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gym girl

November 30 2005 at 10:20 AM
erica  (no login)
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Hi Old timer,Jerry,Wowser,Zstarch,MAK,You guys are really nice to me in your posts.REAL MEN!
I am a little tired this morning.Last night while making love with my boyfriend,my pager went off.I was supposed to be off all day yesterday,and at close to 11pm last night i had to go fill in at one of the hospitals i work at.I got up and showered real quick,and left for the hospital.For some reason,my BF,was not to happy?(I'll let you guys use your imagination for the next couple of sentences).I had him pinned to the bed.After "smothering" him as only a very top heavy woman can,i straddled him while flexing my biceps several times.When the pager went off i got up.And when i knew i would be going to work,i ordered him to lay across the bed with his head hanging off the end.For a few minutes i squeezed his head between my thick muscular thighs.You guys will have to fill in the rest.
When i got to the hospital,i was sooo happy,my good friend
Jackie, was working in intensive care and that is where i had to work.After doing our duties with the patients we had,we got to sit down and talk.(I'M skipping ahead here).I finally got to ask her if she ever had any experiences similar to the ones i had in the stores?(See previous post).She told me of two that happened a couple of days ago.1)While working one night in the intensive care unit ,she was working with a orderly,(Josh,not real name).We all like this young guy a lot,he is a lot of fun.Jackie really likes him.Josh was real tired and started to fall asleep in his chair.Intensive care,was real slow with several vacant beds.Jackie,scopped Josh in her arms and lifted him to a bed.Of course he woke up and both were laughing.She covered him up,and leaned over him and gave him a kiss and told him to get well soon.She said he (not wanting to get caught by the supervisor),pulled back the sheet,and started to sit up.Jackie said she noticed he was very aroused.She told me if she were not married with children,she would have helped Josh,with his "growing problem".
2)Just before Thanksgiving,Jackie got a supply delievery at her farm.Usually the company she gets her feed from has two guys driving.However one of the men didn't come in that day so the guy who did come,was a little thin man,all alone.There was a lot of things they were to receive,including several large heavy bags of feed.When Jackie saw the bags were too heavy for the little guy.She told him to get up in the truck,and pile 3 of the (60lbs) each bags on her right shoulder.She repeated this several times.She could see the guy was impressed.Even though it was cool out,Jackie said she was begining to get real warm so the took off her sweater.After a couple of akward moments,the guy asked her if he could see her arm (bicep).
She said "only if you come down from the truck and feel them".She told me she never saw anyone from this feed company move so fast.Boy did i have a laugh over these stories.
I am "really not going to any job today".I am going to go work out.I hope you nice men have a pleasent day.
I enjoy your responses to my posts as well.

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