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by MadDog Strangla


MadDog Strangla: Beware The hand of Strangla.

David Meriles Constant

Age: 25

Hight: 6'7"

Wieght: 290lbs

Style: Mixing pot of doom. Strangla can do a little bit of it all. Though he prefers and tends to stick to simple brute moves. When its time to get technical he's not hard to beat, but he'll hold his own long enough to move back into prefered styles. With his size he can end speedier wrestlers momentum fairly easily. Or turn around and join back in with'em. He's not affraid to take to the turn buckles and ladders unlike other big men.

Top Ten Moves:
1.Clothes Line. In all forms and varieties.
2.Boot, placed anywhere any manner.
3.Pile driver
4.power bomb
6.Flying forearm.
7.Spring board missile kick. Assisted by the top rope, into or out of the ring.
8.Flying shoulder takle.
9.Quik snap driveing Spear.
10.Bull Dog

Finisher: "No room for Error" A belly to back suplex with a flip. If attempted from 6' or higher Strangla preforms it so both he and his victom flip. Strangla releaseing 3/4 the way through so his victom lands on his front, while he lands on his feet. If lower then 6' a turn-buckle prehaps, he releases 1/4 to a 1/2 way through, so his victom lands normally. While he does a complete flip landing on his feet. This is a very complicated move exspecialy for such a big man, and one little mistake can end both mens carrears.

Entrance Music:Walk into the darkness By Insane Clown Posse Album Hells Pit

Description: Strangla is best descriped as a mass of moveing rock, stranding on his opposeing side must be an indescrible feeling. So when you stand against this mammoth you instenly think, well speed is still my advantage. Well MadDog Strangla can easily intimidate people there as well, he is one of the quikest big man in the ring to date. Running the 40 yard dash in 6.98 seconds and the hundred yard dash in 15.04 seconds. His times in variouse mexican federations have more then forced him to mark speed as a priority. No matter how big and strong you are, a luchador or two will speediate you to defeat. He may beat you with a head scissor monkey toss, or straight up by beating you dowm.

Attire: Strangla is allways in pants. Slightly baggy, either dark blue jeans or black leather. A dark t-shirt usually drapes his chest and abdomen. While a black leather trench-coat wraps up the package. With or with out sleeves on the coat is the only thing that ever really changes. A large elaborate skull scene decorates the back either way. Rideing or not, a pair of boodaz biker boots adorn his feet. Exposed chrome steel toes, leather strap and chain rapping under the arch, and around the ankle. On the outsides a pointed cross, glistening in a semi dull chrome. The inside the easy access zipper. Shoulder length light brown hair is left free flowing at most times. His eyes burn a bright red for reasons unknown. They slowly changed through the beginings of his carreer. Docters stumped on the matter, MDS simply lives on with it.

History: David grew up gangsta redneck po style. In the country of central Texas not much to do except leave when ever you could. Towards the end of his fourteenth year David went on one of few trips to DFW. With his friends and older brothers, they attended a local Indy wrestling promotion. His friends thought nothing more of it then cheezy entertainment to pass the day. David however was deeply impressed by all the tallent in such a dumpy place, the pride the men still held in what they did, the love they held for the game. Everything that a true wrestler harolds as thier anthom put a burning fire in David's gut. That was only from the show, after actually talking to some of the wrestlers he easily decided wrestling was his future.

So when he and his friends returned home he begun excerciseing and saveing his money, forceing both his muscle tone and bank acount to grow. Not that the first needed too much help, David was allready the biggest kid in his grade. His 17th birthday passed, he was still training, and saveing just has hard, proveing to everyone it definatly wasn't a phase. Then his 18th birthday came and he was gone. Going against the wishes of the people around him, he made his choice final. He moved to DFW, originaly liveing out of his campershell pick up. It was meger, but he would do whatever it took to make his dream reality.

He had allways planned on signing up under T.S.W. "Texas School of Wrestling", to be trained by some of the best. At this point the school own by Man Foo Tang, was in several layers of termoile. David was refused time and time again, by the school excuses abonding as per why. However, David's presistance brought something forth from Tang who agreed to train the young man in is free time. So that is what the two did, Tang would train himself for upcomeing matches while coinsidely training David for a ring debue. David was a fast learner and it did not take long untill Tang said he could teach him no more, so a mere six months after thier first meeting together the two would part ways for the time being.

David was once again on his own searching for a federation. With voutures of the young stars talent from Tang, it did not take long for him to find one. Ashame it only lasted three weeks before David was booted for his attitude. He knew he was better then many of his opponets and refused to take the pin to people so far below him. So he continoued on this way from one federation to another, eventually looseing his spot for some reason. Wether it be bank ruptcy of the fed, his attitude, or the attitude of other wreslters towards him. It was in one of these early feds, Young David went from being "David the "MadDog" Mercedise to MadDog Strangla.

It was the same story he dealt with a thousand times already. New fed, newbie, but not even an ounce of respect that he deserved. He knew he would have to earn his spots, but the way things had continoued to progess were far below what any wrestler had to face starting out. He was often marked of with loseing streaks, the powers that be basically going "come watch the largest man who can't fight". The fed at the time had him going into his 8th match, where he was marked to lose. A choke Slam By David, was to be countered into a pin. Possibly okay had the opponette not been 5-10 at 190lbs, not a cruiser either. Just a miniature brawler. Strangla went into the match with the intent to not take the fall, but by the time the choke slam rolled around his emotions won over. He lifted the punnie opponet up, fingers tighter then ever, and with just the one hand held him. And held him, and held him. Kicking and scurming for freedom, David took a few blows and still stood as stone. Officials, circled begged and pleaded to no ovale. Other wrestlers began to make thier way to the ring to provide assistance, but all too late. Strangla did not kill the man, he only held the grip as long as he showed an ounce of life.

Strangla soon had no choice, but to leave Texas so he decided Mexico was the best choice. Where wrestling was tradition and a wrestler was judged by his actual skill. Things didn't start off as he had planned due to the fast lucha ways, but he stuck with it. Here even though he had more troubles holding his own, he got a few dribbles of respect and thats all a man can ever ask for. He learned thier tricks aswell, mergeing both his style with thiers creating a fast paced street brawler mix that was difficult to stop, hell even to slow could be a problem for some. Strangla soon tired of his new surrondings and after a year and a half decided to return home. Mexico was great, and he learned much, but doing battle south of the Rio Grand was not his dream.

Back stateside things went a little better this go round for MDS. He had good footage from his days fighting in Mexico, new types of respect. Both inward and outward. Things still a little the same though. A federation wouldn't last, and he'd start looking again. The courtain of his career seeming to allways open on the same scene. Untill he signed with XIW. Here he grew in a thousand ways, it was here he lasted as long as the company for a decent amount of time. Sure it changed brands, and owners several times and had plenty of dark days. Strangla made it through them all though, flourishing until the doors closed. Strangla searched hard after this, but failed to find a place that could hold a candle to XIW. He knew if he was going to continoue his crareer it had to be with a company like XIW. Pride. That was the only word he could ever find suitable enough to describe the place. It was all he wanted though. A federation that took pride in its self, in its talent, wrestlers that had pride. Just pride all ways round.

He knew in america, at the time it wasn't going to happen. So he once again crossed the waters vast. This time heading to the U.K. His time at XIW also gave him the funds to turn the Atlantic into little more then the "Big River". He toured here bounceing from fed to fed, fairly contently. Doing well enough just the same. Eventually he would leave though, as he tends to do. Hearing little news about a decent fed in the states, he returned to his second home Mexico and the M.W.A. This time back he prospered, and finally decided on calling it his home.

In between shows he went out on his bike for a ride through "El Valle de los perdidos y caĆ­do fantasma y el cambio del vidrio taza de agua". A nice quite valley deep in the heart of Mexico a single two lane highway curveing through its 360 kilometer stretch. He had made this trip a few times, for no reason except to ride. This time little did he know how life changeing it would be, or life ending really. Pushing his chopper, harder and harder, was the only way MDS would ride. Just under 140mph, something happened, he hit something maybe, hard to say, but his front tire shreds to thousands of melting pieces. Rim sending sparks flying as the hard pavement grinds it down. The crash inevitable, and none the prettier. Strangla's body lay nearly 80 feet from the remains of the bike.

Not much more then his leathers to protect him, it was all over. In hell MDS was ready, but not willing to take his punishments with out fight. The demons would ultimately win, day after day would pass. The torment would continoue unrelentlessly. Strangla fighting back each and everytime no matter how weak he was. He won not one battle let alone any war, but the spirit of a warrior was still his. Nothing would reap him of that.

On earth another battle took place. The battle of Culata Poco Fea Mujer, an ugly little mexican woman. So sun drenched, one would swear she was black and not of the spanish lines. In her adobe hut, not much bigger then a small american bedroom. Cramed full of things, of all sorts, a list of items beyond compression. Still with Strangla's body lain out in the middle of the room, on the desert floor she found space to move. Going from this shelf, to that one, to the next. Grinding mixing and pouring, returning to hover above MDS. Throwing the powder into the air over the two of them, chanting vigerously in ancient tounges. She was at war right now with hell its self, fighting to free the soul of this man, and return it to his body. Useing every spell and enchantment she had in her arsenal, anything she had, anything she could do, she was going to win.

Down in hell the demons and Strangla were at it still. The creatures could easily give up the facade, use thier satanic abilities and be done with the worthless creature known as Strangla. This though, this was much more fun. This tormented him more, it entertained them. It excersised them, till they grew weary then poof up in burning sulfer went Strangla. On this eve the ambiance was odd, Strangla faught hard as he does. The demons were no different from thier norm, but it was all still off. Strangla would throw a punch and it would be weak, nearly non exitant. He would take blow after blow kick after kick attack after attack, once in a while some would seem to flow through him. To all involved it was very wierd indeed. Given the location, and the attendees it was quite an acclompishment. Then it was over. Not even in the blink of an eye, quiker then that. Strangla was gone, the demons knew something was wrong, but thier memory of thier favorite lost soul was more that of De Javu now.

Culata Poco Fea Mujer, passed out. Her body going limp as she fell backwards in the small hut. She lay for hours, a strange smile on her face the entire time. Somewhere in there under the earth caked to her face, and beyond the missing teeth and purple tounge, she knew she had sucseeded. She had pulled the spirit of Strangla back to the humanly plane. Dawn approached quickly from this time, as the rays of the sun barely broke the sky it brought this hiddious women back. She stirred, apon the same instance the first ray shown through.

The battle Culata Poco Fea Mujer was putting herself through was yet over. She'd only saved the soul, not the body nor the man. This witch docter of Mexico still had much to do. Her spells,witchery and enchantments had worked, now she switched over to her potions, elixirs, tonics, and nostrums. Mixing brew after healing brew and forceing it down Strangla's throat. Healing slowly, he eventually begun to drink from the hollowed sea turtle shell under his own power. Not yet able to hold the odd chalice under his own might, but he could atleast sip and swallow. His eyes seemingly unopened for weeks, as this woman nursed him back.

Culata Poco Fea Mujer reasons for all of this are for that of one bidding, one favor. Something that needs to be and shall remain unsaid. She knew not of the man she was saveing, nor what he had done or was capable of. She merely knew from the first glance of his lifeless body he would be the perfect patsy for her. And that Strangla was, he did as she asked and cleared the unspoken and unagreed contract. Not finding anything of good or decensy out of it, he was only left wishing she had let him be. Even now as his memories have left he still knows it was where he belonged, and that nothing that happened down that could compare to the witch and what she had asked of Strangla. Exspecially, since she upheld the contract far more losely then Strangla. She would still call apon him from time to time, sending his head ringing and pounding with uncureable pain untill he returned to her humble shack. Strangla left it all behind. Not running, not scared just time to move. He knew he could never out run, or hide from the powers of the witch.

He returned to M.W.A. at first, but still needed to distance himself further. He began calling old friends looking for a place back in the states, that harbored some sort of honor. A place that had pride and dignity. He begun hearing decent things of a place called D.W.F. And at this point decent was all it took, so he hit the ground running, only D.W.F. could his minds eye see.

Special stuff: Even though Strangla remebers none to little of his time in hell, it still left him even colder and harder to 99% of the world. Wich to think possible if you knew him before was absurd. Beyond that. Through the powers and works of the witch. He inherited the a quicker healing time, and possible added strength to an allready overpowerd man!? And from the sea turlte, yes, the sea turtle shell. It was more then an odd drinking gord. It was another spiritual element and tool of the witch, one that held much power and pass on much more. Through it he ofcourse garnished the hard outer shell of a turtle, feeling pain less severely then he had in the past. The patience of a turtle was his now aswell, and possibly the lengthier life only time will tell on this one. He is not a zombie, or a demon return possessed. He is nothing superbly special, just a fallen man who has litterally relived to fight another day.

Titles obtained
Tag Champion partnering with Man Foo Tang (1)
Ultimate Shoot fighting Champ (1) Title now retired.
XXX Title champ (1)
International Telivison Champion (1)

Mexican Wreslting Aliance
Mexico Heavy Wieght Champ (7)
Mexico United Unions Champ (3)
Tag championships two different partners (3)
M.W.A Green Belt held for 5 months (1)*
*Only available to wrelsters in thier first Six months.*

U.K. Wrestling unlimited
World Heavy Wieght Championship (2)
King of the U.K. (3)
BBC Champion (1)

Texas Assoiated Wrestling
Heavy Wieght Champ (1)*
United States Champ (1)*
*Two titles held at same time, through the six month life span of the fed*
There's plenty more, but from feds not worth mentioning or that didn't last long.

Posted on Jul 24, 2008, 10:46 PM

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