Bean me up Scotty

by Scotty Beans

Riker? Whoa this site hasn't been update in 9 years what the hey hell or 7-8 years.
Don't insult my man William T. Don't worry one day we will have a planet named Riker, or even a starship Riker to explore the multiverse.

One day Number One will be known again besides just being human waste dumpage!

One day people will cry out, "The Return of Riker."

Then we shall be freed again to a world of Jonathan Frakes and Riker playing Jazz and picking up hot brunette chicks except this time he will be commander of the United Starship Enterprise.

This is how the movie of the Star Trek the Next Generations should have went;

1. Star Trek: Generations(but with the entire original series cast playing major roles at the start and end of the film. One mad scientist and an old Klingon ship were not enough; the throwdown between the bad guys, and the original and next generation crew should have been 20 times more epic than what we got.

2. Star Trek: First Contact. A movie with A-list actors and top notch Frakes as director, and one hell of a story with a spooky almost Friday night bored in the dark monster movie feel to it indeed I agree it was a smash success.

3. Star Trek: Continuum. This adventure the Q's are threatened by an evil race of beings bent on taking over the immortal god aliens' power and replacing them. It is up to the Starship Enterprise-E to help Q and his race survive the onslaught on this new threat.

4. Star Trek: The Battle of Forever. Lost in the midsts of time the Guardian of Forever has been yet again found, but the Borg led by Captain James T. Kirk captured before his death to go back and change history by destroying the Federation. It is up to Jean-luc picard and company to battle the borg back in the renaissance Italy, World War 2, and the wild west to stop them.

3rd and 4th movies what we got was more or less pieces of crap and then it was the unholy end of Riker, but
Riker shall return!!

Scotty Beans

Posted on Nov 6, 2016, 9:46 PM
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