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Coaches: Who is safe for now?

January 30 2017 at 7:54 PM
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Arizona Cardinals--Bruce Arians Highlights: 1 NFC West Championship, 2 Playoff Berths, 2 AP Coach of the Year Award
Verdict: SAFE (for now). But you know how hard the mighty fall in the NFL. Last year was not a good year for the Cardinals. They better improve or Arians' Hot Seat will start steaming in 2018.

Atlanta Falcons--Dan Quinn Highlights: 1 NFC South Championship, 1 Playoff Berth
Verdict: Yeah, I've never seen a turnaround happen that fast. Falcons are like night and day....and I can't believe that coaching vacancies around the league have even considered Mike Smith as a candidate (Jaguars and Chargers). I think I threw up in my mouth a little. Matt Ryan underneath Quinn looks like a different QB. New coach, new attitude.

Baltimore Ravens--John Harbaugh Highlights: 1 Super Bowl Championship, 1 AFC Championship, 2 AFC North Championships, 6 Playoff Berths
Verdict: IMO, John Harbaugh's seat should be hotter. They folded this year. His QB is declining. That to me has to be on the coach. AFC North foes have gotten the better of John Harbaugh--and you have to ask yourselves this...is it Harbaugh's Coaching or the Raven Front Office that is getting the job done on the field. Still, that's quite a resume to get fired so soon after all that. But it's a WTF have you done for me lately league...

Buffalo Bills--Sean McDermott Highlights: Greenhorn
No hot seat yet.

Carolina Panthers--Ron Rivera Highlights: 1 NFC Championship, 3 NFC South Championships, 3 Playoff Berths, 2 AP Coach of the Year Awards
Verdict: Another coach that has a decent resume due to his Front Office giving Rivera decent talent. Should probably have more Super Bowl Rings. It's weird that Carolina replaced John Fox with an Hispanic Replica.

Chicago Bears--John Fox Highlights: None with the Bears (see Panthers)
Verdict: It's just a shame that Fox has to contend with the idiotic Bears' Team Management. But he does. Decent Coach. Terrible Front Office. Still Fox is going to get blamed for failures on the field. It's too bad too. Fox' Defense was one of the best in the league until it got left on the field too long. Then it disintegrated into what it was at the end of the year. Playoff caliber in the beginning....and GD. That Offensive Line. Oh brother. No wonder nobody wanted to play QB for the Bears in Week 15.

Cincinnati Bengals--Marvin Lewis Highlights: AFC North Championships,7 Playoff Berths, 1 AP Coach of the Year Award
Verdict: Marv, Marv, Marv, Marv, Marv. Should have been ejected from his seat like a James Bond Movie 10 years ago. But yet, we all know why Marvin Lewis has the 2nd longest tenure in the league. You know what's interesting about Marvin? He has the most ties among coaches in the league (3). How many does Bill Belicheck have? ZERO. Bill would rather lose than tie, I believe.

Cleveland Browns--Hue Jackson Highlights: Yeah right. IN CLEVELAND?!??!?!?
Verdict: I will bet they light Hue up at the end of the 2017 Season.

Dallas Cowboys--Jason Garrett Highlights: 2 NFC East Championship, 2 Playoff Berths
Verdict: Jerrrrrrrrah isn't known for being a patient man. But I will bet he will be more patient with Garrett (since Garrett is Jerrrrrrrah's boyyyyy). Safe for now....and since he had a rookie backfield, the Cowboys can only look upwards.

Denver Broncos--Vance Joseph Highlights: Greenhorn

Detroit Lions--Jim Caldwell Highlights: 2 Playoff Berths
Verdict: May I fan the flames for Jim Caldwell's firing? From the lack of a gameplan to the blank clueless looks on the sidelines during play. I want Caldwell's head (and probably so does the rest of Michigan), but the Fords are very patient. They are Mike Brown North. Bungling they are. However, they are still trying to rebuild from Matt Millen purgatory.

Green Bay Packers--Mike McCarthy Highlights: Super Bowl Championship, 1 NFC Championship, 6 NFC North Championships, 9 Playoff Berths
Verdict: This is another coach I would love to light up. However, this year was his best coaching to date. All those important injuries. From midseason, he didn't even have a real RB. But all that talent in the last 10 years--and all you can show for it is ONE SB RING AND ONE CHAMPIONSHIP? Does anybody think there should have been more to show for it? Yeah, me too.

Houston Texans--Bill O'Brien Highlights: 2 AFC South Championships, 2 Playoff Berths
Verdict: Hard to say. The Texans' Management are so dumb, who really knows what kind of coach O'Brien truly is? I would say a decent one since he's led his Texans to the playoffs twice with no QB....and with what he's been given from his Front Office...he's done a decent job. Still--somebody needs to inform the Texans that they are no longer an "expansion" team--and really need to join the NFL's standards. Not just "squeeking" into the playoffs or backing in. That job is made specifically for the Bungles.

Indianapolis Colts--Chuck Pagano Highlights: 2 AFC South Championships, 3 Playoff Berths
Verdict: GODD@MMIT--WOULD SOMEBODY FIRE PAGANO YESTERDAY?!?!?!!?!? Horrible Coach. Dumb challenges. Andrew Luck is getting WORSE under Pagano. Indy still has no defense to speak of. I want him lit up now. But with his resume, his seat is getting hotter--but he can use the Luck injuries as an excuse....for now.

Jacksonville Jaguars--Doug Marrone Highlights: Just hired (and yeah right--in Cleveland South?)
Verdict: Ya know. I just don't get the Jaguars. Would they just move or fold? Every year some dumb analyst places them in their playoff predictions. No, forgetaboutit. Not with their front office and QB Situation. To take on a job in Jacksonville means either you are not playing with a full deck, or you believe you have one paycheck left in the NFL before going back to coordinating or committing career suicide. Oh yeah--the verdict. Probably hot already. That team management is stupid as f*ck.

Kansas City Chiefs--Andy Reid Highlights: 1 AFC West Championship, 3 Playoff Berths
Verdict: Let's just face it. Andy Reid will never win anything big. Can take you to the Championship Game--then forget to create a gameplan. His seat should be hotter but the Chiefs are just that much dumber.

Los Angeles Chargers--Anthony Lynn Highlights: Greenhorn
Verdict: Not hot at all. Owner is totally content in screwing the SD Fans and getting his new stadium deal. What a schmuck.

Los Angeles Rams--Sean McVay Highlights: Greenhorn
Verdict: Due to his front office being boneheaded, McVay's seat will be 5000 degrees fahrenheit real soon.

Miami Dolphins--Adam Gase Highlights: 1 Playoff Berth
Verdict: You know--I like this hire. Miami had a great plan all year. Keep the ball on the ground. Play under the radar defense. Too bad Tannenhill had that injury. Safe. Very safe.

Minnesota Vikings--Mike Zimmer Highlights: NFC North Championship, 1 Playoff Berth
Verdict: It seems such a long time ago that Mike Zimmer took his Vikings to the playoffs. I think Zimmer's another guy that we will never know how great of a coach he could be in part due to his team's front office. Ownership sucks in Minnesota. How long has it been since they have had a franchise QB? Tommy Kramer?

New England Patriots--Bill Belichick Highlights: 4 Super Bowl Championships, 6 AFC Championships, 14 AFC East Championships, 14 Playoff Berths, 3 AP Coach of the Year Awards
Do we even need a Verdict here? Bill could deflate 1,000 footballs right in front of Roger Goodell and not get fired. Just saying.

New Orleans Saints--Sean Payton Highlights: 1 Super Bowl Championship, 1 NFC Championship, 3 NFC South Championships, 5 Playoff Berths, 1 AP Coach of the Year Award
Verdict: Man do I wish Payton's hot seat was a lot hotter! Flawed gameplans. Consistently forgets about his running game and his "Defense??? Who cares? We don't need any stinking 'defense'" Philosophy. Due to his resume though--Payton's seat is a little hotter in 2017 but he's still got one year to prove himself. Threatened is my verdict....and I'm f*cking glad for it.

New York Giants--Ben McAdoo Highlights: 1 Playoff Berth
Verdict: I like McAdoo. The Giants were done this year. Then something clicked. They still have no running game--which they have to take care of this offseason....and they have to do something about Eli Manning being upright. McAdoo is safe.

New York Jets--Todd Bowles Highlights: Cleveland East?!?!??!?! Yeah right.
Verdict: The Jets are the dumbest franchise in the NFL. Bowles has one more year left until he's fired. Then their horrible management will blame Bowles for on the field failures which they are responsible for. When in the hell have they ever had a true starting QB!?!??!?!?!??! Boomer Esiason back in the 90s??!?!?!?!??!?!?!? F*cking horrible. How would you like to be a football fan in Queens?

Oakland Raiders--Jack Del Rio Highlights: 1 Playoff Berth
Verdict: That playoff birth was big. So was the decision to go for 2 at the beginning of the year. Derek Carr's injury was just too damned bad. Here's what I think of JDR...he's another guy that has great cajones....but how far can he take you? Granted, he's coached for the Jacksonville Jaguars--then went back to coordinating again. I'm anxious to see what kind of team the Raiders' Management and him truly are. But for now? Future looks bright--and they are ahead of schedule.

Philadelphia Eagles--Doug Pederson Highlights: IN PHILLY!??!?!? REALLY!?!??!?! LOL
Verdict: Safe for now--but I don't like the midseason collapse they just experienced. That can't happen again from Brett Favre's backup or he's got the axe coming to him.

Pittsburgh Steelers--Mike Tomlin Highlights: 1 Super Bowl Championship, 2 AFC Championships, 5 AFC North Championships, 7 Playoff Berths
Verdict: Yeah, he's safe. But he shouldn't be. In that time period, don't you think the Steelers should be brandishing more hardware than just one ring? Ben Roethlisberger isn't getting any younger. IMO? Too much talent given to him from front office--too little results. Too bad the Rooneys are so patient and used to stability.

San Francisco 49ers--Kyle Shanahan? Highlights: Greenhorn--but I'll bet Shanny, JR won't be seeing any in SF.
Verdict: Shanny, JR will be one of the worst hire jobs in the history of the NFL--but he's got ghoulish Front Office Management to deal with. The 49ers FO are a bunch of creeps. I do like the John Lynch Hiring at GM. That's a start. Getting rid of Trent Baalke was the other.

Seattle Seahawks--Pete Carroll Highlights: 1 Super Bowl Championship, 2 NFC Championships, 4 NFC West Championships, 6 Playoff Berths
Verdict: Petey the Cheater get fired? Yeah right. I think it's funny. Belicheck is the most known for "cheating". Not Pete. But Pete has ruined entire programs. But Carroll gets off because he wins. Safe. He has a steep resume. But the Seahawks are getting older. Especially on the defensive side of the ball.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers--Dirk Koetter Highlights: Warren Sapp doesn't play for the Bucs anymore--so NONE...and there won't be any time soon.
Verdict: I can't understand this hiring whatsoever. What are the Glaziers trying to pull on the Tampa Fans?!?!?!?! Just horrible. I feel sorry for them all. I'll send you a Christmas Card this next year that will read: Happy 5-11. Merry X-Mas you bunch of schmucks. P.S. If you wish to change things--then stop going to the games since the Glaziers care very little for their NFL Franchise.

Tennessee Titans--Mike Mularkey Highlights: None. Tennessee also has a dumb management
Verdict: Mike Mularkey did a decent job this year--but they collapsed at the end of the season, when they could have just won a couple of games and got in the playoffs. Need to see more out of Mularkey's Titans. But for now--he's safe. I would like to see the Titans give Marcus Mariotta more weapons to work with too, please.

Washington Redskins--Jay Gruden Highlights: 1 NFC East Championship, 1 Playoff Berth
Verdict: Jay's QB is f*cking him with the inconsistencies. So are the rest of his team. I do believe Dan Snyder has found his guy. I think Gruden is safe for now--but Snyder is as impatient as Cleveland's Ownership.

BTW--I feel sorry for LA Fans. Chargers and Rams? F*ck...really? That town wanted 2 teams...did they really request the 2 worst team managements in football other than Mike Brown?

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Sam Wyche
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Re: Coaches: Who is safe for now?

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January 31 2017, 5:25 AM 

Pretty much spot-on!

Some other thoughts/observations:

Harbaugh - in defense of him I feel that the 2016 Ravens overachieved. I do agree with you though that 2017 could be his make or break season there depending on how good or how bad things go.

Tomlin - I realize that they made the AFC Championship game, but they have had a tumultuous 4 weeks or so (the Terry Bradshaw "cheerleader" comments directed at Tomlin, the Joey Porter arrest, the Antonio Brown Facebook live issue, the players saying that they were "not prepared" for New England's offense, then Ben now talking retirement. The Rooneys have patience, and they may be making some big changes (word is that they are shopping Antonio Brown and want to resign Leveon Bell), but I'm sure that they do not like their organization being talked about in this light!

Hue Jackson - I agree that I do not trust Cleveland's ownership, especially because he has not delivered any results (1-15) but part of me thinks that their owner Haslem realizes that this is an outright rebuilt and that he deserves some time to grow with this team, especially if they figure out a QB of the future.

Sean Payton - his seat should be blazing by now...he basically has Marvin Lewis status with the only positive being the one Superbowl, but his teams have underachieved for the past 5 or 6 years now, which if anything Marvin's teams generally overachieve if anything. Payton is the most overrated coach since Ditka.

whoever the 49ers have - maybe the GM move will improve things, because otherwise I would say that their franchise is the poorest run in the NFL, which says a lot

Gruden - I think that you hit the nail on the head. I do not agree with EVERY move that he makes, but he seems like a modern NFL coach. I did not think much of him as OC in Cincy but he has a modern Marvin vibe to him lol

McCarthy - he sucks and should be fired. It's just that NFL owners hate to break up QB whisperers from their QBs (see: Payton, the Chargers twice waiting too long to fire head coaches, the Cardinals with Arians, etc).

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Re: Coaches: Who is safe for now?

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January 31 2017, 12:13 PM 

"whoever the 49ers have - maybe the GM move will improve things, because otherwise I would say that their franchise is the poorest run in the NFL, which says a lot"

You weren't whistling Dixie there - there are some half a$$ed run organizations out there which includes Cle and our own bungs. Amazing.

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