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Osweiler: We seen this coming

September 2 2017 at 4:22 PM
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Since the Browns released Osweiler, his career is now history. But I have to ask you this--what was up with all the hype?

Obviously, Draft Analysts did NOT do their homework. Osweiler wasn't even great at Arizona State. I seen at least 8 games Osweiler played in college. He was just not good against the decent teams and seemed to pad his stats against the Arizona's of the Pac-12.

Terrible Technique. Instead of using his 6'7 frame and coming over the top with the ball, Osweiler used this lazy almost "side-armed" style and totally went against his physique. What a shame. He was actually bouncing ball against his offensive linemen....and not helmets--SHOULDER PADS!!!! Are you kidding me????

This is why franchises like the Texans and Browns will never have anything. Someone should have coached this guy up. Sometimes, the draft really screws a player. You get drafted by the Rams or Browns--and you have a shelf-life of 3 years at the most at a skill position. Right? What I mean by this is--the Texans have a bad history of hooking a QB off the stage too early. Someone banged the gong too early. Both Browns and Texans need to be more patient with their progressing young QBs. They never gave Brock Osweiler the necessary latitude to develop....and that, IMO, affected the rest of his career. What a damned shame.

But let's get back to Brock Osweiler here. I'm betting the guy is non-studier of the game. It seemed he didn't progress. That screams slacker.

I just didn't get the hype about this guy. I mean--if he was all that, then wouldn't FSU or Alabama be all over him with recruiting? Even USC or Washington?

Yeah, that's what I thought.

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Synonymous Bengal
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Re: Osweiler: We seen this coming

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September 3 2017, 9:12 PM 

Osweiler ssigned with the Broncos
In Memory of Dunn4QB
[linked image]

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September 3 2017, 9:43 PM 

I just seen that. Osweiler is desperate to go back to those stomping grounds.

And thanks to John Elway's bumbling (sound familiar?), they are also desperate.

John Elway is a bonehead, IMO. He has done nothing in Denver but inherit an already great team. Then proceed to wreck this already great team.

I love it when professional franchises get too attached with their past megastars. See Denver with Elway. See Washington/Charlotte with Michael Jordan. See Cincinnati with Pete Rose. Hilariously enough, see the Sacramento G@DDAMNED Kings with Vlade Divac. LOL

All should have let these guys walk into the sunset with huge pocketbooks instead of bringing them back.

It's a mistake.

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Those Wild and Whacky Cleveland Browns

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September 4 2017, 12:00 PM 

Speaking of Brownies quarterbacks. Tony Grossi at ESPN:
I am at an absolute loss to explain the waiver claim of Woodrum, undrafted from Liberty University in 2016, who bounced around the Bills, Giants, Bears and, lastly, Ravens. Claiming him guarantees him a roster spot for four weeks. If somebody in the building really liked him, couldn’t they give him extra money to entice him to their practice squad? OK, so maybe Sashi Brown has a trade lined up involving Kessler or Hogan. You mean to tell me they will go into the season with Kizer, Hogan/Kessler and Woodrum? There is such a void there for a veteran quarterback. I actually miss Brock Osweiler already.


If the Bungs really want a solid No. 3 quarterback, Hogan or Kessler would be a better choice than Driskel, and they both have learned what is basically the same offense. Hogan would be preferred. Maybe one will be available. Not that it really matters, but you wonder sometimes what these teams are thinking.

    Bell-cow quarterbacks are like queen bees. Only one can take you to the land of milk and honey.
      ~ What Mike Brown should have said, versus what he did say.

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