very often after the second round. Names like Jamaal Charles of Texas (5-11, 200) and Chris Johnson of East Carolina (5-11, 197) bubble up at No. 46.

- snip -

"You can usually only get the bigger backs early," says Jerry Jones, the ex-Cincinnati pharmacist who publishes the draft survey The DrugStore List and knows full well the Bengals' philosophy that you can count on getting a bell cow in only the first two rounds because of size.


INSTANCE 54 and 55--- Mock Moves (Posted Apr 25, 2008)
PANTHERS: RB Jamaal Charles, Texas; Pat Yasinskas, ESPN.com: The Panthers need someone to shoulder the burden with Deangelo Williams, a guy that is going to get the first crack at starting but can't continually pound it at 25-30 times a game. At 5-11, 200 pounds, Charles is seen by some as the last top bell cow available if Kevin Smith's small-school exploits don't impress

- snip -

But don't forget the running back Smith, at 6-1, 217, the last guy with any size that could conceivably provide bell-cow insurance for Rudi Johnson.


INSTANCE 56 --- Notes: Back to a surprise? (Posted Apr 25, 2008)
Which means if Johnson sits out, jacking up the running game with a vet-rookie bell cow tandem of Johnson and Mendenhall, or Johnson and Stewart could be the best answer for a depleted receiving corps.


BONUS INSTANCE --- Camp notes (Posted May 3, 2008)
"He looks like a bear out there. An athlete. To see him play, it's hard to believe they got him in the fourth," [Dave] Lapham said after the morning practice. "Anytime you sat down with their coach (Mark Mangino) and asked him who his bell cows were, Collins would be the first guy he'd mention." [Hobson is quoting someone else.]


INSTANCE 57 --- Hobson's Choice: No backing off (Posted Jul 24, 2008)
You'd think the only way they would keep four running backs is if Jeremi doesn't make it. Usually, Jeremi would be the fullback and that would leave room for just three running backs. Yes, you're right. Perry and Dorsey seem to be the same kind of speed-back type guy, but Perry is bigger and could be a bell cow if needed.


INSTANCE 58 --- Bengals find points in 27-7 win (Posted Aug 28, 2008)
Does he think the Bengals will cut him? He said this week, "they've been trying to get rid of me ever since I've been here." But the other veteran running backs, Perry, Watson and Dorsey, aren't proven 16-game bell cows like a healthy Johnson.


INSTANCE 59 --- Vet vetting (Posted Aug 30, 2008)
Even though he returned to practice last week, the Bengals apparently decided they hadn't seen enough of the new and improved Johnson this summer and cut the man projected to once be their bell-cow running back in 2008.


INSTANCE 60 --- Marvin Lewis Press Conference (Posted Aug 30, 2008)
Q: Is Perry the bell cow?

ML: Right now he'll be our starting back. We have felt very comfortable keeping him in there on third down, so I think he'll log more playing time than anyone we've had back there for a while.


INSTANCE 61 --- O is oh for '08 (Posted Sep 7, 2008)
It will have to start up front, where running back Chris Perry made his bell cow debut with 2.1 yards per his career-high 18 carries. The Ravens came blowing up the middle, particularly on the biggest plays of the game, a fourth-and-two from the Ravens 36 late in the third quarter and fourth-and-one from the Ravens 25 with about seven minutes left in a 17-10 game.


BONUS INSTANCE --- Tackling No. 6 (Posted Dec 30, 2008)
"Unless they are sold on Cedric Benson being their bell cow," says Rob Rang, senior analyst for NFLscoutdraft.com, "then another possibility for them has to be Beanie Wells. But any of those four tackles can come on in and pretty much play right away, especially the three seniors." [Hobson is quoting someone else.]


INSTANCE 62 --- Hobson's Choice: Raid second tier (Posted Feb 5, 2009)
But at 5-6, he can't be your bread-and-butter guy and I don't know how much you can pay a guy like that and still get a bell cow. Maybe you overpay Sproles and draft your complementary running back. The thing about Sproles is the punt and kick return factor, a spot where the Bengals have been damn near negligent in the draft. It can no longer be ignored.


Belated edit: Added link for Instance 61, which had been unintentionally omitted.

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Re: Instances 51-62

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March 29 2010, 10:20 PM 


"Insert witty quotation here"

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Re: Instances 51-62

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March 30 2010, 3:48 AM 

somebody should email this link to Hobson

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Instances 63-74

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March 30 2010, 7:21 PM 

Belko, June 2, 2009
"After a 2 year Hiatus...Hobson gets to use his favorite phrase once again... don't you just love our new 'bell cow' running back.... ding dong...."


Actually, Belko, now that we take a closer look, we can see it was more like a 3-month hiatus. Oh, well. What's a few bell-cows among friends!

BONUS INSTANCE --- Lewis: Looking for offense (posted Feb 20, 2009)
"Yeah, I've talked to him," said Lewis when asked if he'll see that commitment. "I don't get into Chad's moods. That's personal to Chad, our conversations. I do know he wants to have a better, more productive, healthy season than he did last year, and get back to the guy he was in '03, '04, '05, and make big plays, and make big catches and really be our bell cow, be a leader for us in every single way." [Hobson is quoting someone else. Note that this is about a bell-cow wide receiver.]


INSTANCE 63 --- Impressive exercise (posted May 26, 2009)
Benson says the reason he's flying around is probably because he doesn't consider himself established. He'd always been the bell cow, but since he got to the NFL and the Bears in '05 and had to split time with Thomas Jones, he's never seen that number of chances.


INSTANCE 64 --- Work force (posted May 27, 2009)
Cedric Benson doesn't turn 27 until the last week of the season and the Bengals new bell cow of a running back has been looking like a coltish yearling kicking around the Bengals on-field workouts.


INSTANCES 65 and 66--- Hobson's Choice: Can't sit these kids (posted Jun 23, 2009)
They do need a bell cow behind No. 1 Cedric Benson with the leading candidate 225-pounder Brian Leonard because of his track record. They've left the impression they don't think Kenny Watson is a bell cow because they've never used him that way over an extended period despite some big games. DeDe Dorsey and James Johnson are other 200-pounders.


INSTANCE 67 --- Education in the slot (posted Oct 7, 2009)
Both SAM linebackers, Rey Maualuga (knee) and Rashad Jeanty (finger) didn't work, and safety Chinedum Ndukwe (hamstring) didn't either. Also, running back Cedric Benson (hip) sat out with a new body part after nursing a knee the past couple of weeks as they give their bell cow a break. Benson and the Vikings' Adrian Peterson lead the NFL with 84 carries.


INSTANCES 68 and 69 --- Bengals don't hedge with Benson (posted Oct 8, 2009)
Bengals running back Cedric Benson, the unequivocal bell cow of a running team, couldn't figure it out, either. How he ended up with 4.5 yards per carry last Sunday in Cleveland and how the Bengals ended up with 154 yards on the ground for 5.1 yards per carry had him amazed, too, because it certainly felt a lot tougher than that.

- snip -

It sounds like an assignment for a bell cow. With 34 carries in two AFC North games, that computes to Benson not getting sore until the 26th carry Sunday.


INSTANCE 70 --- Tuesday notes: No exit for no huddle (posted Oct 20, 2009)
Bratkowski admits there is never a perfect time to give the team's bell cow, Benson, a break.


INSTANCE 71 --- Ced to say it on field (posted Oct 21, 2009)
Throw in two off-field arrests in the spring of 2008 and the Bears cut him long before a Texas grand jury exonerated him in both cases. Benson showed up three days later on Sept. 30 and a year and a month later he is a true NFL bell cow, bidding to become the first 1,500-yard runner in club history.


INSTANCES 72 and 73 --- Bengals fire depth charge (posted Nov 16, 2009)
With Cedric Benson hampered by a sore abductor muscle that has made him iffy for Sundays game in Oakland and maybe beyond and Johnson looking impressive in a Paul Brown Stadium workout Monday, the Bengals appear to be opting to bring the 6-1, 230-pound former two-time Pro Bowler into the mix as bell cow insurance and not a threat to Benson's No. 1 status.

- snip -

Along with Benson's injury, there is some concern about Scott's sore knee and Leonard is pretty much a third-down back. So there is no backup bell cow back. One non-Johnson option is to sign James Johnson from the practice squad and go back-by-committee. DeDe Dorsey is with the UFL, a season that goes until the end of the month.

- snip -

It's not all that of a surprising move. If Bengals president Mike Brown is known for giving second chances to guys like Benson and Chris Henry, he's also known for stockpiling big backs he calls "bell cows". [Hobson is technically quoting someone else here, even though he has worked the term in again, on his own volition. So consider this another bonus instance.]


INSTANCE 74 --- Bengals Raided in clutch (posted Nov 23, 2009)
The Bengals stayed true to the run even without their bell cow, the injured Cedric Benson, and just two runs for the newest Bengal, former Pro Bowl running back Larry Johnson. They got 119 yards from Scott, more than half coming on the longest run in the Marvin Lewis era, a Galloping Ghost-like 61-yard zigzag job out of a sure stop on the left sideline.


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