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So, why are the Minnesota folks stingier than Hamilton County circa mid-to-late 1990s?

October 4 2011 at 1:48 PM
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Stingy Minnesota fans

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October 4 2011, 4:22 PM 

If you look at the history of Sports teams from Minnesota; it's not pretty. The L.A. Lakers were originally from Minnesota and there were alot of people that were upset back in the day when they left.

From what I read after the Dome collapse from Snow last year, there were many people up there that were upset over the fact that they were having to pay taxes on a possible renovation of the stadium as it was, and the lease that the Vikings had on the stadium was almost up as well and there were threats of them leaving and possibly going to Los Angeles.

I think it's a combination of many things- higher taxes for a stadium, pro teams leaving in the past, etc.

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Re: Stingy Minnesota fans

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October 4 2011, 4:46 PM 

There are surely many reasons, but one is probably that the economic landscape of 2011 is a lot different than it was in the mid-'90s.

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Even the Twins were bad

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October 4 2011, 7:53 PM 

University of Minnesota

The Wild


Man, they're all just bad.

And when's the last time that the Vikings opened up 0-fer in the 1st 4 games. Wow. Things are better in Cincinnati.

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Re: Even the Twins were bad

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October 5 2011, 8:42 AM 

Keep in mind that in the mid-1990s there were many moves that shook-up the sports landscape. From 1994-1997 the Raiders, Rams, Browns, and Oilers all moved in the NFL and may others threatened. NHL had the North Stars in 1993 then the Nordiques, Jets, and Whalers from that 1994-1997 range with threats from the Oilers, Flames, and Senators as well. Many MLB teams threatened (Pirates, Brewers, Marlins, Mariners, Giants, Padres, Twins, A's, Expos).

However its been relatively quiet since. The NBA has had the worst of it (Grizzlies moving from Vancouver to Mepphis, Hornets moving from Charlotte to New Orleans then threatening to move again after Katrina, Sonics moving to OKC, and now that Sacramento issue). NFL has been stable although someone is going to move to LA sooner or later (SD, Jax, Oak, or Min).

The problem now vs then (other than economy of course) is that building stadiums has not necessarily proven to build winners. The thought early on was based on the Indians, Rangers, and Orioles building new ballparks and competing instantly while the teams in old sucky stadiums such as the Reds, Pirates, A's, Twins, and Expos were all falling and fast (keeping in mind that these were the 5 most dominant teams other than the Blue Jays and Braves in the early 1990s). A few teams have lived up to their "new stadium" promises (Rams and Ravens won Superbowls in their new stadiums in their new markets and teams like the Oilers/Titans improved, the Buccaneers won a Superbowl, and the Seahawks in Qwest Field are nearly impossible to beat), but most have not lived up their promises (the Bengals of course, Pirates, and Lions would be the poster childs for not making an effort to win even with more revenue, and almost every NHL and NBA new building has not made nearly enough of an impact in terms of wins vs. revenue...for every team that uses all of its available money like the Cavs or Penguins you get teams like the Bruins or Blackhawks or Bulls or Celtics that underachieved for years until fortune and circumstances changed their fates.)

Long story short, I can see why the people in Minneapolis are apprehensive about building a stadium. I would LOVE to see the Vikes stay there as would I love to see the Chargers stay in SD, and Raiders in Oak, I can see why the locals in Minneapolis/St. Paul would not want to fork over the bill when you see sweethearts deals like the one that Mike Brown got ruin it for everyone (except of course for the one man raking in the $$$$$ by the name of Mike Brown). I would trust Ziggy Wilf more so than MB but in the end he's just a business man also.

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