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Forum to ask about that Hard to find clown or any other item you are seeking. Also, please feel free to discuss anything concerning Clowns, Clowning, Dolls, Crafts, etc. Dealers and individuals are encouraged to answer questions and offer occassional items for sale, but messages containing links to commercial websites, multiple auction items, or containing any inappropriate information will be deleted. Thank You. Be sure to visit our Texas Trading Post auctions on Ebay often featuring Clown related Collectibles. !

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Message TitleAuthor and Date
55 Ron Lee Clowns for sale on Jul 16
 Help on Aug 3
  Your Ron Lee Clowns on Aug 3
   Clown in Boat on May 9
 Ron Lee clown collecton on Jun 1
Need Ideas on How to dispose of a clown collection on Jul 12
 HELP... on Jul 18
Any Help Would be Appreciated on Jul 12
Rosemary Crawford Special Christmas Edition on Jul 7
 rosemary crawford special christmas edition dolls on Jul 19
  crawford clowns on Nov 19
 Rosemary Crawford Clown on Aug 28
Looking for A Clown on Jul 6
 clown parachuting on Apr 24
Looking for People with Clown collectionsalesia cook on Jun 30
Clown with cat on shoulder on Jun 29
Ron Lee Clown question! Please help . . . on Jun 26
EJK Collection on Jun 26
unknown clown figurine on Jun 24
info on 2 paintings by robert owencathy on Jun 22
4 ' 1981 Universal Studios Chicago Clown Statue on Jun 16
Emmett Kelly Jr Collectible Figurines on Jun 15
 Piano Player on Jul 2
Pippy Lu on Jun 8
 pippy lu on Mar 29
CLASS Clown's Association on Jun 7
Emmet Kelly Clown - Big Business on Jun 6
 Clowns on Aug 24
  Clowns on Aug 25
Clowns for Sale on Jun 4
 Innocent Wonders ClownsAnthony on Jun 6
  Pippy Lu on Jun 8
  Pippy Lu on Jun 8
  Re: Innocent Wonders Clowns on Jul 21
Can you name this clown? on Jun 2
Emmett Kelly figurines on May 30
Ron Lee Clowns on May 22
where can i find someone to appraise clowns on May 20
Ron Lee very rare pieces on May 19
151/2" Emmet Kelly on May 11
Robert Owen Love 40 on May 6
Oberstein figurines on May 5
 Oberstein clown figurines on Oct 14
several Ron Lees for saleTeresa on May 3
 more info on Heartbroken Harry on May 4
  Heartbroken HarryTeresa on May 4
Ceramic Clown Money Box on Apr 29
Emmett Kelly Senior Self Portrait on Apr 29
 Emmet Kelly Charcoals on Nov 14
 Emmett Kekky Senior on Jan 14
Emmett Kelly 30" Ventriloquist ClownChyna on Apr 19
Paidika party on Apr 14
Artist "Michele" & Life Size Clown Dolls on Apr 10
 clown prints on May 18
 looking for life size clown, or slightly smaller on May 27
  life size clownPaula on Jul 3
   Life-Size Clowns on Aug 12
help with clown doll please on Apr 7
 Have same doll on Apr 16
Chuck Oberstein Print on Apr 4
Huge Clown Collection For Sale on Apr 3
 clown collection on May 31
  Re: clown collection on Jun 15
Value on a Ron Lee Clown playing a Large drum. on Mar 24
Hobo Clowns by gill and scott harris on Mar 23
 HOBO clowns - on Oct 7
  Hobo Clowns on Apr 6
  Hobo Clowns on Apr 6
 Do you still have these clowns mate?Robert on Feb 1
Collection for sale on Mar 14
looking for a value on Mar 12
chuck oberstein on Mar 12
Rosemary Crawford Clowns on Mar 10
 Crawford's Clowns on Jul 7
 Rosemary Crawford Clowns on Jan 9
D.L. Rust Paintings on Mar 9
 D. L. Rust Paintings on Jun 22
helium tank clown head on Mar 9
 Clown Head on Mar 9
 clown head for helium tank on Apr 16
  helium tank clown head on Jan 3
  helium tank clown head on Jan 3
 Also interested in Windy Corp. Clown head on Aug 13
  Windy Corp Clown Head on Aug 1
 purchase clown on Jul 17
price list on Mar 9
Ron Lee "Made in USA" for sale on Mar 9
Red Skelton Acrylic Painting Freddie's Birthday on Mar 4
Victoria Collection Clown on Mar 1
Lithograph of Clowns pencil signed Mary Vickers on Feb 27
Lithograph of Clowns pencil signed Mary Vickers on Feb 27
Ron Lee - Wishful Thinking - For Sale on Feb 24
 Clown Looking at PorscheLinda Keyes on Mar 15
  Still for sale on Sep 12

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