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Message TitleAuthor and Date
13 Full Size Emmett Kelly Jr. Retired, in box, w/certificates to sellDon Knott on Jul 22
Secretary at Desk Typing Ron Lee'sMax on Jul 21
Clown for saleSue Hintz on Jul 19
Emmett Kelly Willie the ClownBeth on Jul 18
 EMMETT KELLY Sr. Doll "Willy"Wendy on Sep 16
 For sale?linda j on Oct 6
Please help!Linda on Jul 16
brinns calander clownsmarcee on Jul 16
info on no name 6" clown Help!Dennis Hildreth on Jul 16
Untitledroland beaulieu on Jul 15
 Edward Runci Clown PaintingPastor Mike Tarsi on Jul 19
  Re: Edward Runci Clown PaintingRD Bowling on Nov 17
  Re: Edward Runci Clown PaintingRD Bowling on Nov 17
 RUNCIPastor Mike Tarsi on Sep 7
 runci clownsjo ann on Apr 3
emmett Kelly clown dollandy on Jul 14
 emmitt kelly clown dolllora sherman [from newcarlisle ohio] on Nov 22
 emmitt kelly clown dolllora sherman [from newcarlisle ohio] on Nov 22
Emmitt KellyLIsa Roberts on Jul 14
Robert Owens Paintingnewguy on Jul 14
 Clown on top of the worldSue Hintz on Jul 19
  top of the worldphyllis glassburn on Jan 20
 ClownWilliam Collins on Jun 24
Ron Lee Clowns Collection for saleNancy Brown on Jul 13
 Re: Ron Lee Clowns Collection for salePam Keller on Sep 25
  Ron lee's clown collectionSharon kintz on Mar 28
 Ron Lee clownDebbie on Oct 11
Emmitt Kelly Plates, Music Boxes For SaleDonna on Jul 12
 the greatest show on earthjeannette capo on Oct 9
Collection for salesbushong on Jul 9
 Emmett Kelly'sSharon on Sep 1
Large L. Guzman Clown/Jester for SaleCnarles McGehee on Jul 6
 ClownsJudi on Jan 2
Emmett Kelly Sr. Painting "Wall Street Journal"Creed McCaslin on Jun 25
 the artist is...Marty on Aug 15
  I have oneJoseph Erbschloe on Oct 3
 Name of PainterClude Wayne on Apr 27
 "the tycoon" wall st. journal a/p signed lithograph satricaldavid on Jun 19
 "the tycoon" wall st. journal a/p signed lithograph satricaldavid on Jun 19
 Emmett Kelly Sr. Painting "Wall Street Journal"Edward Friedman on Jul 4
oil painting by emmet of clown sitting on stoolbill on Jun 19
 Re: oil painting by emmet of clown sitting on stoolnorman on Jul 25
 emmet paintingSharon on Jul 31
  Emmet Painting of Clown sitting on stoolYolanda on Feb 5
want to know value of EKJPhyllis on Jun 19
clown collectionBernice Stauff on Jun 18
emmett kelly sr. dollwanda valdois on Jun 17
Help!!jennifer on Jun 16
valuable clown collectionJill on Jun 14
Emmett Kelly, Jr. Bust ValueGayle on Jun 13
 Re: Emmett Kelly, Jr. Bust ValueTami on Nov 9
 Re: Emmett Kelly, Jr. Bust ValueAnonymous on Aug 21
 Re: Emmett Kelly, Jr. Bust ValueAnonymous on Aug 21
 Re: Emmett Kelly, Jr. Bust ValueAnonymous on Aug 21
Ronald A LeeSharon on Jun 12
Robert Owens printsDebby on Jun 11
 Robert Owens printsSue Hintz on Jul 19
  robert owens printseric on Jul 1
 Re: Robert Owens printsMargaret Fiasche on Sep 20
sad, pondering clownWayne on Jun 11
Marcel Marceau 1950's-70's Large Collection findJ on Jun 10
Clowns of America 1980's Convention SignJ on Jun 10
Pair of Wall Climbing Clowns - 1974 - 611 & 614 ATerry M on Jun 8
poppenwaldo on Jun 7
clownscarol mitchell on Jun 6
 Re: clownskathy on Nov 6
help please information neededDianne Duncan on May 30
 Washington Hobo ClownWayne Freeman on May 7
Rosemary Crawford of San Luis Rey, CA ("Crawford's Clowns").cheryl on May 29
Sell: Perfect gift for clown loversLiora on May 25
Ronald A Lee figurineJayne on May 24
  descriptions of clowns pleaserobert hawthorne on May 30
   Ronald A Lee figurineJayne on Jun 1
   ClownsCassie on Jun 7
    ron lee clownK Davis on Aug 11
    music box clownmstaffie on Jun 5
   1978 Ronald A Lee clownsJayne on Jun 20
   emmett kelly jrLinda Slife on Aug 1
   clownblanche on Aug 9
   clownblanche on Aug 9
   Ron A Lee clown sitting on a barrell holding a clown puppetLynn Sollman on Feb 2
 ron lee clownscarol barnett on Jun 25
Value?Kathy on May 22
emmet kelly sr. signed, self-portrait c1972karen on May 22
 I have one too of emmet kelly done in 1968Jeff on Jul 14
Clown collection appraisaljlokey on May 22
  Re: RE. APPRAISALrobert hawthorne on May 30
   Re: RE. APPRAISALSandra Rosales on Nov 30
Untitledjlokey on May 22
 EMMETT KELLYPam on Mar 13
clown statue with wall street journal cryinggreg on May 17
Why Me? Bone China 1989 Flambro FOR SALE!!Norm on May 10
need informationlinda on May 7
i need value of clownlinda on May 7
Emmett Kelly dollSue on May 4
 this is what i foundNia on May 6
 need more infoNia on May 6
  clown collectionGeraldine Fitelson on Jun 8
   delete messageGeraldine Fitelson on Jun 9
Judis Pastime Clown (Lawyer)Jeanne Barringer on May 2
 Judi pastimeLinda on Feb 8
emmitt kelly lithograph wall street journalchuck on May 1
 name of lithographPatty Tipler on May 1
  l jonesmichael stettner on May 2
   more l jonesPatty Tipler on May 2
  another Leighton-Jones siteGary on May 13
 Re: emmitt kelly lithograph wall street journalAnonymous on Jul 12
Clown head sprinklerZephra on Apr 30
selling private collection of > 75 oils & 60 Howel printsPatty Tipler on Apr 28
 W. MoninetAnonymous on Aug 6
 W. MoninetAnonymous on Aug 6
sell Chicago, oil painting on the reverse of glass by Remo Mario Trentinieno dj on Apr 28
 This is a scam!Elizabeth McCarthy on Jun 23
  Elizabeth McCarthyArmando Trentini on Oct 13
   About the Chicago paintingArmando Trentini on Nov 1
    Reverse Oil on Glass by Remo Mario TrentiniDeShellia D. Cook on Sep 10

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