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Girls Girls Girls---Oh how I love them!

September 2 2006 at 6:20 PM
Vindicator  (Login Tricepjohn)
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Well sports fans, I have been coming here and reading this for at least four years, but it has been a year or more since I posted anything. I always enjoy it and check it weekly. I read below where the latest sightings were inquired about so here are mine!

While parked at a Sonic eating some health food (right) this woman around 23 walked by down the edge of the road and "Oh My Goodness", I about dropped my big gulp! This chic has legs that were unbelievable! I would like to have placed my tongue on her heel and drag it up to her butt! They were the most muscled up, smooth, ripped, huge, bulging----I am running out of words-- legs I have seen in a long time. Her waist was small with a nice V-back, round shoulders and lean arms. So not appearing to be a bodybuilder, but toned, she had very good genetics. There was a whole lot of power in those legs I promise! Her calves brushed each other as she walked.

Another story coming from this summer, I walked out of a rest room at a Wal-Mart and directly in front of me was this tan dark haired chic around 27 years old re-doing her poneytail! Her arms had great biceps and from the front looking directly at her, she had great delts and a excellent V-back. I had to walk closer so I cut through the counters and she had finished messing with her hair and was starting to talk on a cell phone. I got closer to her, within three feet and realized she was as tall as I was. I am 5'10 and we looked eye to eye. I could tell from experience that she lifted weights, for I have been a gym rat most of my life. As she held her cell phone up, her right arm was very pumped and you could see the vein on the bicep just under the skin. Her forearm area looked puffy like you can look just after a huge pumped up workout. Her shoulders were shaped perfectly like softballs and a little rip on the front and her back delts really stood out as smooth bulges. Just the perfect look! She noticed me looking at her as I walked by and I had to turn a time or two as I continued on and she noticed that too, so I quit.

Summer of 2006 has been good for muscle sightings. I was in a Pizza Hut and this chic that waited on us had this huge abrasion to her right elbow. She is about 17, 6' 170 lbs. Shoulder length sandy blond hair and the most perfect face there is. I asked her about the injurie to her arm and she just laughed and said that this past weekend, she was at a lake party and ended up armwrestling all of the boys there. She raised up her arm to better show the injury and WHOALA, a bulging bicep with veins visible just under the skin. She said that she beat everyone except the last guy and he was my size! She said that it took him several minutes to beat her and since she had armwrestled about 8 guys the last hour, she was getting tired! Well, I am 5'10, 220 and he was my size? It took him a few minutes to beat her? I know her by name, for I have seen her play basketball. She is a real athlete and has really grown some this last year. She then sat down with my wife and I and we discussed some basketball in the upcoming season. Since she plays for a team against the school our children went to and where we live, we laughed about some of the fans from our hometown that she thought were really stupid acting. One in question is a relative to my wife so we told her about it and then I promised them that if she and her teammates would come up with a play to actually end up smaking this lady with the ball, I would take her entire team out for pizza! We shook hands on the deal and that was a mistake! Her hands were a little larger than mine and very firm to the grip. I could really feel her arm strength and was immediately aroused. This babe is only 17 going on 25! She is so mature and athletic. One day driving home I passed by the swimming pool where she told me she was a life guard. I saw her out front and stopped to chat. She was in a swimsuit and really got to see her abs and legs. Whow! Pure female muscle. If I was in my early 20's again, she WOULD be taken! haha Man I hate this mid life crap! More stories later. Have a good weekend.

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