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Re: More Crazed Continuity: 2017 Offseason Edition

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April 12 2017, 5:46 PM 

Yes, I've gotten bored with all this, but here's a quote from the front office.

Greening of Green-Dalton Bengals
Geoff Hobson - Bengals.com - Posted Mar 31, 2017

While 20 of the 22 projected starters were on the roster last season, that includes their two leading receivers, two leading rushers, and two leading sackers. Only middle linebacker Kevin Minter and right guard Andre Smith have come from other clubs and Smith returns after a year hiatus interrupted his seven-year run as the Bengals starting right tackle.

“That is a pretty good barometer for maintaining continuity,” said Bengals vice president Troy Blackburn this week. “I don’t think the numbers support (massive change). The reality is you are going to see a lot of great players from last year on the roster starting and you are going to see almost every starter having been a guy on the team last year.”


    Bell-cow quarterbacks are like queen bees. Only one can take you to the land of milk and honey.
      ~ What Mike Brown should have said, versus what he did say.

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Troy Pegging

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April 16 2017, 2:50 PM 

Couldn't you just see Mike and Carol Brady...

Errrrr excuse me. Troy and Kevin errrrr Katie Blackburn in bed like the Brady's used to do?

Troy: I think I'm going to say something great about your dad in the press tomorrow.

Kevin: That would be great...if you do that, I won't make you go sleep in the hole tonight.

Troy: Consider it done.

They are the premier Cincinnati Gay Couple, aren't they?

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