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New fella

by Jonas Blackwell


Jonas Blackwell
Height: 5'11 (in human form)
Weight: 201lbs. (In human form)
Race: Caucasian Skin-Walker see->
Age: Unknown

Bio: (Coming Soon)

Appearance: hazel eyes, long black hair, clean shaven, blue jeans, t-shirts or wifebeaters, black boots, black leather belt, three armbands (one of a cougar pelt, one of a grizzly bear pelt and one made of laced together eagle feathers)

Fighting Style: Speed, Agility, Cunning

Signature Moves: Springboard Dropkick, Huracanrana, Running Neckbreaker, ect.

Finisher: Feral Splash- a 450 splash

Powers: Due to his abilities as a Skin-Walker, he can transform into any animal, but must be wearing the animal's pelt.

Posted on Feb 12, 2011, 12:11 PM

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