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Fix the O-line

February 3 2018 at 9:31 AM
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IF you were GM, what is your plan?
Please give details, maybe Mike Brown reads this forum and he may get a few good ideas.

What I would do.....
Drop some under-performers for the dollar to free up some room to sign a mid-level O-lineman. Since the with the exception of Boling, any 3 star player would be an upgrade for now.

Ideal targets for me include the following cuts which I would consider reasonable since each player would be a FA at end of season anyhow.
Adam Jones - $5.7 million owed for 2018.
Michael Johnson - $4.9 million owed for 2018.
Brandon LaFell - $4 million owed for 2018.
Vincent Ray - $2.75 million owed for 2018.
Clark Harris $1 million owed for 2018. ( A long snapper for a mil per?!)

That's an additional $18 million that could be re-purposed for new OL FA to help bolster the draft haul. Combined with the estimated $38 million under the cap already, there should be some money left for fresh faces elsewhere such as safety.

Ideal target for FA would include.
G Justin Pugh last played on a 1 year $8 million contract. I would suggest like a 4 year $35 million contract. You now have again 1 really good guard and Clint Boling to start at G.

This leaves about $9 or 10 million or so to replace the likes of the above mentioned cuts with house money.

2018 NFL draft.
Now that Guard is solved, I would use rounds 1 and 2 to target two starters, I would suggest 1 Center and 1 Tackle.
Round 1 - Pollock's choice of OT. Presumably ND Mike McGlinchey, or trade down if available a few spots for OU Orlando Brown.
Round 2 - Presumably Billy Price in round 2, or trade up into late round 1 for Billy Price. IF neither of those options work for Price, BPA here, then
go after Iowa James Daniels in round 3 for immediate starter to replace the FA Bodine.

This plan would give the Bengals 2 or 3 reasonable starters to put with Boling, leaving the rest of the tackles to compete for the 1 remaining spot.

I would love to hear your thoughts.

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Re: Fix the O-line

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February 3 2018, 11:57 AM 

Not to criticize the strategy of spending big bucks on a guard in free agency, but the Bengals will never do that. As we know too well, they limit themselves in so many ways. They're also notoriously finicky about free agents. If you squint your eyes real hard you can kind-of see them taking the following steps. It's going to be hard to fix that line in a single offseason, and it will take more than a bit of luck.

Five Steps to Fix The Bengals O-Line that Even Mike Brown Might Approve

1. Draft that Center from Iowa, James Daniels

Somehow, some way, get this guy on the team. I don't care if they take him at #12 even though he's projected as a late first rounder.

2. Acquire extra draft picks.

Pull off a trade for AJ McCarron or trade down in the first round. Some team will probably be in love with a quarterback who is still available at that spot. Extra high picks are needed to restock the line without neglecting other needs.

3. Draft a tackle high.

The most obvious step to take. There are supposedly good prospects in the second and third round, so it doesn't have to be at #12. Getting extra picks will help them pull this off along with getting Daniels.

4. Find a quality Right Guard who's already on the team.

Hopefully somebody will respond well to new O-line coach Frank Pollack, like Alex Redmond on Christian Westerman. They both took a step up late in the year. Heck, I don't care if it's Trey Hopkins who makes the move, but it has to be somebody on already the team. They're not going to be able to replace four-fifths of the line so quickly.

5. Develop Jake Fisher into a serviceable Right Tackle.

This may well be a pipe dream, but maybe Fisher was held back with his heart issue. Who knows, Pollack's coaching style might be a better fit.

Those last two steps are where the luck comes in. It's hard to imagine the Bengals acquiring a good center or tackle in free agency. That's where you find your backups, unless you're willing to break the bank and you're very fortunate one is available.

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      ~ What Mike Brown should have said, versus what he did say.

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Re: Fix the O-line

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February 3 2018, 3:56 PM 

None of that will happen. Mikey's priorities are cb, wr, and maybe a safety. If he can get an OL in the later rounds he'll take it. He'll also need a backup qb as we all know McCarron will walk. If anything else he'll draft the best athlete available as that is what he really prefers to do. Mikey will do it his way and that is the way he has done it previously. He likes track stars over football players anyway.

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