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bitter taste left by iwata dealer.

August 31 2005 at 6:39 AM
steve261169  (Login steve261169)
Missing-Lynx members
from IP address

i just wanted to share a recent encounter i had with my iwata dealer which has left my view of iwata's somewhat diminished.i've been using an hp-b for about 2 years now and so far it's been trouble free,however just recentlly i managed to damage my airbrush to such an extent that i had to return it to the main iwata dealer for repair.anyway £50 and a week later i got my airbrush back with a list of replaced part's plus some line's sprayed on the back of the bill to indicate that my brush was working again.i got home and gave it a test and it was obvious straight away that something was wrong-as any of you that have spent countless hour's fine tuning your spraying,paint viscosity to air pressure,needle pre-set's etc.,etc will appreciate-you know when your favourite airbrush is'nt working right and mine simply was'nt.so i started to strip it down for a thorough clean (like i've done thousand's of time's before)after some soaking in cleaner i managed to dislodge a huge (in relative term's)lump of dried paint from the main airbrush body,i literally picked it out with tweezer's(it was green as well which told me how long it's been in there 'cause it's month's since i sprayed any U.S. olive drab stuff!)so confident that i'd cured the gremlin's i put the gun back together in readiness for another test run(funny how the dealer never found the paint blockage)compressor on......bubble's.that's right,as soon as i press the trigger bubble's start forming in the paint cup to such an extent that after 5/10 sec's of spraying the paint is spilling over the top of the cup?now what's wrong.so again i strip my iwata down and begin to double check everything and upon close inspection of the needle and tip it was clear that the fit was poor,you could see an uneven gap between the two if you held the needle about half open and looked at the opening head on.so the next day i rang the dealer's back and told him my problem's,starting with the bubble's.it's not possible to bubble the dealer told me(?)no,it's definatly bubbling i told him.well what have you done to it he ask's,nothing but try to use it,found it was'nt working properly,took it apart to clean it...he stopped me 'there's your problem-YOU HAVE TOOK IT APART AND YOU SHOULD NEVER DO THIS WITH IWATA'S!!!what?but i've done it a thousand time's before with never a problem i told him,does'nt matter he said,if you have taken the tip out(you know,the one you get the tip removing spanner with in your box)you have broken the seal(?)and will need to put beeswax on the thread to seal it again.now i've never heard this before but he's the expert right,so i told him the needle and tip were not matching/sealing properly-THEY NEVER DO there all self-centering he say's,again i'm left scratching my head,but you can see an uneven gap around the needle i told him 'COME ON,WHAT DO YOU EXPECT was the reply.what i expected was £150 worth of precision kit with a 0.02mm needle and a precise fit to a 0.02mm tip but obviously i was wrong.if i never had to put beeswax on the thread's before and never had a problem why now?needless to say this whole experience has left me questioning my loyalty to my iwata,the dealer said to send the gun in again but i'm not exactlly confident in them anymore.i emailed the iwata website and asked them if you are ever meant to take the tip out.i got a really quick and polite response in which they say you can remove the tip for cleaning purpose's but you SHOULD put beeswax on the thread's but only to aid insertion?was anyone else aware of this.i don't want to slag off iwata's and i know there's hundred's of you get a trouble free performance from your's(i use'd to be one)but like i said i'm just not sure now.

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