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muscular wife

July 3 2004 at 3:25 PM
ten4  (no login)
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Someone asked about bicep size. The other day I measured her arm just relaxed and extended at about 15 1/2 inches. Flexed hard about 16 3/4" and she can hold it like that for a long time. Then without rotating her fist or changing the position of her forarm, she can make the bicep expand to about 17 1/4" and I tried somthing differant. With her arm across the table and the tape tight around her bicep with her holding the tape with her other hand I pull with both arms to try to open her arm. Her bicep swells to a 17 1/2" after a few seconds and produces veins and her arm shakes a little from the strain. I have tried this with my bicep and nothing changes. The other thing is at that point having her pull her forarm in tight all the way and rotate her fist pulling her bicep into a ball shape flexing as hard a possible it becomes very vascular and fiber is very visable. it Now has stretch the tape to 17 3/4" But she said "ouch, that sucker wants to cramp! It wants to contract harder" It's like a rock to touch at that point.

We tried something weird too and it was her idea. We locked our right arms together with our biceps touching we curled our arms and made hard biceps. I felt her forarm locked against the back of my upper arm and her fist curl down as if to prevent my arm from squeezing out. My upper arm was pinned in the notch of her upper arm between her bicep and elbow. I was flexing as hard as possible but her forarm muscles bury into my triceps and on comes her bicep, at first her muscle was pushed a little flatter but painfully to me her bicep took shape and grew hard. I watched and felt my muscle give way and squeeze out around her bicep. My flex was gone and my bicep flattened and formed around hers. She turned her fist and swelled the muscle deep into my upper arm as I said stop! The space between her bicep and forarm is closing and my arm looks and feels like a bone and my muscles all red and squashed out around hers. She turned from watching her muscles smashing mine to my eyes and staired, holding her contraction for a moment as my upper arm burned now and forearm tingled and went to sleep.

This left the darkest bruise all the way around my upper arm and nothing on hers. She said "I think I could have broke your bone Because I could feel my muscle pushing against it at the end and I know I could crush it, there was nothing left of your muscle. It felt and looked like a soft red water balloon about to burst when mine pushed into it." "I didn't want to stop, I wanted to squash it and make it burst, I'm sorry"

We won't play that game again, I thought it would be cool but it really was like putting my arm in a vise or something. She doesn't like to lift heavy just 200 lbs for bench sets and 35 lbs for dumbbells about three days a week now. she does some heavy leg presses though about once or twice a week.

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