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Some teen girls vs men stories from around the web

April 16 2006 at 2:24 PM
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Some teen girls vs men stories from around the web

I was wondering if men being the stronger sex physically is not more cultural than really gender. A couple of years ago our daughter at 17 years old had been playing sports but also for three summer seasons had taken the job as she called "farm hand" and she was required to load about (50) 50 lb. grain sacks a day along with about (100) 75 lb. alfalfa bails on to a fifth wheel trailer and unload the same. When at 16 and she got her license to drive, she would do it all day, it's not a semi truck load but was tons of weight lifting on a daily basis. At school the couch had them weight training for girls sports. She was muscular and when our two sons came home to visit, one in the military and the oldest in collage
Our youngest daughter in a short sleeve shirt held up her arms and flexed for the boys. The fact is she had much bigger muscles than both of my boys and my husband. I asked her to arm wrestle the boys and she beat them without any real effort several times with both arms and beat her own father just the same. I'm in my fourties and try to stay in shape with a bycicle and at a gym but I had just focused on aerobics and only sometimes used the weight room on a machine. I arm wrestled my husband later and we struggled for a while but I lost. After that I changed my work out to almost all weight lifting and within about a year I beat my husband at arm wrestling, now it's been two years and I can put my bicep or any other muscle next to his or in the mirror and flex. Mine are much more developed and bigger and arm wrestling though we don't do it very often has become a sinch to smash his arm down. So I think it is mostly culture that says women are the weaker sex. Some say "those submissive men" but my sons never submitted to anything, my daughter became stronger then them and my husband did not decide that I am stronger, there isn't anything he can do about it. I made up my mind to make my muscles stronger than his and he would have a long way to go to change it. My husband did not submit so I will appear stronger or more muscular, he had nothing to do with that fact. I have bigger muscles now and I'm stronger, submitting has nothing to do with anything. I really think most women are perceived as the weaker sex because of culture and time in the gym changes it all. It sure did for me.


Our daughter just turned fifteen years old and is involved in sports at school. The couching staff has the girls in the gym lifting weights three days a week. One can't help but notice her muscles, so the other night I asked my husband and my daughter to hold both arms up and make their arms flex. It was easy to see that she now has much bigger muscles than her dad and her legs are also bigger and more muscular. My husband is four inches taller and average build but I'm convinced she is physically stronger. This site has been interesting to read.


I'm in highschool and play baseball. My sister is playing softball and is a year younger. Has anyone else noticed the girls muscles are getting big because of gym workouts and sports? I have lost at armwrestling to my sister every time since about the first of the year and now noticed her muscles are bigger than mine! She's not the most developed on her team. One of the girls has more muscles than most guys and her calves are larger than my thighs and my mid thigh is 20 inches but I can see that her calves are larger when she sits next to me. I'm shure she has the biggest leg muscles at our school but I don't know how much she could lift with her legs. She isn't fat. I can see that girls are getting way stronger and often stronger than boys all from sports.


13y old sis
I can remember when I was thirteen years old and my parents bought me a set of weights. My younger sister made a big deal out of it so my folks said she could use them too. She did, we both did and she became competitive about it. some time later I really noticed her muscles and sitting on our back porch she said I'll bet you I'm stronger than you now" I said "no way" but she held up her right arm and flexed and I got a shot of fear when I looked at her muscles and she asked to see mine and I had to show her. Her muscles were much larger and we went in and looked at our shoulders and biceps in the mirror. She looked athletic and more musclular in her arms and shoulders next to me and her legs had become muscular. We were about the same height and I just staired at her big round muscles in her shoulders and arms that made mine look thin. I had never seen her flex and we usually did workouts at different times but she had become thick and I suspected it was muscle when I watched her lift weights sometimes but didn't really think. She later beat me easy at armwrestling in front of our parents as my dad had a look on his face I'll never forget and then showed her bicep to him. I could tell by his looks and the size of her muscle that he was shocked and my mom asked him to armwrestle her. He did have a look of apprehension and said "no no no let's not start that" and mom asked him to flex and my sister also and at that point I asked and began to wonder. My dad flexed and I really was surprised because his bicep was not bigger than my sister's who when she saw this put her arm next to his and flexed. Her muscles were really about the same size but more visible when contracted and mom grabed both biceps and sqweezed and said "her's is hard, it's harder than yours" and after begging him to armwrestle they finally did and at age 13 1/2 my sister very slowly put my dad's arm down. I was in awe and her muscles bulged bigger under the strain and she was smart about it and pulled her arm in tight near her shoulder. I can remember that her bicep swelled up like a ball and she held my dad in one place for a long time until he was tired. This really lasted for awhile and by the time his arm was slowly moving, her arms had veins and the muscles were very visible and became bigger. My sister later wrestled me and put me in holds and teased me. To this day she is in very good condition and muscular and went on into sports in high sckool and collage. to this day I don't have muscles like hers. Her bicep at 14 years old measured 15 1/2 inches and I was 15 when we used our mom's cloth sewing tape and mine was only 13 1/4 inches after using those weights. I'm interested in strong women because of my sister. As embarrising as it is, I got an erection looking at her muscles but would hide it as best I could. She knew this though and would show me her muscles in my bedroom at night and ask if I liked looking at them. She would sit on the end of my bed and flex after she excercised and ask if I wanted her to leave, I really wouldn't and this became normal and I could see that she was developing more as she continued with those weights every night sometimes until late and than come to my bedroom and show me those muscles.


I have all daughters and all have participated in sports before and through High School and on to College. My wife was an athlete in school and encouraged our daughters as I did the same. One of my daughers in College weighs the same as me, just as tall and is much stronger. She is a beauty at 5'11' & 185 and had to show me that she could lift me above her shoulders. She is physically stronger than I have ever been and all but a few boys I can think of during my school years, she is just one of so many strong women in College sports. And yes the girls are smart too.


It's been said here before but an increasing amount of ladies work out harder and harder, not afraid to become muscular. My wife and daughters work out a lot, mainly with weights combined with aerobics that are tougher than you can imagine. My son's soccer team this season had the same aerobics teacher as my wife and daughters. The teacher said that these boys are so much more out of shape than the ladies it's embarrasing. They are used to another type of training. Even when you compared the strenght part of the passes the boys generally were weaker. I haven't challenged my wife to any kind of strenght contest. I realize I wouldn't have a chance when it comes to either strength ore endurance. When you look at the muscles in her arms, shoulders, back and legs and compare to mine it is rather obious who would loose a contest with strenght involved. And my daughters, 16 and 18, are quickly getting closer to my wife's strength. I don't work out with weights, only tennis and running. I am proud of the strong ladies in my family. I am in good shape but probably a bit weaker than the average male. So my guesses are that many ladies that work out hard today are getting closer to the average male and some of them are stronger. When you compare strength of men and women of the same size I think the difference is very small.

Tennis player

Mick, my wife says that women might become the physically stronger sex. I laughed and argued the point. She brought up some interesting things though. Our daughter plays basketball along with track sports and weight trains almost daily. Anyway my father was a US Marine in WW2 and I had always pictured him as a big strong man and he whooped me good as a teen in a fight. Our daughter tried to put on some of my fathers shirts and a Marine jacket but couldn't get her arms or shoulders into it at all! The wife says that it would have been near impossable to find women 6' tall or more in the forties and she enjoys watching women's collage basketball on TV, pointing out that most are over 6' tall and well muscled and many would have been bigger and more muscular than almost any man in 1940. Our daughter does not take drugs and she is physically very strong. The women that play basketball would have been considered amazons in my father's day. I don't totally agree with my wife's view but she does have an argument. She had also showed me some old fun photos of me, my father, and a new photo of our daughter flexing biceps and compared them and asked me who would win. I had to admitt our daughter was the winner of muscle beach! I also couldn't really counter her argument, the only thing I could say is that "women couldn't play in the NFL" and she says "they're all on steriods"


I'm a 16 year old male and a girl friend "just a friend" showed me this site. I have felt that athletic girls are most attractive but also felt that boys or men are the stronger sex. My friend wanted me to go to a high school volleyball tournament for the first time. I'm 5' 8" and play baseball and workout but when I had seen all these girls that are so big and so many 6' tall or taller, I was kind of shocked. To be honest maybe girls are becoming the stronger sex. When a girl player sat on a bench next to me and we both had shorts on, I felt embarrassed for the first time and at the same time I just wanted to look at her legs because her muscles were twice the size of mine! So many girls had wider shoulders and bigger muscles that I felt small. Even their arms were more muscular, all but a few. Girls are changing or something because they are stronger. I kept thinking I would loose at bodybuilding to these girls and I wonder how strong they are? Their legs are so big and full of muscles that I want to know what they can lift? The girl that sat next to me had the biggest legs I have ever seen and all muscle!


I have never considered myself a very strong man but anyway I am in a decent shape, running and playing tennis. Some months ago I experienced something very embarrassing, something that changed my life a bit. My wife had invited an old friend that she hadn't seen in years. This woman came to visit us together with her two teenage daughters. All three of them were really into sports, the mother (45) and the oldest daughter (18 y.o.)are swimmers and the youngest daughter (16 y.o.)a gymnast. After a few days together the youngest daughter one evening challenged my wife to an armwrestling match. My wife is a very active women with years of aerobics and boxercise really had to fight to put the 16 year old down. Gymnasts are very strong as I was soon to know. My wife then took on her friend that could beat my wife's (a bit tired) right arm and then lost to my wifes left. After some rest my wife than lost rather easy to the 18 year old who is a very big, wide shouldered girl. My wife said that I probably wouln't stand a chance against this young swimmer. I didn't really want to test my strength against this girl seeing that she had bigger arm and shoulder muscles than me. But the others pushed me into a match that I lost big time. I was totally outclassed. Then I got challanged again, this time from the kid sister. We started with my fresh left arm and to my, and the others big surprise it took this girl less then a minute to put me down! I really felt embarrassed but this 16 year old told me she could beat several older guys and had beaten her two uncles so I didn't have to feel bad. I'm not sure this helped. Since we already knew that my wife were stronger then the youngest I had to take on the mother of the two teenagers. I am sorry to say that she played with me. The night after our guests had left my wife playfully challanged me to a real wrestling match. Knowing she was stronger than me in her arms I hesitated but she jumped me and then we wrestled for almost one hour. I lost 10 to nothing, she absolutely dominated me. I was so embarrassed but again got comforted, my wife said I just had come across some very strong girls and women the last days. My wife has changed since these incidents, she is much more dominating, especially when it comes to sex. She often teases me about being weaker. The big change though is that I have come to like this role reversal, this took me some time to understand but I have to say that I feel aroused when I do my best to defeat my wife in armwrestling or wrestling matches but always loose. It seems many men here have similar experiences. I guess I am lucky after all. This is a perfectly true story. If you don't believe me and if you are not a big, and muscular man, of slim built like myself, I am sure you would have great difficulties winning over women like my wife and her friend with daughters. Many modern women are strong.

Hans from Hamburg

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