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September 16 2005 at 3:32 AM
Old Timer  (no login)
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Response to Old Timer

Thanks for the run down, Jerry. About all i knew about the Female bb biz is i don't see them on TV anymore. i am so naive i did not know you had to pay them to take photos. I grew uup with some very good friends who were very famous photographers (the next generation older from me) He, they, made lots of money. One of them i did a lot of work for as a kid and later an interresting construction job. He took photos of some very famous women, but not the BB type. as for my own interrst, I have not been overly excited about many of the FBB's when they are trimmed down to minimal body fat as we used to see them in TV shows. i like the very strong with muscles that look more like a natural result of hard work. i do get excited when i see Colette, as the pics i have seen of her look like she must have been very naturally powerful before she ever got to the gym. She looks just plain powerful. i would also like very much to get to see Sherry, but i have not pushed or encouraged, having seen how some people have put down some of the women who have shown for this forum. i have my own immagination about how she looks and I do have a great immagination
Another of my favorites (appearance wise) has been Andrea Gehan. She has fabulous legs but when she had her own website and wrote stuff, she came across as becoming somewhat mad at the world. Maybe you explanatiion here about the decline/demise of woman's BB'ing helps to explain such an attitude. i think it is too bad they are taking it on the chin like that. i will have an entry later this AM about a couple of very recent sightings. Maybe for me, the most exciting are the girls/women i see as surprises along my travels.
What is very exciting is that the women along the streets and roadways are not afraid to show their bodies as in the past. Years ago (summer 1963) I took a motor trip across the country to California. I was really flipped out when i drove thru SanFrancisco and walked along the streets to see so many women walking around in leotards. Enough to make ones eyes sore from all the excited looking. women were not yet so daring on the East coast. Now, i see them jogging or just walking dressed/undressed in ways to really show off their figures to the best advantage. Many have very muscular legs, it seems moreso than even ,say , 10 or 20 years ago. I think, even tho women's BB'ing is falling by the wayside, those women have done wonderful things for women as a whole. today, i observe far more women going into our P&R gym than men. During the daytime, when i get to make such observations, it is almost 100% women working out in the gym and especially exercise classes. My wife goes sometimes twice per week to swimm & exercise classes. I made the sad mistook of mentioning to her that she was building muscles in the right places and she almost quit going. there are other women who i think are getting quite excited or atleast proud to show off their newfound musculature. Those are the ladies who are benefitting from the Female BB pioneers such as Corey Eversen and Colette who have been anxious to show the world what women can really do with their bodies.
More later.
Thanks again
Old Timer

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