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by Gideon


Night Cross

Unspecified Immortal



Hair color:

Eyes: Glowing pale blue

Skin color: Fair

Looks to be 20

Inherited powers:
regeneration, and has the redeemers touch like Gideon as well as control over divine light energy allowing him to form lightning bolts and cover his hands in energy making them deadly weapons. Also like his father he can summon the sword of the spirit and shield of faith. Last but not least He inherited the fear factor power from Marco and can even combine the redeemer's touch and and Fear to make a newpower known as Dark redemption Which makes a person see the people they killed transform into their worse fears as he feels the pain they inflict on him causing him to have real phisical damage. Last but not least he can sumon the chains of damnation like Gideon as well.

Evolved Vampiric powers:
Leaching ability. Using negative energy he can siphon a person's power and abilitie and copy them. as well as aasorb their souls and siphon their life force.

Darkness manipulation

Kinetic absorption He siphons kinetic energy in order to inflict more damage

Energy absorption He can siphon different types of energy to speed up his regeneration rate.

Avenging angel/moosualt
Holy Redemption DDT
The Deliverance/reverse stunner
The Redeemer/modified walls of jericho
The Bat out of Hell/swanton bomb
Blood doner/impaler
Falling Angel/FU

The mysterious Hero known as Night Cross came from a future where vampires ruled the world. This Dark future came to be after the disappearence of the immortal Hero Gideon and the imprisonment of the chosen when there souls were trapped in the heart of Lilith an ancient artifact that captured souls. The Vampire responsible was none other than Damien Bloodmoon. Stonecold's sire. All who stood against him fell including the vampire Drug lord Stonecold and his daughter Maria De La Sombra. Daemon Darkthorn took Gideon and Marias son (Whom was brought there from the past as a baby after he rescued him) and raised him to be one of the greatest warriors ever. With the skill to rival his Father Gideon and equipped with Darkthorn's and his mother Maria's Katanas as well as Stonecold's Dual Pistols, he was dubbed the Night Cross. and continued his father's legacy. The time came when Caleb had to travel to the past in search of his father. A battle broke out in Ramirez tower when Bloodmoon and his Blood Reavers tried to intercept Caleb Night Cross. His uncles Bladegunner and Rampage came, with the rest of S.N.I.P.E.R along with Crucifix and some of the members of the Clerics of Zion to turn the tied of battle in favor of Daemon and the rest of Stone Cold's men.

Bloodmoon then intercepted Celeb before he could jump in the portal and threatened to kill him when all of a sudden a voice resonated through out the tower. Gideon had reappeared along with Stone Cold who was thought dead. Both the Vampire prince and Holy warrior struck Bloodmoon forcing him to let go of Caleb. the last words he heard was Go my son, prevent this from ever happening. he then jumped in the portal and appeared in modern day New York City, Since he has appeared in in the present 2 years ago he has been battling evil with His Father Gideon. He has been learning how to use his dormant powers and becoming more powerful than ever. The prophecy is coming to pass as he learns more about his powers. The prophecy mentioned that The Chosen would be born into darkness and embraced by the light and that he would bring darknes and light together. Gideons rebirth as the Chosen was the first part of the prophecy coming to fruition. Siring Caleb was the second as he brought darkness and light together in his union with the dumpeal Maria de la Sombra, Daughter of The Vampire Prince Stonecold Marco Ramirez. Trained in martial arts and armed with powers and gadgets to aid him in his war against evil the young warrior has truly proven to be a force to be reckoned with. He is considered to be an Omega class abnormal. One of the strongest around. Only time will tell if the prophecy is correct as the son of the Chosen, The Dark Savior known as Gideon proves himself. With each battle. The end time is now.

Posted on Jun 2, 2009, 4:51 AM

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