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Congestion Charge - London

January 8 2003 at 10:54 PM
Alex  (Login alexham)
from IP address


Hi, Guys,

Any thoughts on congestion charging in London? Is there any mileage in organising a boycott?

If we avoid shopping in London, especially the wives, I think that the trade is going to fall so dramatically that the retailers will mount strong pressure to stop this nonsense.


I hate cars. If I ever get any powers again I’d ban the lot.

         - Ken Livingstone, Sunday Times, 21st November 1999.



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A Stute
(no login)

Re: Congestion Charge - London

January 8 2003, 11:11 PM 

That's a new one. Buying wives in London. Anyone bought one? Are they any good?

I live 150 miles from London. I'm going to write to His Noble Nothingness, the Keeper of the Newts, to tell him I shall no longer be visiting his little empire.

His address is

Site is

(no login)

Go for it!

January 8 2003, 11:32 PM 

A mass protest would annoy the sh!t out of Ken-gestion. I live about 200 miles north of London and never go there, but I too might write to Captain Communist to tell him he's about to lose my business.
The guy's an absolute dick. The only reason he wants to get other people off the roads is so that his own private taxi can move around more freely. You'll never see the bastard on a bus.
Do us all a favour and organise the biggest protest you can!

D P Dance
(no login)


January 9 2003, 11:03 AM 

I travel between Reading and Ilford fairly frequently.

The Direct route is via Central London, is 65 miles, and takes 1.5 to 2.5 hours with an average consumption of 16 - 22 mpg. My Normal route is the M4, M25 and M11, 86 miles.

The other night I covered this distance in 1 hour fifteen minutes at a consumption of 24.1 mpg.

A £5.00 congestion charge will keep me out of London.

(Login alexham)

Writing to dear Ken

January 9 2003, 9:32 PM 

Thanks for the email address and for the suggestion. Good idea and I shall be writing too. We live in Reading and my wife goes to Londond shopping approximately twice a month.

Ken is going to make me a rich man and I must write to thank him, because he succeeded where I failed despite trying for many years!!!

(Login bogush)

Unions Revolt Over London Car Charges

January 13 2003, 12:09 AM 

Mark Townsend                                          Sunday January 12, 2003
The Observer

The biggest revolution in British motoring for decades could be halted as tens of thousands of key workers prepare to back legal action against congestion charging.

A powerful coalition of unions is considering a legal challenge to stop next month's scheme to charge drivers to enter central London.

Signs of a massive public sector revolt against the scheme are emerging as officials from Unison, the National Union of Teachers and the Royal College of Nursing decide whether to challenge the scheme in court.

Solicitors from Class Law, who are preparing the action, claim the charges constitute the 'biggest single tax rise in UK history'.

Central to their case are accusations that London's Mayor, Ken Livingstone, broke the law by failing to consult properly all those affected by his scheme................

..........'We believe the effect of the proposed charge on tens of thousands of working people is disproportionate, indiscriminate and will prompt severe financial hardship.'

Class Law began exploring the issue after being approached by a group of London market traders who complained they had not been consulted despite needing their cars to travel to work.........

.............Unions fear the congestion charges will compound existing staff recruitment and low pay problems in the capital.

Julian Cooke, London policy officer for Unison, said they wrote to Livingstone last week asking for the charges to be postponed. 'We fear the trickle of resignations might become a flood when the charges begin,' he added.........

..............The Observer has learnt that a separate legal action could also be pending from the GMB union.



It's YOUR Duty!

bogush's lair

(Login bogush)

Scrap This Unfair Tax

January 13 2003, 12:15 AM 

The Observer today reports growing opposition among trade unions to London's congestion charge. In this online commentary, the lawyer leading the legal challenge to the scheme explains why it could derail the 'biggest single tax rise in British history'

Stephen Alexander
Sunday January 12, 2003

Our forthcoming legal challenge against the £5 per day central London congestion charge is vital to the financial survival of tens of thousands of workers who out of necessity travel into or out of London by car.

The effect of the charge has not been fully appreciated by the public. Many people have no choice but to use their cars. Some work unsocial hours when there is no or little public transport or do not wish to use public transport late at night due to fear of assault or robbery, or because they need to carry large amounts of files or equipment. The polite word "charge" masks the fact that this is in fact a tax pure and simple - and that it is a tax that discriminates significantly against the lower paid, regardless of their financial position or ability to pay.

The financial effect represents the largest ever direct tax increase imposed on citizens of this country. A worker earning £15,000 per annum will suffer nearly an 11% decrease in his net salary, which equates to a 40% tax increase. A worker earning £30,000 will suffer a 7% drop in salary, which equates to a 16% tax increase. If the Chancellor were to introduce an increase in general taxation to this level it is unlikely that the Government would survive. Mr Livingstone - who I had imagined had spent his entire political life defending the rights and welfare of the lowest paid and most vulnerable in our society - seems to be doing everything possible to harm them through this measure.....................

...................If we can create a single unified group, we will have the strength to take on the GLA.

· Stephen Alexander is a solicitor with Class Law solicitors, and can be contacted by email at

The meeting is to be held on 20th January 2003 at 1.00pm at the Palace Theatre, Cambridge Circus London WC2. Further information on the case, including a copy of the letter sent to the Mayor can be found on the web site



(no login)

Re: Congestion Charge - London

January 13 2003, 12:17 AM 

Unison coming out pro-car...........good grief, whatever next?

Remember the boycott-the-pumps campaign? Most of the emails supporting fuel tax came from Unison addresses!

(no login)


January 13 2003, 1:56 PM 

I've just been watching BBC One's London News, and there seems to be a 'refuse to pay' movement in the offing.
And another group is taking Ken to court for 'failing to consult....'
Teachers are unhappy.....Unison getting snappy....
Lovely Jubbly!
Watch yer back, Ken!

Place yer bets!

1. Drivers generally pay, but system fails to cope.
2. Massive protests, non-payers etc bring system down.
3. Sytem works and drivers pay, but congestion simply displaced to outer areas, causing more protests.
4. It works like a charm. Good odds on this one.
5. Ken shot in face by frustrated driver.

(no login)

Re: Congestion Charge - London

January 13 2003, 2:14 PM 

Can't remember where, but I read somewhere this weekend (was it here?) that Captain Gatso, and crew, are planning a spectacular against Ken Muggingstone's little scheme.

(no login)

Re: Congestion Charge - London

January 13 2003, 2:21 PM 

Got it......from The Times

"A GROUP of motorists is hoping to halt the congestion charging scheme to be
introduced in London next month through a campaign of civil disobedience.

Motorists Against Detection (Mad) plans to "wreak havoc" after the scheme
begins on February 17.

The group intends to launch a website, hosted by an offshore internet
service provider, this month. It will advise motorists of ways to avoid
detection by the 1,000 cameras around central London and encourage fellow
motorists to contribute to a fighting fund to oppose congestion charging.

"For us this is a civil liberties and human rights issue," said Mad's
spokesman, "Captain Gatso". "Londoners are being used as guinea pigs in
this system, which could take off around the country."

Ken Livingstone, the mayor of London, has gambled his political career on
the success of the project, in which motorists will be charged £5 a day to
drive into central London.

The cameras set up around and inside the congestion zone will monitor
traffic. Those who fail to pay will face fines of up to £120.

Transport for London (TfL), the agency in charge of the scheme, believes
90% of those who enter the zone illegally will be caught. It intends to use
CCTV technology to match numberplates to a database of those who have paid.

However, a senior TfL officer admitted that mass civil disobedience could
undermine the scheme.

Derek Turner, TfL's managing director of street management, said he was
confident the scheme would reduce traffic in London by 10%-15%. It was a
way of "reclaiming the streets" for pedestrians and cyclists.

"We are still getting people driving into central London, parking in
underground and off-street car parks, not using their cars during the day
and driving home at night," he said. "That isn't an efficient use of car

Turner said the charge would keep rising until the necessary reduction in
traffic was achieved. He said: "The mayor has said he would not be
surprised if the charge is insufficient to start with. Once the machinery
is in place it's up to the mayor to adjust it."

A London law firm, Class Law, which represents workers at Smithfield meat
market and theatre staff in central London, has launched a case, based on
human rights law, to stop the scheme.

Mad, which disabled 29 speed cameras on London's North Circular Road in
September, believes it can achieve similar success by attacking
congestion-charge cameras.

Those who refuse to pay the charge can expect no mercy. Mobile enforcement
teams will be sent in to deal with repeat offenders. The teams will have
the power to clamp or remove vehicles."

(Login bogush)

Channel 5 News Media opportunity - Congestion Charging

January 14 2003, 12:24 AM 

From another forum:


Are you going to be adversly affected by the congestion charge? Is it going to interfere with your work or your standard of living?

Channel 5 News would like a volunteer to speak about how the congestion charge would affect them. Here is your chance to deal a blow to Ken Livingstone and make your feelings public.

If you are willing to be involved, call Lana at Channel 5 news on 07968 294206.

Don't delay. Have your say now.

The Petrol Goblin
(no login)

You are a bunch of raving loonies!

January 14 2003, 1:14 AM 

Bogush, do you and your chums at this site only live to move between issues they dont like and try to stir up civil unrest? "If it costs me money, I will protest". Is that your family moto?

A congestion charge - while very unpopular and potentially political suicide - is a totally sensible move. If you drive you pay.

Hail Ken, I say.

If I had my way I would have protestors like you and your bum-boys here electronically tagged and shot on your second offence.

The day of the automobile is over. Or the world is over. A simple choice.

TPG's 3-point plan for the future:
1) Higher fuel tax;
2) Congestion charges in every populated area over a population of 7000 people;
3) Electronic tagging of taxi drivers, hauliers and farmers (including branding for illegal use of red diesel).


A Stute
(no login)

Re: Congestion Charge - London

January 14 2003, 1:28 AM 

Tsk, jumped to the wrong conclusion on another thread.

Goblin's just a red herring, ja?

That's not Robin Cook, that's Alistair Darling, ja?

Let us into a secret, darling. How do you get white hair and black eyebrows??

(Login bogush)


January 14 2003, 1:42 AM 

Pet Dearest:

Shut your Gob!

A congestion charge - while very unpopular and potentially political suicide - is a totally sensible move. If you drive you pay.

Yes, if you drive, you pay: how long did it take you to spot that?!

You pay all kinds of general taxes!

You pay all kinds of motoring taxes, which contribute a seventh of Gordon's revenue!!

You pay around 350% petrol taxes!!!

Traffic in towns has gone down!!!!

Yet they've engineered the roads to ensure that congestion has gone up!!!!!

You get stuck in congestion and so burn more petrol!!!!!!

On which you pay 350% taxes!!!!!!!

While wasting your valuable time and life!!!!!!!!

And they have the cheek to propose to charge you even more taxes for the privilege of being stuck in the congestion they have created!!!!!!!!!

Nail Ken, I say!!!!!!!!!!

If I had my way I would have anti-car protestors like you electronically tagged and shot on your second offence.

The day of the cattle-truck is over. Or the world is over. A simple choice.



The Petrol Goblin
(no login)

You make my point!

January 14 2003, 1:48 AM 

You just proved what I said!

You are an utter, raving, hopeless, lonnie!

What kind of paranoid freak are you? Enough! It's a free world, and you have your sad little corner of the web here to play in with you buddies.

You're all doomed.


A Stute
(no login)

Re: Congestion Charge - London

January 14 2003, 2:13 AM 

Yes, yes, but what about the black eyebrows? Come on.

What's a lonny, darling ??

(Login papaumau)

That was fun Bogii....

January 14 2003, 11:01 AM 

I see that you have a couple of trolls over here too eh ?

Oh well, at least they keep the forum alive and kicking eh ?

No trolls on the Rip-Off-Britain Hall of Shame forum...NOT Allowed


Rip-Off-Britain Hall of shame forum HERE:

Or the Rip-Off-Britain homepage HERE:


(Login bogush)


January 14 2003, 1:03 PM 

This message has been edited by bogush from IP address on Jan 14, 2003 1:05 PM

(no login)

Good site

January 14 2003, 1:48 PM 

That's a good site, Bog.

From one of the threads, regarding 'what you can do':

"Boycott garages and newsagents who are selling permits AND TELL THEM WHY YOU ARE DOING SO."

I reckon that will be a very effective way of influencing the local shopkeepers.

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