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  • Woman improvement in sports
    • Barb (no login)
      Posted Oct 26, 2005 3:17 AM

      Woman improvement in sports .

      Hi There .Here is some interesting facts about woman breaking records in sport in the last 35 years.
      In 1971, American woman, Natalie Cullimore surprised the all male ultra world by running a 16:11 for the one hundred-mile race. Not only was she second in the race, but this was the fourth fastest time for a male or female at this distance. She caught the attention of the males of the sport with her speed and helped many other women to find a place in this field with her determination
      1972 - Congress passes Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972. “No person in the United States shall, on the basis of sex, be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be subject to discrimination under any education program or activities receiving Federal financial assistance.” When President Nixon signs the act on July 23 about 31,000 women are involved in college sports; spending on athletic scholarships for women is less than $100,000; and the average number of women's teams at a college is 2.1.
      1972 - AAU changes the rules of the Boston Marathon, letting women run with official numbers for the first time. Nina Kuscik is one of only nine women to finish the race. She comes in ahead of 800 men in the field of runners.
      1973 - US Tennis Association announces that men and women will receive equal prize money at the US Open. After that Bobby Riggs challenged Billie Jean King.
      1973 - >Billie Jean King wins the "battle-of-the-sexes" tennis match against Bobby Riggs on Sept. 20 in Houston in front of more than 30,000 people and a world-wide TV audience of more than 50 million. It firmly connected women's rights to women's sports and inspired millions to demand equal rights, equal treatment, and equal pay.
      1974 - Lanny Moss is the first woman to manage a professional men's baseball team. She was hired by the minor league Portland Mavericks
      1975 - Margaret Murdock out-guns all her competition, to be come the first woman to win a gold medal in the over-all shooting events at the Pan-American Games.
      1975 - Marion Bermudez, 23, is the first US woman to compete in the formerly all-male Golden Gloves boxing tournament in Mexico City. She won her first match against a man. She is also a national karate champion and has competed against men in that sport, as well.

      1975 - In an endurance match, Sandy Gross and Rita Santarpia play continuous tennis for 30 hours and 30 minutes in Beltsville, MD.
      1975 - The first girl to win the All-American Soap Box Derby is Karen Stead, age 11.
      1975-Female boxer Jackie Tonawanda knocked out Larry Rodania de the second round in Madison Square Garden in New York. In July 1975 Marion Bermudez was the first and only girl who entered the (at that time all-male) golden gloves. In Arizona she beat Edwardo Parras by TKO in the 1st round.

      1975 - Junko Tabei of Japan is the first woman in the world to reach the top of Mount Everest, the world's highest mountain. On May 16, leading an all-female Japanese expedition, she reaches the summit. She has also climbed to the top of the highest mountains in 20 of the 167 countries of the United Nations.
      1976 - Ann Meyers becomes the first female recipient of a full athletic scholarship at UCLA. She will lead the Bruins in rebounding, assists, steals and blocked shots during each of her four seasons. She will became the only player (male or female) in school history to record a quadruple-double (20 points, 14 rebounds, 10 assists and 10 steals).
      1976 - The New York Times reports there are more than 10,000 women weight-lifters, up from just a few hundred in 1974.
      1976 - Shirley Muldowney becomes the first woman to win a national event in the National Hot Rod Association (NHRA) Top Fuel division.
      1977 - Camdian Comdy Nichols, 19, swims the English Channel in both directions in just 19 hours and 55 minutes.
      1977 - Marie Ledbetter becomes the first woman to win the World Accuracy Title at the 12th annual Parachuting Championship in Rome. In 8 jumps from 2,500 feet, her total accumulated distance off target is only 3.3 inches.

      1978 - Janet Guthrie, a 39-year-old physicist, becomes the first woman to participate in the Indianaoplis 500 auto race on May 29. She qualifies for the race in 1978 (finishing in eighth place) and 1979, as well.
      1978 - Shirley Muldowney becomes the first woman to win the National Hot Rod Association (NHRA) points title
      1978 - 13-year old Penny Dean sets an English Channel swimming record time male or female of 7 hours 40 minutes.
      1978 - Nancy Lopez is the first female golfer to win Rookie of the Year and Player of the Year in the same year. She won nine tournaments and $189,813, a record for any rookie, male or female. She is also named the Associated Press Female Athlete of the Year for golf.
      1978 - Carol Blazejowski, "Blaze," a three-time All-American forward at Montclair State. Is the first recipient of the Wade Trophy. She sets a collegiate scoring record (male or female) in Madison Square Garden with 52 points in a single game.
      1978-On Aug. 13, 1978, a 28-year-old American named Diana Nyad waded into the Caribbean waters at a beach near Havana, Cuba. Press cameras flashed around her. Her expression was grim, her eyes revealing a personality driven by iron will. She wasn’t going for a tourist dip. It was the start of her attempt at a world-record long-distance swim – 130 miles from Cuba to the Florida Keys, through the powerful Gulf Stream
      In 1979, Diana Nyad finally did the equivalent of a Cuba distance – 102.5 miles -- but from the British island of Bimini, in the Bahamas, to Florida. This world mark – the longest open-water swim on record for either a woman or man – would stand for the next 20 years. A few years ago an Australian named Susie Maroney swam 122 miles from Mexico to Cuba, finally beating Nyad’s old open-water record.
      1979 - Crystal Fields, an 11-year-old from Cumberland, MD, becomes the first girl to win the annual baseball Pitch, Hit, and Run competition against boys in finals held in Seattle in conjunction with the All-Star Game.
      1979 - Dr. Sylvia Earle becomes the first person in the world to dive to a depth of 1,250 feet. She led an all-woman team of scientists in an experiment in undersea living, staying for two weeks in a submerged capsule in the Caribbean Sea.
      1982 - Kathy Whitworth, with 88 career victories - more than any other American, male or female, in professional golf history - is inducted into the World Golf Hall of Fame.
      1982 - Cheryl Miller scores 105 points in a basketball game for Riverside, CA Polytechnic High School
      1984 - Stacy Chanin swims three laps around Manhattan Island - 83 miles in 33:29 hours.
      In the 400-meter freestyle, the winning time for the women in the 1924 Olympic Games was 16% slower than the men. In 1948 ' this difference shrunk to 11.6%, and in 1984 diminished to only 6.9%. At the 1924 Olympics Weissmuller's time in the 400-meter freestyle was a minute faster than the women's time in that event. By the 1984 Olympics, less than 16 seconds separated the men's and woments winning times.
      And the men's world record time for the 800-meter freestyle set in 1972, was bettered by a women just 7 years later. Other sports follow this pattern of closing the gap in performance.
      1985 Battle of the sexes tennis match :Bobby Riggs and Vitas Gerulaitis vs. Martina Navratilova and Pam Shriver.
      Riggs took his last shot at beating women at tennis, when he and Vitas Gerulaitis lost a doubles match 6-3, 6-2, 6-4 to Martina Navratilova and Pam Shriver
      1985 Apparently the first female high school wrestler to record a pin at the varsity level, America Morris of Clairemont High School (San Diego) made national news when, on December 30, 1985, she pinned Russell Cain of Madison High School in the second period while leading the match 9-4 in the 107 pound division.

      1987 - Lynne Cox becomes the first person to swim the Bering Strait from Alaska to the former Soviet Union.

      1988 - Pearl Sinn becomes the first woman to win two USGA Championships in the same year - the Women's Amateur and the Women's Amateur Public Links.
      1989 Afsoon Roshanzamir was the first female high school wrestler in history to record a winning season at the varisity level against guys.
      1989 - Swimmer Janet Evans wins AAU's James E. Sullivan Memorial Award.
      1989 - Cyclist Susan Notorangelo is the first woman to finish the Race Across America and places seventh over-all in the race.
      1989 - Shirley Muldowney becomes the first drag racing driver to post sub-five second runs in three consecutive national events; she is the only woman to have won the Labor Day NHRA US Nationals, the sport's premier event.
      1989 - Chris Evert becomes the first tennis player, male of female, to reach 1,000 wins.
      1989 - Ann Trason runs the Western States 100, one of the world's longest ultramarathons. Her winning time of 18 hours, 47 minutes and 46 seconds beating the second place finisher by more than an hour and a half.
      1989 - By the end of the decade, the number of women playing tennis had risen from 4 to 11 million.
      1990 - Juli Inkster of Los Altos, CA, becomes the first woman to win the only professional golf tournament in the world in which women and men compete head-to-head. She wins the Invitational Pro-Am at Pebble Beach in a one-stroke victory.
      1990 - Susan Butcher sets a record with her Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race run of 11 days, 1 hour and 53 minutes and 23 seconds.
      In 1990s, the first televised mixed kickboxing match was held. The Jolene Blackshear vs. Jeremy Powell match up was a four-round exhibition.Jolene was a much better fighter during the match but at the end of the fight, the referee raises both of their hands in victory.
      1991 In marathon swimming Shelley Taylor-Smith's 1991 No. 1 world ranking for both men and women By 1987, 26 percent of girls participated in high school athletic programs, compared to only 4 percent in 1972, according to a 1992 report by the Wellesley College Center for Research on Women.

      1992 - Juli Furtado wins the world title in downhill mountain biking.
      1992 In another so-called "battle of the sexes", 16-year-old Yvonne Chavez of Albuquerque, New Mexico was the only girl entered in amateur kickboxing tournament she fought in the same tournament against male competitors. Yvonne Chavez was the only girl that entered in an amateur kickboxing tournament at West Mesa High School in Albuquerque, New Mexico. And since there were no other females to provide for a separate girl's tournament, she fought against male competition. Yvonne, showing a skill, sophistication, and poise way beyond her 16 years, systematically picked apart, a much taller Wilfred Parra before knocking him out in the third round.
      In 1992 Bonnie Canino defeated boxer Jorge Chavez in an exhibition kickboxing match at the James L. Knight Center in Miami.

      1992Battle of the sexes In January 1992, three and a half years before tiny Ann Trason (5'4", 105 pounds) sucked the testosterone right out of that hapless fellow, the venerable scientific journal Nature published a letter by Brian Whipp and Susan Ward, who predicted that women would exceed men in all of the Olympic running distances in the next 50 years. The gender gap, they argued, was closing.

      1992 - Girls win all three divisions in the All-American Soap Box Derby, for the first time ever.
      1993 The 5-foot-tall Yamamoto made history by becoming the first young woman in Arizona to capture a regional wrestling championship - and without any byes or forfeits. She earned it by beating three youths, two of them with relative ease, in the 103-pound weight division to qualify as the top seed from the Central Region at the Class 5A state tournament. In the opening round of the regional, she pinned Chandler's John Kempton and then knocked off top-seed Brandon Natchman of Mesa, 4-2. In the final, she beat the No. 2 seed, Gilbert's Preston Stapley, in an 11-0 decision.

      1993 Judit Polgar the youngest woman chess player beat B.Spassky in 1993 in a match 5½-4½ breaking traditional opinion that chess is a men's sport.
      1994 - 300% more girls play high school basketball than did in 1972.
      1994 - Cassie Clark and Stephanie Brody becomes the first two women on a men's national junior weightlifting squad.
      In 1994, Karen Burton broke both the men's and women's records for the 22-mile swim from Long Beach, Cal., to Catalina Island, the top prize in American long-distance swimming.
      1994 Gail Rice beat a field of 42 men and women in a marathon swim around Manhattan Island. Her time, eight hours and one minute, fell two hours short of the record set by Shelley Taylor-Smith, another woman. But it was more than 30 minutes faster than that of the first man to finish the race, who came in a distant fifth over all.
      In 1994, Ann Trason beat more than 370 of the world's best ultramarathon runners -- men and women -- to finish second in the Western States 100-Mile Endurance Run, a race through the Sierra Nevada mountains that is regarded as ultramarathon running's top event. She repeated that feat in 1995.
      1995 Young girl wrestler Joey Miller won in 37 pound class in the recent Nicoma Park Iron Man Classic against boys for the first time in history .
      1995 Several recent studies suggest that women's higher levels of estrogen also may help to delay fatigue, prevent damage to muscles, and increase the delivery of oxygen to working muscles. In other words, said Dr. Maharam, women not only have a bigger fuel tank, but a better fuel-injection system. Women tend to be more coachable than men, follow training schedules better, and have more mental stamina for a long distance running /swimming. Meanwhile, in races longer than 50 miles, which didn’t fall under AAU jurisdiction, women were competing directly with men. Scientists now learned something new and interesting. Women’s extra percentage of body fat apparently gave them an athletic edge over men. During the sustained aerobic activity of a 100-mile race, a woman’s body has an extra margin of fat that it can break down directly and use for energy, once the stored glycogen in the body is exhausted. This makes it possible for a few women to do something at 100 miles that they can’t do at shorter distances – namely, beat male runners on a one-to-one basis.
      1995 The 1995 second place finisher at the Leadville 100-mile running race was Ann Trason. Her time was 18 hours:40 minutes - only six minutes behind the leader! Paula Newby-Fraser's sub-9-hour performances are only bested by a very small number of men. And the record for swimming the English Channel is held by a woman at 7 hours:40 minutes. The best men's time is 32 minutes slower at 8 hours:12 minutes.
      1996 Young girl wrestler Joey Miller who won in in the recent Nicoma Park Iron Man Classic, also won the Stillwater Sooner State Games .She has won eight tournaments and compiled 29-2 record.She become the first girl who won Oklahoma state title against boys.He won again at Stillwater in 1997, 1998.

      Twelve-year-old Teresa Gordon-Dick of Redwood Valley, California, won the Greco-Roman gold medal in the 100-pound class of the 11- and 12-year-old division of the USA Wrestling Kids National Tournament. This makes her the first female national champion in a co-ed bracket. This is the first year that USA Wrestling has sponsored national championships for wrestlers younger than sixteen. Teresa pinned four of her five boy opponents at the Waterloo, Iowa, event. Pin times were 53 seconds in the first round, 2:54 in the second, 46 seconds in the quarterfinals, and 47 seconds in the championship round. She won a 13-1 technical fall in the semifinals. Teresa is the 1997 novice freestyle California state champion at 95 pounds in a co-ed bracket. She also took first place at 100 pounds in the Western Regionals novice freestyle competition in a co-ed bracket.

      1997 - The International Female Boxing Association is formed in April to promote women boxing throughout the world as a genuine, professional and athletic competition.
      1997 - Australian Susie Maroney becomes the first woman to swim the 104 miles between Cuba and Florida in 26 hours 22 minutes.
      1997.Joey Miller become the first girl wrestler in the 41 year history of the Nationals to place in the top 5
      1998 - Wanda Rucker becomes the first woman to win a Tournament Trail bass championship. Rucker's five-bass limit weighed 16 lbs., 4 oz., topping 342 other anglers.
      1998 - Kenya's Tegla Loroupe runs the fastest women's marathon ever when she wins the 1998 Rotterdam Marathon in a time of 2 hours, 20 minutes and 47 seconds.The gap between sexes was dramatically closed.
      1998 - Christina Sanchez, 26, is the first female matador to fight in Madrid's famed Les Ventas ring.
      1998 - There are 1,900 girls who wrestled during the 1997-98 school year. In the first year the National Federation of State High School Associations tracked girls in wrestlting (1984-85), just 6 were counted.
      1998 - Ann Trason completes ultrarunning's Grand Slam: the Western States 100, the Vermont 100, the Leadville trail 100 and the Wasatch Front 100. She completes five 100-mile races in only 14 weeks.
      1998 - According to a survey conducted by the Chronicle of Higher Education, 40% of athletes at Division I schools in 1997-98 were women, a 5% increase from 1996-97. Women also received 40% of athletic scholarship budgets, up 14% from the previous year.
      1999 - Chamique Holdsclaw becomes the first woman basketball player to win the Sullivan Award, the nation’s top amateur athlete award.
      1999 Serena Williams asked tournament director Markus Günthard for a wild card to play in the men's tournament in Stuttgart. But this got rejected.
      1999Wrestler Joey miller won against guys-1st at the 1999 NW (OK) Regionals. (Div 3 55lbs )
      1999 - A record 7.5 million girls and young women play soccer in the United States.
      1999 At the Nile Theater in Mesa, Arizona, Deborah "Sunshine" Fettkether, 5'8 140 lbs amateur female Muay Thai kickboxer, agreed to fight a three-round kickboxing in cage bout with powerfully built 160 pounds Randy Pittman. The event was "Cage Wars II", After totally controlling Pittman with a stream of jabs and kicks, Fettkether knocked him down at 0:59 of the first round with a kick to the head.

      1999 in October 1999, ten-year-old coming female junior boxing star Amber Francis (Orlando, FL, USA, 1-0/1, 84 lbs) stepped into the ring to face a boy Richard Allen and she didn't let the crowd down. Fighting with true determination and passion, Francis edged out a split decision win over a tough fighting Richard Allen, (Orlando, FL, USA, 0-1/0, 80 lbs., 10).
      1999 - July 23: Happy 27th Birthday Title IX! About 31,000 women were involved in college sports in 1972; that number has more than tripled. Spending on athletic scholarships for women has gone from less than $100,000 to almost $200 million. There was an average of 2.1 women's teams at colleges in 1972. That number is now at a record 7.7 per school.
      1999 Margaret McGregor beat Loi Chow in history first professional mixed boxing match, but within a few days, this mixed sanctioned boxing match was declared an "Exhibition"
      1999 - Women's pro golf purse totals stand at $36.2 million. This is triple the 1988 total of $12.5 million; a figure nearly triple that of the 1978 total of $3.9 million. In 1950, the total was just $50,000.
      1999 - Girls are joining team sports in record numbers and their participation rates are rising faster than those of boys in almost every category, a study by the National Sporting Goods Association shows. The NSGA study looked at statistics for baseball, basketball, soccer, softball and volleyball from 1990-98 for youths who played at least twice in the same sport in the same year. It divided participants into two classes -- ages 7 to 11 and 12 to 17 -- and in almost every sport girls outpaced boys, the study found. Soccer is one of the most popular sports for girls; one-third of all soccer players are female. Among soccer players 12 to 17, girls' participation rose 17.6% to about 1.8 million from 1990 to 1998, while boys' participation fell 3.2% to about 2.2 million, the study found. In baseball, participation among girls 7-11 rose 20.5% to about 1.07 million. In contrast, participation by boys fell 1.9%, although more boys -- about 4.7 million -- were on the field.
      2000 - Dr. Sylvia Earle, who in 1979 became the first person in the world to dive to a depth of 1,250 feet, is honored as one of 19 women to be inducted into the National Women's Hall of Fame in 2000. She led an all-woman team of scientists in an experiment in undersea living, staying for two weeks in a submerged capsule in the Caribbean Sea.
      2000 Girl wrestler Joey Miller won 1st at the 2000 TAWA regional Championships - Amarillo,Tx. (Div 3 @ 64lbs
      2000 - According to the International Olympic Committee women will compete in the same number of team sports as men in Sydney for the first time in the history of the Olympic Games.
      On June 23 2000 woman fighter Marla Conrad beat Patrick White by KO in the 2nd round in a cage match in Brazil.

      2000 16 October According to results presented at a meeting of international scientists:
      When performing certain isometric exercises, the endurance of women is almost twice that of men performing the same exercises, at the same percent of maximum strength, a new study has found. The study, conducted at the University of Colorado in the US, confirmed that women outlasted men by an average of 75 per cent and, importantly, showed that the reason women had longer endurance times was not due to differences in the motivation levels between men and women, or within the nervous system, but due to differences within muscle.

      2000 - Sarah Fisher, 19, and Lyn St. James, 53, make Indianapolis 500 history by becoming the first two women in the field, but they collided on lap 74 when a third driver tried to pass going into a turn. Neither was able to finish the race.
      2000 - The NCAA’s annual participation report indicates an increase of 9.3% in women’s sports in 1998-99, with 145,832 participants. The biggest growth was in women’s outdoor track and field (up 2,261), women’s indoor track (1,912), women’s basketball (1,566), women’s soccer (1,533), and softball (1,193).
      2001 Japanese female kickboxers Takako Shimoseki knocked out her male opponent in the third round of a 5-round Muay Thai kickboxing match On May 19th, in Thailand.
      When investigators at the University of Colorado at Boulder tested muscular endurance among 16 study participants, they found that women far outlasted men. Hunter's team found that although the men were stronger, the women were able to hold the muscle contractions about 75% longer. In fact, Hunter said, one "big, burly guy" held the positions for only 3 minutes, while one woman held on for an hour and a half. Hunter said, women may have better blood flow to the muscles, making them less prone to tire quickly. Other findings from the study boost this theory: The women's blood pressure and heart rates were lower than the men's during the exercises. Because estrogen promotes blood flow, Hunter said, hormonal differences could explain endurance differences between women and men.

      2002 - Britain's Paula Radcliffe wins the London Marathon with the second best time in world record history in her very first race at marathon distance. She finished in 2:18:56, just 9 seconds off the mark.The gap was closed again.
      2002 After she beat Boris Spassky in 1993 ,and A.Karpov 5-3 in a rapid match, Judit Polgar the best female chass player beat G.Kasparov the best male chass player .One of the basic ideas therefore is not need anymore to separate women’s from men’s competitions.A total number of chess players only five percent are women .
      2002 Girl wrestler Joey Miller won again agenst boys ;1st at Ohio State Fair Tournament (Boys - Freestyle) 90lbs ,1st at Sunflower State Games 85 lbs

      2002 In July 2002, ultra marathoner and Tucson Marathon race director Pam Reed shocked the long-distance running world when she won the world's most grueling race, the Badwater 135-mile trek from Death Valley to the portal of Mt. Whitney, by five hours. One year later, in even hotter and more competitive conditions and with considerable media attention, she became the first woman ever to defend a Badwater title-again beating many of the world's finest men and women ultramarathoners.
      2003 - Candian Olympian Hayley Wickenheiser, 24, becomes the first woman to record a point in a men's pro hockey game. She assists on a goal for her Finnish League team, the Kirkkonummi Salamat, in a 7-3 victory.

      2003 On July 20, 2003 at Korakuen Hall in Tokyo, Japan, Asako Saioka defeated Kiken "Danger" Takayama in the kickboxing match by a unanimous decision after three 2-minute rounds. Saioka was ranked #1 in the world by the WIKBA at the time of the fight. She had a record of 30 wins and 4 losses with 11 KO's.

      Triathlete Sarah Hartshorn beat more than 60 men to become the first woman to win Somerset’s gruelling Stert Island swim.
      2003 - Regina Jacobs becomes the first woman to break the four-minute mile in the indoor 1,500 meters, beating a 13-year old world record with her time of 3:59:98 at the Boston Indoor Games.
      2003 - Teresa Phillips, 44, the athletic director at Tennessee State becomes the first woman to coach a major college men's basketball team.
      2003 - Chamipon free diver Tanya Streeter, 30, a native of the Cayman Islands, breaks the world record with a 400 foot dive on a single brerath. Under for 3:58 minutes, she beats the old record of 312 feet set by Cuban Deborah Andollo
      . 2003 - Se Ri Pak becoms the first woman in 58 years to make the 36-hole cut in a men's tournament and the sixth woman golfer to play against men this year. She finishes the SBS Super Tournament in Seoul, South Korea, in 10th place with a 2-under 286, 11 strokes behind the winner.
      2003 In its 2003-2004 survey the National Federation of State High School Associations reported 4,008 girls were participating in high school wrestling compared with 238,700 boys. In 1990 the same survey reported that 112 girls were wrestling.
      2003, Susan Polgar , younger sister of Judit Polgar , played two similar officially rated Battle of the Gender matches against two of the top American Grandmasters Boris Gulko and Alexander Stripunsky. They were also a quick time control matches. The final result was 4-0 in favor of Susan Polgar over the other two male Grandmasters.
      2004 - Two years after becoming the first girl in Illinois to dunk a basketball in a high school game, 6-foot-3-inch Candace Parker wins the McDonald's High School All-American dunk contest in Oklahoma City, competing against five boys.
      2004 - Ashley McElhiney, 22, becomes the new coach of the expansion Nashville Rhythm of the American Basketball Association, the first female head coach of a professional men's basketball team.

      On November 10th, 2004 Claire Brannan defeated Steve Hooley in a ful-contact kickboxing fight by judges decision in Britain.
      - On October 10th, 2004 Irma Verhoeff dominated male champion Marc Gefferie in a cage fight in Rotterdam, Netherlands. However, the male judges called the fight a draw.
      - On November 10th, 2004 Claire Brannan defeated Steve Hooley in a full-contact kickboxing fight by judges' decision in Britain.

      2004 - The only new sport introduced for the 2004 Athens Olympics is women's wrestling.
      2004 Polgar vs Carpov On September 18-19, seven time World Champion Anatoly Karpov and four time Susan Polgar engaged in the Clash of the Titans – Battle of two World Champions in Lindsborg, Kansas.
      At the end, the score was 3-3

      2004 Shopshire's Lesley Jane Thomas shattered all records when becoming the first woman to beat the men in winning the world powerlifting crown in Vienna. "Men have always proved stronger throughout history but all of a sudden that has changed," said coach and husband David Thomas, a retired powerlifter himself who persuaded his wife to take up the sport. Competing against 353 people from 27 nations, she beat all the men and women on a power to weight ratio.With a bodyweight of 54.5 kg, Lesley Jane squatted 200kg, bench-pressed 80kg and achieved a dead lift of 170kg.
      . After that many other woman start to winning the men in powerlifthing lower weight class.

      2004 Bath University triathlete Sarah Hartshorn beat 58 other competitors man and woman, She won the gruelling sea swim between Burnham-On-Sea and Stert Island for the second year running.

      2004 - Women's participation in the Olympic games is historic. Forty-four percent of all Olympic athletes were women - the highest percentage ever! Only five countries sent no women athletes to compete, compared to 12 countries in Sydney in 2000 and 26 countries in Atlanta. Afghanistan, a country previously banned from the games because of its cruel gender apartheid, brought three women runners to compete - even the bearer of the Afghan flag in the opening ceremonies was a woman.

      2004 Marshwood's Deanna Rix wins a 130-pound match against Noble's Heath Devoll in January. The victory was Rix's 100th, the first female to reach the mark in Maine.

      2004 Epidemiologist Andrew Tatem of the University of Oxford and his colleagues come up with this controversial prediction that women beat men in the 100-metre sprint infuture. Women's times have been improving steadily faster than men's in recent years, they showed. If this trend continues, they calculate that a woman should be the fastest person in the world 152 years from now,

      2004 - Liz Johnson, 30 of Cheetowaga, NY, becomes the first woman to qualify for a PBA Tour event, finsihing fourth in the qualify round for the PBA Uniroyal Tire Classic. Johnson was the 1996 Rookie of the Year for the PWBA.
      2004 - Barbara Zemann becomes the first woman to play for an Austrian men’s ice hockey team, startingfor KSV Feuerwehr in Austria’s third division. She had played goalie for the EHV Sabres, Austria’s champion women’s hockey team.

      2005 In Alaska and Maine, girls have come a victory shy of becoming the first of their gender to win a high school state title against boys Illinois and Oklahoma have had girl first-timers in state tournaments (Oklahoma freshman Joey Miller of Woodward High took fourth at 103 in Class 4A. She is the first female in the tournament's 84-year history). In Virginia a girl made the Group AAA tournament for the first time. In Washington two girls have been the first to earn state places (top eight). For the first time in Nebraska a girl won a state meet match.

      2005 U.S. Chessmaster Chess Championships at the Hilton La Jolla Torrey Pines, Calif. Defending champion Alexander Shabalov, the country's top money-winners and a favorite to retain his title, was defeated by woman player Anna Zatonskih. Described by former world championship challenger Nigel Short as "one of the strongest women on American soil, " Anna, 26, from Bowling Green, Ohio, was one of the stars of the US women's Olympiad team that only last month won the silver medal in Spain. Originally from Mariupol, Ukraine, Anna, along with husband Volodymyr Melnykov moved to the USA in June of 2002.
      That same year saw women's chess benefiting enormously by the decision of America's Foundation for Chess (AF4C) to integrate both sexes in the one competition for the first time in history, the result of which has seen a dramatic increase in the playing strength of several of the country's top female players
      2005 - Olympic gold medallist Angela Ruggiero makes hockey history, becoming the first female non-goaltender to play in a men’s professional hockey game, while playing 13 shifts for the Tulsa Oilers of the Central Hockey League against the Rio Grande Valley Killer Bees.
      2005 - According to the latest NCAA gender equity report, women accounted for 44% of the athletes at NCAA Division I colleges in 2002-03. In Division II, women's participation rose from 39 to 40%, and in Division III from 40 to 42%. When the first survey was done in 1991, D I women's participation was 31%, Division II was 32% and Division III was 35%. There is some prediction that women beat will outnumbered man in all Divisions before 2020.

      2005 Female ultra marathoner Pam Reed passed Dean Karnazes's personal best—262 miles. It had taken him about 75 hours, and it took her 67.., 79 hours and 57 minutes after beginning, Reed shambled across the 302 mile mark,
      In May, she challenged Dean Karnazes to join her in a head-to-head 500-mile race sometime within the next year.
      2005 103-pound girl high school wrestler Caitlyn Chase took 1st place against guys at Downers Grove North high school
      2005 Joey Miller was the first female wrestler to compete, win a match and medal at the state championships Saturday in the State Fair Arena.

      2005 - Paula Radcliffe sets a new record at the London Marathon, finishing in 2:17:42, beating her own record of 2:18:56 from 2002

      2005 - Mary Garber becomes the first woman to win the Associated Press Sports Editors’ Red Smith Award for her many contributions to sports journalism. Garber has won more than 40 writing awards and is a member of the North Carolina Hall of Fame and the Basketball Writers Hall of Fame

      2005 - Indy Racing League rookie Danica Patrick becomes the fourth woman in history to qualify for the Indianapolis 500, finishing fourth in the qualifying pole. Janet Guthrie became the first woman to race in the Indy 500 in 1977.

      2005 - Katie Brownell, an 11-year-old girl in the Oakfield-Alabama Little League in upstate New York, pitches a perfect game for the Dodgers, stricking out all 18 batters she faced in the six-inning game. She is the only girl playing in the league.

      2005 - Danica Patrick, 23, finishes fourth in the Indianapolis 500, leading the race until just eight laps to go, the best finish ever for a woman in Indy 500 history.

      2005 - Laleh Kashavarz and Farkhondeh Sadegh become the first Muslim women to climb Mount Everest on May 30 and the 101st and 102nd women to complete the mountain.
      2005 the strongest kid of the world is 13 y.o. Varya Akulova :her best lifts include lifting a 300 lb. (140 kilogram) barbell off the ground. She can easily bench press 150 lb. (70 kilograms) She can squat with 300 lb. (140 kilograms). One amazing thing about Varya Akulova is that her upper body (arms, shoulders) are as strong as her lower body.

      2005 - The New York Road Runners, organizers of the New York City Marathon, announce they will award its women's champion $30,000 more than its men's winner for the Novermber 2005 race. The $130,000 for the women's champion in November's race will be the biggest first prize for any marathon.This may be the first time a sports event pays more to a woman than a man in the same competition.

      2005 At the 1978 Chicago Marathon, Lynae Larson won the women's title in 2 hours, 59 minutes, 25 seconds. Mark Stanforth, the men's winner, ran the event a whopping 40 minutes faster in 2:19:20. This year, Britain's Paula Radcliffe set a world record, finishing in 2:17:18. The male winner, Khalid Khannouchi, won in 2:05:56. The winning margin has dwindled to less than 12 minutes.

      2005 - Danica Patrick earns the Bombardier Rookie of the Year at the inaugural Indy Grand Prix.
      2005 girls wrestler Amanda Simoneau placed second in the men's open division in Scarborough Maine recently Weighing in at only 116lbs fully clothed, Amanda managed to overcome her elder and more experienced male opponent (125.3lbs) with quickness and patience. Maine is one of many states now allowing high school wrestlers to move up and challenge older, more experienced wrestlers in order to gain experience and to allow more matches for all.
      2005 The roster of girls wrestling on high school teams nationally has swelled quietly from 100 to 4,000 in the past decade, and coaches estimate that about 200 girls wrestle on teams in the Bay Area.
      2005 In more than 33% of schools in USA Girls outnumber boys in all sports activities according to the 2005 Digest of Educational Statistics.

      2005 IN JUNE, DANIELLE FISHER became the youngest American to stand atop Mount Everest—and the youngest person ever to complete the Seven Summits, knocking off the highest peak on each continent in just over two years.

      2005 - For the first time, a rules change will allow women to play in British Open, according to the governing body for golf outside the United States, the Royal & Ancient Golf Club. The new rule says that entry "should be based on playing ability irrespective of gender."

      2005 ultra marathoner Sandy Barwick (2,000 kms in 17 days), Eleanor Robinson (around 860 kms in 6 days), Sandra Brown (nearly 120 times she has walked or run a 100 miles in 24 hours, and she continues to impress with no limit in sight. She will probably knock it over 200 times before he hangs up her shoes. Now in her 50's, she is rewriting the book of world records as she jumps each age group. She broke the record for Lands End to John o'Groats, the long length of Britain.

      It is truly amazing what women can achieve in sport, if they truly believe in themselves.
      It is my feeling that in the coming years women endurance athletes will improve at a faster rate than will men. More women will break into the top 10 or 20 at races of all levels. And women will start competing for the top in the big races Assuming they keep up like this, women sprinters will eventually outrun their male counterparts some time between 2040 and 2050. We can even predict the year at which the transition will occur. Set the two regression equations equal and see what happens.,

      If you have more information about woman’s improving in sports bring it here to complete this list.

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