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In-the-Hunt Futility Stats, Week 11, Bengals v. Ravens

November 17 2011 at 10:25 PM
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The latest installment of our "In the Hunt" futility stats, where each week we parallel the regular season and compare the Bengals one-on-one to the current 2011 opponent. For Week 11 we have another divisional foe in the Ravens. The outcome isn't as ugly as last week with the Steelers, but it's pretty bad. Baltimore has only been in existence since 1996, but the team has enjoyed far more good seasons.

Bengals v. Ravens, 1991-2010.

Standard Preamble/Overview

- Weeks "in the hunt for a winning season" serves as a rough proxy for playoff contention. And thus for fans' hopes and happiness. We ultimately want a championship, right? [For 2010 and Seattle, it's very rough indeed.]

- To be in the hunt, a team can be no more than one game below .500 with no more than seven losses.

- During the season, a team can fall out of the hunt and then climb back in.

- An example running won-loss record for five weeks: 1-0, 1-1, 1-2, 1-3, 2-3. This team was in the hunt after Weeks 1, 2, 3, and 5 (total = 4).

- Bye weeks are counted like any other week in the season. For example, the Bungs get a freebie if a bye comes while they're still in it. Why? This is all about the fans' experience. (By the way, there were two byes in '93.)

- Adjusted "percent weeks in the hunt" throws out the first week, as all teams get an automatic freebie.

- The time period covers Mike Brown's ownership on the Cincinnati Bengals franchise, counting only complete seasons (1991-2000).

- Tables compiled from data on pro-football-reference.com.


(Repeat of graph shown in earlier posts.)

[linked image]


[linked image]

Quick Comments

- The Ravens timeline spans only the past 15 years. For that period, the Raven were in the hunt an average of 73% of the time versus the Bengals 35%. All percentages are adjusted.

- The Ravens hit 100% eight times in 15 years. The Bengals hit that lofty level twice in 20.

- The Ravens never had a 0% year (adjusted). The Bengals had four in the past 15 years and seven in the past 20.

- For the past decade, the 2000's, the Ravens average time in the hunt was 83% versus the Bengals 48%.

- Not talking about the Bengals first five years of the 90's ignores their awful 14% run. So let's mention it now, just so we don't let Mike Brown off the hook.

- And speaking of Mike Brown, he doesn't compare well against his father's old adversary, Art Modell. From 1996-2003, while he was still majority owner of the Ravens, Modell averaged 66% in the hunt. For the same time span, Mike Brown averaged 20%.

A Note on the Game

A loss Sunday would give the Bengals two defeats in a row, taking a lot of the luster off the season. But they would still be in the hunt in this surprising year.

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Re: In-the-Hunt Futility Stats, Week 11, Bengals v. Ravens

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November 20 2011, 5:27 PM 

Just like last week, the much stronger team over the past 15-20 years won.

The schedule has the rematch with Cleveland, which we've already looked at, giving us another open week for the futility stats. Now we can can finally look at Detroit. And good timing, too, as the holiday is Thursday. We'll compare two of the biggest Turkeys over the past 20 years.

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