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Another Coach To The Marvin Lewis Coaching Tree

January 12 2017 at 3:29 AM
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Katie  (Login KaBTK)
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Broncos hire former Bengals DB coach Vance Joseph as head coach


Also we have Matt Burke who coached linebackers from 2014-2015 and coached the same role for the Dolphins this past year shifted to DC of the Dolphins.

It's funny that the article says Marvin knows coaching talent, yet so far, we have no playoff wins with these coaches.

Marvin Lewis Head Coach Tree:

Leslie Frazier (He was actually let go from the Bengals and took 5 years to work his way to head coach of the Vikings) - Ultimate failure as head coach, fired, and now a secondary coach in Baltimore

Jay Gruden - 3 years with Redskins - 0 playoff wins

Mike Zimmer - 3 years with Vikings - 0 playoff wins

Hue Jackson - 1 year with Browns - 0 playoff wins and only 1 win as Browns head coach

I'm willing to give the three above, in particular Jackson, more time. They have to win a playoff game in under a minimum of 14 seasons to beat Marvin's record.

Vance Joseph - ?

Which of the 5 will win a playoff game first? For my guess, I'll go with Joseph, although I won't write Zimmer off yet. He had a rough year. It will be interesting to see if that will continue into next season or not.

Let me tell you something, my friend. Hope is a dangerous thing. Hope can drive a man insane. It's got no use in Cincinnati. - Homer

The Bengals managed to squander that bit of good fortune, though. The Bengals could leave the winning Powerball ticket in a pair of pants they donate to Goodwill. ~ Doc

Maybe Next Year - The Battlecry of the Bengals

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Sam Wyche
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Re: Another Coach To The Marvin Lewis Coaching Tree

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January 12 2017, 7:44 AM 

Vance Joseph at least has a championship type of defense (although Zimmer does also) and works for a great organization. If they can sign Tony Romo or trade for someone like Dalton or better (Cousins maybe!!...Brees for an offer the Saints cannot refuse, etc) in the offseason Denver will be back in the AFC West and Superbowl argument for another couple of years as long as they can keep that defense in tact and as long as this coach is not a total bust. If there are betting odds on said issue I want my pick to be Joseph for the record.

Of the other coaches mentioned I think that Gruden wins a playoff game first. He has a franchise QB (Cousins) as long as they can keep him, and some nice pieces. Zimmer has unemployed by this time in 2018 written all over him; Hue Jackson hopefully sees enough time to make the playoffs but 2017 is still going to be a year of rebuild in the CLE.

I guess if I were to rank liklihood of winning a playoff game first (including Marvin):

1. Joseph - Denver is a GREAT franchise, and has really all of the pieces other than QB, and with John Elway running the show, they will find a QB

2. Gruden - assuming that they keep Cousins, they are a respectable team with some pieces in place and chances to win playoff games in the NFC

3. Marvin - really wanted to put Hue here, but let's be realistic...Marvin will still have a job past 2017 when you never know with Cleveland, that and that franchise is about as far away from champion as can be

4. Zimmer - will be unemployed by this time next season, although my disclaimer is HEAD COACH...he is a descent DC or position coach and I can see him running the Packers or Steelers or Ravens defenses in 2018 where he will have a good chance at winning a playoff game as an assistant

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Synonymous Bengal
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Re: Another Coach To The Marvin Lewis Coaching Tree

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January 12 2017, 3:56 PM 

Not sure you can point to any success Joseph has had as something Marvin is responsible for, he was only here a short while and was well respected before he came here, they actually missed the boat again, could have hired Zimmer as HC and Joseph as DC

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