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muscular wife

June 12 2004 at 2:10 PM
ten4  (no login)
from IP address

It's just been some time before I could get back with this.

Like I said, my wife has built her muscles and strength by weight training with me for several years. She has become the stronger and more muscular of the two of us. I'm 6' at 190 lbs & she's 5'6" at 185.

I'll admit that I am not a skilled wrestler and I've only wrestled her a few times. When she wanted to wrestle with me I thought I should go for an advantage by jumping on top and pinning her arms to the floor, so I did.

Here's what happened, she wrapped her legs around me and squeezed and at the same time she pressed my arms off the floor and while I was pinned by her legs she continued pressing my arms until they were behind my back. She broke loose from my hold on her wrists and grabbed my wrists continueing to push my arms back. She let go and grabbed again with her hands right in my elbos at my upper arms and by then she had my arms pushed even more behind my back.

Then with my arms pinned, she let go with her thighs and quickly dropped her legs down to a grapevine around mine. As she flexed her legs my body was pulled down lower but at the same time she pressed my arms behind my back and up with such force and power that I could not move at all.

I was at eye level now with her chest stairing at her muscles as she continues to use her legs to hold me and I find that she has much more strength left with moments of her upper body powering on mine. I not only got a rush but yes I got scared somewhat. My whole spine starts popping, my sternum pops and have you ever heard your muscles crackling? My delts & pecs are making noises. She does this several times as the room is filled with the sound of our breathing. She grunts every time she powers on my pinned upper body but stops short of tearing my muscles. I was in some pain when she tells me what she could do to me.

I was sore for a week, it was both a dramatic revelation to find that she is that much stronger and an erotic experience. We have not wrestled since and that was months ago. We have arm wrestled and she wins. I have read that female muscle of equal mass is generally stronger both during contraction and endurance. This became evident some time back when using a tape measure, she was about the same circumference in the biceps, calves, and legs from exercise but stronger in weight lifting.

Her muscles are quite a bit larger now and although I'm taller by 6" she is slightly bigger boned. Her muscles are shaped in ways that differ from mine, they were always longer even on a 5'6" frame as her calves cover 3/4 the length of her lower legs and quads extend to the knees. Doing the same exercises, hers became much thicker. I suspect she has a very high degree of fast twitch fiber.

I can honestly say that her leg muscles are about twice the size of mine now and her upper body is considerably more developed. She can do the weirdest thing by flexing her bicep and hold it for some time, then flex very hard and you can see it keep expanding for a moment and get viens all over it. She first showed me this with a dumpbell and held it curled after a set and said "watch this" she stopped and held the weight and she she flexed hard as we watched the bicep get noticably larger and larger. I have no idea how she does this. It changes about a half inch is size in about two seconds. Is it blood going into the muscle? That's what she says. She has to flex hard after flexing and a moment later it expands. She says that she can do this with weights and feel more power come into the muscles and do more weight or reps when she does it and did this when wrestling me. She says " when at near max power I feel the muscles and try to flex them and I tell them I need more and they get bigger" at first it was hardly noticable but now you can see it happen.

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Your wife's bicep muscle

June 13 2004, 3:52 AM 

Your wife sounds incredibly cool and I'm sure you'll have a lot of fun with her strength and muscle development. She sounds very similar to the older woman (Jeri) that I am seeing. I almost fell over when I ready your story about her bicep muscle and its ability to expand and grow veins like it does. This is EXACTLY what Jeri is able to do and I have mentioned it in my past posts about her (and another woman that I know who is also able to do this). I knew that I must not be the only one that has noticed this type of thing on a muscular female. It is really amazing - in Jeri's case, she can flex the muscle and, if she needs more size and power she pumps it a few times and flexes again, this time with more force. As a result (and I've seen this up close when she is comparing her muscle with a guy and wants to beat him), the muscle twitches a little as it is flexed and then it pushes up mostly from top and gets much larger (the muscle really swells - its amazing). Her veins also enlarge when she does this as if to feed the additional muscle. One time, she did this and her main vein which runs over the center of the muscle REALLY pushed out more that I had ever seen it. This is totally true as I've witnessed the whole thing with my own eyes - you can just see the muscle grow larger. Also, the other guys that she has compared her muscle with have seen it and asked me about it. It's almost as if some females are able to hold part of their muscle in "reserve" and then, when it is needed, can add extra size to the muscle which is fed from the enlarged veins. Maybe this is not exactly how it works (from a scientific standpoint), but it seems that way to me. Anyway, I have tried do this and I simply can't since my muscle is just too small. Have you ever armwrestled your wife? I have seen this whole thing happen many times when Jeri is armwrestling and once I see this extra muscle push up from her bicep, I know that it's over for me. Just one question, does your wife's muscle expand mostly from the top or does it get bigger all around? Also, how quickly does it take for her veins to enlarge? Jeri's muscle seems to get bigger on top (her peak really pushes up). Jeri calls it her "muscle reserve". Anyway, let me know as I am curious about it (E-mail me or post your answer here if you'd like!) By the way, I am going to post a big update about Jeri tomorrow or the day after (in which the entire situation mentioned above happened again when she was comparing her muscle with another guy in a store - she loves to do this)! Again, thanks for your interesting post and it sounds like we are having some similar experiences with our musclewomen!

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Wife's bicep

June 13 2004, 1:36 PM 

I'm glad you brought that up, I was thinking that it would be hard to beleive unless you see for yourself.

Her bicep gets bigger around after about two seconds with a peak and veins start showing. The veins get bigger as well but most noticeable is the size change. She is able to do this with calves and trapezius muscles too. On her calves the inside portion of the soleus muscles swell and a considerable section rises out and will pull the tape measure for 1/2 inch. First a flex and yes pumping the muscle a few times and flexing again hard and within a second or two parts of the muscles grow much larger and extent out but she doesn't always pump it and it happens. She can flex her traps and hold for some time and this is a rock hard flex then push the muscles out more and more making them much bigger.

She has control over this and extra power comes into the muscles when she uses this. I used to be able to beat her at arm wrestling but never very easy, it took all my strength. Now during arm wrestling, she has a great reserve of strength when I'm maxed out. She is somewhat shy but has shown me her strength at times and could have inflicted some physical damage in that wrestling match but stopped short. As I discribed before, I was pinned and in a position that she could have done considerable damage to my shoulders. I have no idea what kind of hold this is but there was nothing I could do about it. That's a weird feeling to only be able to watch her muscles at work because of the position of the hold (facing her chest)and feeling your muscles stretched to the point that you can not use them even if you could overcome the opposite fource, you can't get any power out of stretched muscles. She pulsed her strength several times to show me what she had left and then told me what she could do with that reserve strength.

The only other close call was a grapevine hold with her on top and feeling her leg muscles push mine out of the way and her muscles pushing very hard against my bones. All the time I'm trying to flex my leg muscles but tingling and numbness set in.

Women are becoming so much stronger now days, a long distance friend of mine who I have not seen in two years told me his wife beat him at arm wrestling several times and I asked why? he said "she used to be a weakling beleive me but now she goes to a gym and has built these muscles that are just as big as mine but hard as hell" "how long has she been going?" I asked "about a year and a half but she stays there for hours and I just don't have the time to go work out that often" "Have you wrestled her?" I ask "no and I'm not sure I could take her, her muscles have gotten pretty big and harder then mine but she hasn't asked to wrestle except arm wrestling" "Try it" I said

"No way, not unless she starts it" he says "she will, the arm wrestling was a test and I'm sure she's thinking of her whole body being stronger than yours" I ended with that.

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Re: muscular wife

June 14 2004, 12:53 AM 

could u measure her bicep in the relaxed state, then flexed, then flexed as big as it gets? do u know any weightlifting numbers, like curl or benchpress?

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Re:Wife's bicep

June 17 2004, 4:19 AM 

I agree - unless you've actually seen this bicep muscle expansion thing - it's really hard to believe (but true). I've only seen it work on women who are really muscular and strong (in my case, Jeri and another girl that I used to know named Sandi). Jeri and I experimented with this tonight (I went over for a brief visit) and it so cool! If she flexes the muscle hard, relaxes it and flexes again hard, I watched the muscle and, like your wife's muscle, Jeri's muscle pushed up even more and her veins enlarged. The muscle also got rock-hard, too. It's hard to say or explain where the extra muscle size comes from, but I noticed that, in Jeri's case, the muscle grew in size at the same time her veins enlarged so it must have something to do with that. In your wife's case, does her muscle grow in size at the same time her veins start showing? If so, then there must be a relationship between both things. Also, how much bigger do her veins get? Jeri's veins really seem to expand a lot and it is exciting to watch. Have you felt her muscle when she does this? If not, you have to try it and let me know what it feels like! In Jeri's case, I put my hand on the muscle and, when she flexed the second time, I squeezed it and I could clearly feel the muscle expand - it was so awesome. It expanded mostly at the top with her peak (which really felt hard when she did this). By the way, like your wife, she can also do it with her calves (she didn't try her traps yet). With her right calf, she raised her heel and flexed the muscle hard. She then relaxed it and flexed again and held it and, sure enough, I watched the muscle push way out (and her veins expanded - she has some really good ones on her calves). It was also like it "popped" out and was rock-hard. (So awesome!) Anyway, this is all too cool (I'm glad I'm not the only one that has seen this) and it appears that we both have some totally awesome muscle-females!!!

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Ten4 Good Buddy ...........

June 19 2004, 8:18 PM 

How do people react to your wife? I'm sure that at this stage it's easy to tell she's very muscular. She sounds like she enjoys being strong and her power over you. Does she dress to show it off once in awhile? Did you like muscular girls before she had the look or was this something that happened because of her?

What other stories have you got for us?


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Muscular Wife

September 3 2015, 12:31 AM 

Im impressed with your story of your wife and proud to say i have recently started dating a very muscular woman since my divroce a couple years ago. this is a first for me as she is much bigger than me or either of my sons who play football in their senior year in college. the only thing is that although i love her so much my sons are clearly uncomfortable around her. shes much more muscular than they are and cant seem to catch up to her size. they wont work out with her in our private gym and i assume its because she lifts much heavier than they do. Do you know if this will affect their masculinity at all to have such a strong and muscular woman around?

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