Rex and Heather Gilroy's Mysterious Australia

You may talk about Australia's Megalithic Uruan Civilisation".
Ancient Seafarers to Australia's Shores,Yowies, Big Cats, Panthers, Ancient Scripts, Giant Fossilised Footprints, Megalithic Scripts and Sites, Egyptian Artifacts, The Gympie Pyramid Mystery, Phoenicians,Celts, Arabs, Spanish, Portuguese. Chinese. Or any anything else you would like to talk about.
We have studied and Researched Australia's unknown mystery animals, including the "great hairy man" {Yowie} which I first Informed the Australian public of in the late 60's, for almost 40 Years
Heather and I have also Researched all forms of Extinct Animals still roaming the Australian countryside, Thylacine, Giant Monitor Lizards, Plesiosaurs and other Aquatic creatures.
I have over 3000 {great hairy man} Yowie reports, dating from the earliest Aboriginal encounters,the First European encounters, right up to the present day 2006
Books Written By Rex and Heather Gilroy
Mysterious Australia & Sequel
Pyramids in the Pacific
Giants from the Dreamtime - The Yowie In Myth and Reality
Australian UFOs - Through the Window of Time
URU-The Lost Civilisation of Australia
Out Of The Dreamtime - Australasia's Unknown Animals
Blue Mountains Triangle - The Secret Australian/ American Underground Bases & the ET Connection
The Yowie Mystery - Fossils from the Dreamtime
New - Pyramids of Destiny - Lost Pacific Colonies of the Bronze-Age God-KingsNew
Write to:URU Publications-PO BOX 202 Katoomba, New South Wales, 2780 Australia
New Email Or email us - New Email: Rex and Heather Gilroy at or and I will pass on any emails to Rex or Heather for you
We Look Forward to hearing from you and Answering any questions you might have.
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