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Gideon update

by Gideon



The Dark Savior, Nightpath, The spirit of Vengeance




can phase shifting
Redeemer's touch which is a power he has that when he touches you, he makes you relive a point and time you killed someone and makes you feel the pain ten fold.
Divine light energy manipulation. He can use this energy to summon the sword of the spirit nazarene or the shield of faith. He can also cover his hands in this energy making them deadly weapons as well as form lightning bolt to blast an opponent with. He also uses this energy to heal or ressurect another being.
Chains of Damnation: he summons chains to bind an opponent leaving them powerless due to the chains enchanted properties and drag them to the abyss

The twins version 2: two desert eagles with blessed bullets
The Redeemer - Modified version of the Walls of Jericho.
Holy Redemption - DDT
The Avenging Angel - Moonsault
The Deliverance - Reverse Stunner
Falling Angel/FU
Angel's tear/windmill kick


CWE Darkweight champ 1

CWE impact champion 1

CWE Undisputed champ 1

Most improve mega slammy award

DWF Aggression Champion March 7 2008-July 2008
DWF Tag Champion
February 27 2008-June 2008

The immortal hero now known as Gideon was once known as Rick "Ricochet" Benitez. Once he was a vigilante. He took the law into his own hands shortly after the death of his best friend. He had found out who was responsible, a drug lord Marco Ramirez, who was also a powerful vampire known as Stone Cold to the underworld. Gideon was killed by Stone Cold in his quest for revenge. He found himself in hell because of his selfish reason to murder all those out of his own personal vendetta. There he saw a vision of Christ who told him it was time to begin a new life. He freed him from his bonds of hell with a sword made of his own essence. Christ gave him the sword, which was the sword of the spirit called 'Nazarene'. He then returned him to the world with a new life and a new purpose. When he returned to his body in the hospital (Which on life support) the power of the sword and the return of his spirit was so great, that it caused all the life support machines to explode. This caused his body to be incinerated and as a result, his body was reformed. He was no longer Rick Benitez, he now has become Gideon the dark savior. He can not kill like a reckless vigilante no more, but now it is time for him to hunt the creatures of the night. The very creatures that were truly responsible for the death of his friend and himself. The hunters have now become....... the hunted.

Gideon had disappeared from the wrestling scene When the call for heroes was put out By the Statesman Paragon Citys' Hero in Paragon Road island. He was sent there by the Angel Gabriel Along with him followed his sister Cassandra his Brother Xiang Long as well as his friends Trigger happy, Shadow Wraith Gabriel Seraph And Eternal. There he met up with the mysterious Dr. Mysterio. Gideon and his friends helped clean up Paragon city from the gangs and Arch Villains that were there. Gideon found out that Stone cold had followed him while he was investigating some disappearances. Stone cold had killed the cultists known as the Circle of thorns then fought Gideon. Gideon eventually got the upper hand and Stone cold escaped.

Months later Gideon was summoned to an alternate earth known as Enoch Earth by his alternate self. There he had found out that Stone cold had joined a Villain group known as the Grigori. Gideon had fused with his other self to take on an evil Goddess with the combined help of the Grigori and their alternate selves. Gideon had returned to this earth only to find out that his contact Azuria was missing. Gideons' sister convinced him to get a mystical lamp. He had guarded the lamp and faced a Villain known as Thaumaturgy. Gideon found out that Thaumaturgy was once a hero. The holy warrior Had joined forces with the heroes known as the Caper Brigade in order to stop him. At the same time he had faced a woman known as Devils plaything. Gideon delivered the Redeemers touch to her in order to get some information. The woman became mad.

While she was in prison the Capers' enemy A demigod known as The Immortal had freed her and bestowed new powers in order to destroy Gideon. She then changed her name to Swan Song. Immortal gave Swan a way to take away Gideon's powers. She managed to remove his powers leaving him weakened. Gabriel Seraph took Gideons life at his request. His sister Cassandra then inherited the sword of the spirit Nazarene. Gideon soon found out that his sister wasn't really his sister but a construct of Thaumaturgy. Gideon Died and was brought back when his real sister and his friends mourned his death.

Gideon helped the Capers find their leader who Swan had kidnapped. He had found him and took him to the other Capers. They then searched for Thaumaturgy who was hidden in some building bringing forth the end of life it self. Gideon and the Capers found him and they fought him though he was to powerful. Gideon had to fight without his sword and used a sword that Thaumaturgy gave him. Thaumaturgy had killed Swan Song. Dr Mysterio then sent a telepathic message to Shadow Wraith to get the magic lantern. Shadow Wraith fought with the fake Cassandra who had Gideons' sword and figured out how to use it against good creatures through sheer force of will. Shadow Wraith took the lamp and threw it on the floor Shattering The lantern and releasing Thaumaturgies' soul. Thaumaturgies' soul touched the fake Cassandra and she fell over lifeless The soul then returned to Its body. For the first time Thaumaturgy felt regret and thanked Gideon for showing him that one Hero can make difference. Gideon then knew that he was chosen as the earths eternal Guardian and Hero. Gideon killed Thaumaturgy.

All that was left was the philosophers stone that he had used. Shadow Wraith had teleported to where Gideon was and gave him his sword back. Gideon walked up to Swan Song who had her throat ripped out. The Holy warrior then cut his wrist letting some of his blood fall into her wounds making her an angelic being like he did with his sister. Gideon then resurrected her with his sword Gideon had soon returned to the fed where he wrestled only to find that all the creatures were gone. He went to track down Viper and his Protégé The Limit Mathew Williams knowing he would find the other creatures. Gideon had followed the trail to the DWF.

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