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Forum to ask about that Hard to find clown or any other item you are seeking. Also, please feel free to discuss anything concerning Clowns, Clowning, Dolls, Crafts, etc. Dealers and individuals are encouraged to answer questions and offer occassional items for sale, but messages containing links to commercial websites, multiple auction items, or containing any inappropriate information will be deleted. Thank You. Be sure to visit our Texas Trading Post auctions on Ebay often featuring Clown related Collectibles. !

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Message TitleAuthor and Date
Need help determing a value of an Emmett Kelly Jr Animal Clown Stuffed AnimalShawn on Apr 1
Can anyone help identify this artistRosiediver on Mar 25
Can anyone help identify this artistRosiediver on Mar 25
Elan Vital clown "Popcorn"melissa on Mar 23
Emmett Kelly Clown FigurinesLouise on Mar 23
 Emmett Kelly Rag SeriesCesar on Mar 24
paidika on Mar 19
Emmett Kelly, Jr Collection for saleMelody on Mar 15
"Keystone Kop"Janet on Mar 13
Emmett Kelly Rag SeriesCesar on Mar 11
Kathy's Clowns MeaghanBecky on Mar 11
Emmett Kelly Paper Machie Figure by ShenkelJonathan Gu on Mar 6
Emmet Kelly Rag SeriesCesar on Mar 6
clowns for sale Ron leeAnonymous on Mar 5
 looking for ron lee piecesMaria on Mar 7
  Ron Lee ClownsCesar on Mar 8
   ron lee clownspeter on Mar 21
  Re: looking for ron lee piecesmelissan on Mar 23
  Ron LeeJackie Brothers on Mar 29
  ron lee collectable clownsIneria on Apr 3
  Re: looking for ron lee piecesESMERALDA on Jun 5
Clown Dentist by Robert Owen...porcelain plateAnonymous on Mar 4
Clown Alley Collectible Keystone KopJanet on Mar 2
 Keystone KopBrenda Lang on Apr 19
Clown CollectionAnonymous on Mar 2
Grace with Keystone KopJanet on Feb 21
 Keystone KopCindy Strong on Jun 17
Emmet Kelly Clown with Light up NoseMike Snyder on Feb 21
UntitledTori on Feb 16
 Hubao clownsKieli-Anne on Jun 2
worth of clownt miller on Feb 14
 Òåìà èç resturan æèçíè Ñòîëèöû.sorbsoora on Oct 3
Ron Lee Clowns for saleJeanie on Feb 14
 Ron Lee ClownsCesar on Feb 18
Estate Sale of Mom's Clown CollectionJulie Kight on Feb 10
Ron Lee clown collectablesJ.C, on Feb 8
Vintage Ron Lee 1987Gary Scott on Feb 3
Large Collection of Vintage Ron Lee to SellJersey Moe on Feb 3
one of a kind clownclownman on Jan 30
in formationcraig penton on Jan 26
Short PuttDenise on Jan 26
 Short Putt PriceBryan on Feb 25
Big Metal Clown Head w/ handsJ B on Jan 26
ClownsJodine on Jan 25
Emmett Kelly Jr figurines for salesLaurie on Jan 25
Huge Collections of signed vitage Ron Lee ClownsMuriel & Patrick Madden on Jan 25
 Ron Lee ClownsCesar on Jan 30
Clown collection for saleHerb Rothman on Jan 21
Ron Lee's Hughie MungusTammy Anderson on Jan 17
Vintage Ron LeesKim on Jan 4
 Ron Lee clownsSharon on Jan 9
CLOWN COLLECTIONSLincoln Sales on Jan 3
Mistake Lou JacobsPaul Skaggs on Jan 2
Identify Artist of Bare Foot ClownPaul Skaggs on Jan 2
Name of clown and worth?Justin Lehmann on Dec 30
 Ron Lee StatueCesar on Jan 4
selling 3 ron lee collectableslisa on Dec 26
1950s rubber head clown dollColleen on Dec 20
 Re: 1950s rubber head clown dollAnonymous on Dec 20
 rubber headed clownBeth on Jan 27
I have several Clown Paintings HElpSherry Dobrodt on Dec 13
Looking for Ron Lee-Wishful Thinking 1987Susan on Dec 11
 Ron Lee Wishfull Thinkingcesar on Jan 4
1950s Clown Painting Oil on Board / CANIGALLDaniel Dullaway on Dec 9
Looking for some assistance in pricing and possibly selling CollectionKi Ki on Nov 30
Need help with Ron Lee clownMaureen on Nov 30
Emmit Kelly Weary WillieDebra on Nov 28

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