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by Mr. Van Halen

A massive update to Van Halens profile. Can you remove the history and add all the below:


Making his debut in DWF Mr. Van Halen created an uproar with his cocky attitude and alternative view of 'Evil'. As a key member of 'The Outcasts' he managed to anger both the angelic and the demonic beings. Using his powers of persuasion Mr. Van Halen convinced a powerful DWF being that his plans of domination over everything had merit (mainly after getting pissed at the Angelic beings saying things but not acting upon them). He also had an ongoing fued with Kane2000 for over a year and eventually won the Strikezone title from him at the Last Rights PPV which created a rift between Kane2000 and his brother Jason. Jason decided to challenge Van Halen for the Strikezone title at the next PPV, but failed to regain his family's honour as he lost the match. After attacking Jason with the belt he cleared the ring when Kane2000 came down to seemingly help out his brother, but it turned out to be a ploy as Kane attacked his own brother (which turned him heel).

The New Prophecy

After joining forces with Kane2000 at the DWF Agression PPV, the two stars had a grudge match against Kane2000's brother and his associate Steve Jones in a tag team match. Showing how sadistic he could be Van Halen sent Jason into the back of a garbage truck and then cuffed Steve Jones upside down to the same truck. He also helped Kane2000 to retain his Hardcore title by lying down and allowing himself to be pinned. They are currently involved in a feud with Damien Death and Viper (aka Blood & Venom) for the DWF Tag Team Titles.

EWA and The Unholy Alliance

After deciding to join another E-Fed, Van Halen signed up to EWA and he joined Robert Morbidus to form the Unholy Alliance, with Mr. Judas as their manager. After the Emir had been destroyed by Morbidus at the previous PPV Van Halen decided to challenge him, and keep up the stable's rivalry with their opponent, however EWA never got to stage the match unfortunately so this match may never be seen (see BLW below).


Mr. Van Halen joined EGW in the closing stages of its existance, however managed to be the final EGW title holder, in the last ever show that was staged. (As a member of the Syndicate, with 'Diamond' Dave Coulson and later 'Dangerous' Dave, Dave was convinced that this was the right move, but unfortunately (again) another Fed closed up shop (however he remained with DWF and joined another new Fed soon after)

BLW (and the EWA buy out)

Spotting that there was a new Federation on offer within 'The Malibu Lounge' Mr. Van Halen signed up to BLW along with a valet: Ms. Behavin'. They immediately made their presence known and were found by Zangrieff and his manager Mr W. alomst immediately. As a team, they went and answered Robbie Wrath's challenge and will be facing both Wrath and Tornado Tom at the next BLW show. Also just recently BLW have bourght out EWA, so Van Halen is aiming to reform the Unholy Alliance with his associate Robert Morbidus who has been signed by BLW.


As one of the initial signee's to DDE, Mr. Van Halen was the initial DDE champion, and still remains so. He also gained the World Tag Team Belts with Robert Morbidus. They both attacked Jason Blade when he made his first public appearance in DDE, however he was saved by Max Rotten and they have a match when DDE next have a taping.


After becoming a partner of cWe, DDE sent 2 representatives to cWe and these were Mr. Van Halen and his valet: Ms. Behavin'. In cWe's current search for a new title holder, Mr Van Halen reached the final stage and was involved in a challenge for the title against his New Prophecy associate: Kane2000. He failed to win this, but has been gaurenteed a rematch at some stage in the future. He has also become the first Tag Team Title holder in the companys recent resurgence.


Mr. Van Halen's next stop on his path to worldwide dominance was joining PWF (a company that shares the same initials as a company he had previously worked for). Within a day of joining he became the PWF World Title Holder and retained this title until the company was relocated to a new home. He then won a four way match up for the PWF Internet Title again coming face to face with Steve Jones. He has since retained this belt and is facing his 'New Prophecy' partner Kane2000 at PWF's initial PPV: Against the Odds in a death match.

Other feds and the Wilderness

Mr. Van Halen has won titles in other feds, but how they were won cannot be remembered for one reason or another. Van Halen has also been involved in a lot of controversy within some feds, so does not wish to mention his time in some of them, but the highlights include locking the door to a building (hosting a federation) that was being demolished and leaving most of the roster inside, and destroying the 'hardcore' wrestlers who dared to get in his way. Any titles won without an explanation is where Dave has had a major disagreemant with the owners of the feds.

Title Reigns

PWF Internet Title (1 Time, Current)
PWF World Title (1 Time)
EGW Title (1 Time)
DWF Hardcore Title (4 times)
DWF Strikezone Title (1 Time, Current)
DDE Title (1 Time, Current)
DDE Tag Titles (1 Time, with Robert Morbidus)
DDE To Hot Title (1 Time, Current)
cWe Tag Titles (1 Time, Current, with Mr. Smash)

Wilderness Title (3 Times, Undisputed)
PWF Hardcore Title (2 Times)
HWC Title (1 Time)
WCE Heavyweight Championship (5 Times)
EWF World Title (1 Time, final holder, title supposedly tainted)

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