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The Dilema

August 22 2011 at 2:57 PM
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Hi Everybody.

Long time reader, first time poster.

I think its safe to say that I am officially on the Mike Brown Sucks wagon. I, like so many fans of the who-dey nation before me, was temporally blinded by a couple of playoff appearances and actually thought that the Bengals would once again rise to the level of a bonafied NFL team. I've always thought he sucks but never thought he would become intolerable.

My question pertains to boycotting Mike Brown, which unfortunately means no Bengals football. I am stuck deciding between if its ok to even watch a road game (assuming at least 6 of the home games will be blacked out). By even turning on the TV are you supporting payment to Mike Brown via TV rights? Additionally, I can't honestly say that I am not rooting for the Bengals to get blown out every single game so that Brown becomes the center of the NFL spotlight and the several decades worth of issues. Hopefully there is a way for the other owners to force him out and keep the team in Cincy.

Also, what are you guys doing in terms of a supplement team? I am personally thinking about picking up the Colts, but am still undecided if I could truly root for anyone else every Sunday. I've also thought about the PATS, because of Ocho and Brady being my long term fantasy QB. Is there a right or wrong answer here? I feel like I'm cheating. I know I cant bring myself to Cleveland or Shitsburg.

Hopefully the site picks up a lot of momentum and the fans can be heard. The football gods know its long past due. Until then, I will be listening to Ryan Parkers timeless classic "Carsons retired in California" song on YouTube over and over again. It should be the anthem for Bengalization.

Your thoughts?

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Re: The Dilema

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August 22 2011, 6:46 PM 

Welcome aboard, as far as a supplemental team thats never worked for me, hard to have artificial ties to another team, I myself have become more of an NFL fan and fantasy football helps with that.

Also laughing at the Bengals has become a lot more fun than getting mad about the dysfunction

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August 22 2011, 7:07 PM 

As for picking a new team, I highly suggest this flow chart:

[linked image]

"We do do, and we do it at a very, very high level," Lewis said.

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